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Before you achieve that perfect hairstyle, you should appreciate the milestones that have been taken in the hair industry. Gone are the days when taking care of your hair was a battle. Today, with so much improvement in technology, user-friendly tools have and continue to emerge. Of all the highly important beauty tools that we interact with today, the hair dryer stands are perhaps the coolest modern invention.

When you want every other tool of yours to stand out and make your workspace more organized, you must do hand dryer stands. If you are out there looking for the best hair dryer stand either for your salon or home use, you came to the right place. Here are the Best Hair Dryer Stands available in the market today.

Table of the Best Hair Dryer Stands Reviews

10. Professional Adjustable Hooded Floor Bonnet Hair Dryer Stands with Wheels

Hair Dryer Stands

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First on our list is the hooded hair bonnet dryer stand. It is an elegant device suitable for hair drying, hot-perm, spot-caring, and conditioning. For all matters of hair, this dryer stand works like charm and can be used at home or in the workplace. One incredible aspect of this device is that it is designed to accommodate even the largest rollers. It is pretty simple to adjust the temperature from 0 to 75℃, courtesy of the dual-looped stainless steel heating element plus multi-bladed fan system.

Kindly note that this is a purely a bonnet hood dryer, do not use it as a blower. Other robust features that push this hair dryer stand up the ranks include the stand-up rolling base, swivel hood, and the adjustable height. Depending on your preference, you can adjust the height from 48” to a maximum of 63”.

Special Features 

  • Deep of the hood: 20”
  • Adjustable height
  • Quality dual-lopped stainless steel heating element
  • Multi-bladed fan

9. Skywin Hands-Free Mount Hair Dryer Stands & Hair Dryer Holder

Skywin Hands-Free Mount Hair Dryer Stands & Hair Dryer Holder

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This is another incredible model in the market that lets you have expert styling with both of your hands-free. Unlike other cheaper models that easily unclip, Skywin hair dryer stand holder boasts quality clips that hold tight. Apart from enjoying the flexibility that comes with working with both of your hands, this device allows you to bend and rotate your dryer a full 360° at any angle.

It is pretty simple to clip this hair dryer stand on any surface between 8mm & 2.5inches. Plus, the sturdy construction offers a long service life. No more fatigue as a result of holding your dryer for long hours, the hands-free design comes handy. Overall, this is simply designed for hands-free hairdryer use.

Special Features 

  • High-quality stand holder
  • Sturdy and adjustable dryer stand holder
  • True 360 degrees full rotation
  • Secure clips
  • Hands-free design

8. Pard Stainless 360 Degrees Rotation Hands-Free Hairdryer Holder with Sucker

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If you are out there looking for a hands-free desktop hairdryer, look no further than Pard Hair Dryer Stand Holder. Designed to allow 360 degrees rotation, this stand holder also frees both of your hands so you can focus on grooming. Every person appreciates how easy it is to clip and perform other tasks with this holder. Even better is the fact that this universal holder stand features a strong rubber band and can be used with any hairdryer.

Lightweight and portable design allows for effortless travel alongside other luggage. It is pretty simple to install this hands-free hairdryer to any top table. Plus, it has a heavy-duty suction cup for a more firm and reliable grip.

For excellent performance, the bracket is made of durable iron. Additionally, rubber protection is put in place to prevent damage to the hair blower. Depending on your preference, you can adjust the flexible stainless steel bends.

Special Features 

  • Flexible stainless tube
  • Durable iron bracket
  • The powerful suction cup base
  • Universal holder stand

7. LuckIn Height/Angles Adjustable Hair Blow Dryer Holder for Women Styling

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It is time to make beautiful and elegant hairstyles with the Luckin Upgraded Hairdryer Stand. It is an impressive model designed to eliminate that feeling of tiredness when you are grooming with both hands. Designed with a quality Velcro strap, this hairdryer stand can accommodate dryers of any sizes. This is suitable for individuals with injuries and those with conditions that result in limited mobility.

In a nutshell, this hair dryer stand is your third hand so you can elevate your hair styling to another level. Whether it is hair drying for kids or pets, you can adjust the height from 20” to 31” until you achieve the most comfortable. With a rotate-free design, you can adjust your airflow as you wish.

Special Features 

  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable height
  • Flexible neck for easy rotation
  • Holds your hairdryer firmly

6. Stainless Steel 360 Degree Rotating Dryer Holder Stand

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This is one of the most incredible holders out there. It boasts a powerful suction cup and will hold on any surface. The heavy-duty suction cup has an extra thickness of 0.2” providing extra stability. It takes a matter of minutes to mount this holder on any smooth surface. Even better is the 360-degree rotation that enhances flexible grooming. You can always use this holder stand with any hair dryer courtesy of the strong rubber hand reinforced in the dryer bracket.

No more fatigue as a result of holding your hairdryer by hand, this holder makes a satisfactory option for styling, curling or drying. Overall, for a holder that provides adequate support whether used for personal or pet grooming, this makes an excellent choice.

Special Feature

  • Heavy-duty suction cup
  • Easy to put together
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Excellent support

5. Giantex Adjustable Hood Floor Hair Bonnet DRYER Stand Up Rolling Base Salon Wheels

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You can finally say goodbye to the hand hassle, thanks to the flexible Giantex Adjustable Dryer Stand. Designed with durable rolling salon wheels, this unit will not only organize your salon but also add convenience. Unlike other models, Giantex comes with an adjustable temperature function. You can adjust the temperature between 40-60 degrees with a timing range of 60 minutes. Even better is the fact that the height and even the positioning of the lamp can be adjusted to your own needs.

With wheels in place, it is pretty simple to move this bonnet dryer stand around. Even when reading a novel or a magazine, you can dry your hair comfortably without having to tweak here and there. Plus, this is a multifunctional stand that can work pretty well whether used at home or in a commercial setting.

Special Features 

  • Portable design
  • Fully adjustable
  • Adjustable temperature function
  • Multifunctional

4. ZENY Professional Stand Up Salon Hair Dryer for Home Salon Beauty

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If you are out there looking for a hood bonnet hair dryer stand with exceptional performance, look no further than the ZENY Adjustable Hood Floor Stand. It is an impressive model boasting several expedient features. You can utilize this height-adjustable hair dryer stand to provide hair-treatment, hot-perm, hair-drying and even perform spot-caring. It is ideal for use at home or in an office.

Even better is the fact that it has swivel casters fitted in place for hassle-free manoeuvrability. Surprise your friends with new styling, the powerful and stainless steel element is designed to offer beyond ordinary salon performance. Users can adjust the temperate from room temperature to 16 degrees.

Besides having a swivel rolling base, the versatile bonnet is height-adjustable for a more satisfying hair styling experience.

Special Features

  • Powerful function
  • Excellent air coverage
  • Temperature adjustable function
  • Easy assembly

3. Mefeir Professional Floor Hair Dryer Stand with Hood Bonnet & Rolling Wheel

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Take your hair styling a notch higher with Mefeir Hair Dryer Stand. It boasts advanced rotary backflow airflow; a special adopted technology that employs rotary backflow design to ensure evenly heating of the hair. Unlike other cheaper models that use flimsy plastic for their base, Mefeir boats a sturdy iron base. This will not only last but also provide adequate support.

With the 0-60 minute timer and the adjustable temperature function, this unit provides the perfect control system for performing hair caring, hair dyeing, and hot-perm. Enjoy a more comforting experience with the 180 degrees rotary hood. Additionally, the hood is supported by iron and not plastics as is the case with cheaper models.

Special Features 

  • Equipped with the US and UL Certified plugs
  • Sturdy iron base
  • Adjustable temperature function
  • 180ndegrees rotary hood
  • Quality ABS housing

2. Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet Style Hood Salon Hair Dryer

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Coming in black, the Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer Stand boasts a durable tinted acrylic construction. It is a powerful 1000 Watt Salon Hair Dryer ideal for use at home in any modern office. Just like other models, it has an adjustable timer and temperature function. The unique combination if the multi-bladed fan and the quality stainless steel heating element provides the perfect control system for hair drying.

It is pretty simple to adjust the position of the dryer hood from 50 to 60 inches, courtesy of the spring-loaded pedestal base. Another adorable aspect is the generously-sized hood that accommodates any roller. This dryer is also portable for effortless movement from one point to another.

special features 

  • Multi-bladed fan
  • Durable tinted acrylic hood construction
  • Adjustable height
  • Spring-loaded base

1. BaByliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hard Hair Dryer

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Coming with 2000 watts of brushless motor power, BaBylissPRO Hard Hat Ionic Dryer is yet another outstanding hair dryer stand worth the pursuit. Despite delivering an exemplary drying experience, this brand is quieter than typical dryers. For those who can’t do without music, the input jack is a very handy feature. Users can use their smartphones and mp3 player to listen to their favourite songs.

Another impressive aspect of this hairdryer is the fact that it emits ions to make the hair shiny. By employing Ionic Technology, this unit can reduce frizz and dry hair perfectly. Overall, for those after a professional hair-drying tool, BaBylissPro makes a great choice.

Special Features 

  • Brushless motor offers faster drying
  • Uses Ionic Technology
  • Includes auxiliary input
  • Easy assembly

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