Best Gymnastics Balance Beams for Kids & Toddlers

Now you do not have to worry about your enthusiastic kid who loves gymnastics more than anything but fails to practice just as much because of the lack of opportunities. The gymnastics balance beams are here to solve the problem as it can be set-up in your own house and your kid can continue polishing her moves as much he/she wants to without any time limits. For better performances in competitions, most of these beams are made out of materials that are similar to the ones used in competitions, thus no hassles of adjusting to a different beam. Moreover, they ensure quality and stability to avoid any risks of damages that can occur due to low-quality balance beams.

After taking quality and your child’s safety into consideration, we have sorted top gymnastics balance beams for home that are purchase-worthy. Decide yourself the beam that impresses you the most as each of these are guaranteed to meet your demands in every way.

Table of the Best Gymnastics Balance Beams Reviews

10. Giantex Folding Floor Balance Beam for Boy/Girl

Gymnastics Balance Beams

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A low profile beam that gives you the feel of a competition-grade beam, this one from Giantex has professional grade synthetic suede cover on the outside which is safe against skids, wear and tear. The full size of 8ft gives an ample training area while on the removal of the middle braces it breaks down to two individual smaller beams for easy storage and carrying.

Key features

  • Strong and durable wood construction increases the life of the balance beam.
  • Legs are detachable and provided with rubber caps for improved stability.
  • 177 pounds of weight capacity means everyone can practice without any question.

9. Low Floor Junior Gymnastics Balance Beam

Junior Gymnastics Balance Beam

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Your kid won’t face the trouble of limiting practice sessions only to a few times a week, as this balance bars for gymnastics can be installed at you home so that your kid can practice over and over again and learn his/her true potential. As it is a low floor beam, learning the trick would be easier and safer at any given time. Given the build quality, this balance beam has premium synthetic suede that mimics the beams at competitions.

Key features

  • Foldable design with hinges makes storage easy and convenient.
  • Wood core construction makes it durable and lesser risks of accidents.
  • Use of recessed hinges keeps floors safe from scratches and dents.

8. Best Foldable Foam Floor Balance Beam for Training

Gymnastics Sectional Foldable Foam Floor Balance Beam for Skill Performance Training

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This is categorized as a floor balance beam which can be used at your home or you can carry it around to your practice pad with ease owing to the compact and foldable construction. Apart from the smart design, you get a construction out of medium density foam combined with vinyl that allows for the easy practice of hard skills without many challenges. It is the surface of the balance beam that aids in more intense practices.

Key features

  • A full size of 9-feet makes various stunts possible on the beam.
  • Vinyl restricts sliding issues.
  • Hassle-free storage.

7. Springee Folding Gymnastics Balance Beam for Girls and Boys

Folding Gymnastic beam for Girls, Boys, Teens

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The huge 9.5’ frame of the balance beam from Springee gets the added advantage of a 4” thick top and 6” thick bottom that eliminates any questions related to the stability on the beam. Make your kid get the best out of every practice sessions as even at the most intense sessions; the soft suede cover keeps the beam safe from sliding. Also, it is finished with non-slip bumps which are soft and performs well in restricting slippage and damage.

Key features

  • Extra firm construction gives your kid the feel of a regular beam.
  • Lightweight beam keeps the portability factor high.
  • Folds down to 4’9” for easy storage when not in use.

6. Ajeta Gymnastics Balance Beam for Beginners & Professional Gymnasts

Gymnastics Balance Beam with Carry Bag

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Unlike the regular and common gymnastics balance beams and bars in the market, the Ajeta is one of the safest as the beam is made of heavy gauge EVA foam on the inside while the outer has non-slip faux suede that restricts young athletes from causing any damage to their ankles or confidence. Besides, the impressive design has a 4” height and 4” width so that your kids can involve in intensifying practice sessions without any risks. Now, your kid will not have to limit his/her training sessions for particular hours in a week.

Key features

  • The folded beam is only 4’; so much easy to store anywhere you please.
  • Easy to carry around as it has a very lightweight yet durable construction.
  • Not a soft beam that causes rolls and twists of ankles during practice.

5. The Beam Store Balance Beam

The Beam Store 8' Suede Balance Beam

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An ideal size of 8’, the balance beam is constructed out of the wooden core that enhances the durability by great margins. Further, the low profile design makes practice sessions much more effective and risk-free as there will be no risks of falling by mistake also. Besides, to make the practice feel more real, The Beam Store has given a 1/4” of cross-linking PE foam padding with rounded edges just like in the competitions.

Key features

  • Huge 250 lbs of weight capacity.
  • The synthetic suede covering is of high-grade quality and feel.
  • Padded top delivers more fun to the gymnasts.

4. Tumbl Trak 4ft Gymnastics Training Floor Balance Beam

Tumbl Trak 4ft Sectional Gymnastics Training Floor Balance Beam

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A tough dual layer foam makes up for the primary construction of the balance beam from Tumbl Trak while the smooth synthetic suede cover is fixed in a tighter fashion to gift the gymnasts with a perfect amount of firmness. Furthermore, on the bottom an 8” wide base ensures top-notch stability even while performing different types of stunts. Perfect landing and perfect grip are totally guaranteed on this balance beam.

Key features

  • Velcro is provided on either side to affix more beams to increase the length.
  • Only 4 lbs of self-weight, thus very easy to carry around.

3. Z-Athletic Folding Training Low Beam for Gymnastics

Z-Athletic Gymnastics Foldng Training Low Beam

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The Z- Athletic beam balance keeps options open so that you can decide what size suits your need the best. Available at both 8’ and 9’ lengths, it is what you can buy for your kid to help him/her get better at the stunts they love. When not in use, you can fold it down to half the size and store it safe wherever you please. The construction out of high-density cross-linked polyethylene core gives the young gymnasts the right support in every possible way.

Key features

  • Synthetic suede covering on the outside.
  • The lightweight frame is easy to carry around to places.

2. Joom Beem Purple 8ft Balance Beam Low Profile


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One of the most amazingly constructed balance beams in the market, the upgraded model from Joom Beem assures you a completely hassle less adventure every single day. From covering the outside with professional grade synthetic suede to having the standard 8’ length, this one is at par excellent with beams used in competitions. Furthermore, the wood composite material construction can withstand up to 500 pounds of weight without any challenges.

Key features

  • Easy to fold design that maintains the integrity owing to the patented pending hinge system.
  • Detachable legs and rubber caps keep the beam always in a position.
  • Steel bars are coated with black oxide for improved durability.

1. JuperbSky Gymnastics Folding & Joinable Floor Foam Balance Beam for kids

JuperbSky Gymnastics Half Folding and Joinable Suede Floor Foam Practice Balance Beam for kids

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Being at the very top, this balance beam is an example of top-notch construction combined with efficient features for a perfect gymnastic training at your home or anywhere you, please. It is made out of non-toxic and non-absorbent material which is even resistant to mild dew. The cross-linked polyethylene foam assures safety in every direction. Also, it has a very lightweight and easy to fold design that lets you carry it around without any troubles.

Key features

  • Has velcro fasteners that let you increase the training area by connecting to more balance beams.
  • Outside is covered with heavy duty suede for the best of performance and stability.
  • Meets the requirements set by CPSIA.

Inspire your kids to live their dreams by buying gymnastic balance beams for sale and allow them to start with their practice today. Click here to read more about the gymnastics mats.

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