Best GoPro Selfie Sticks | Monopod Selfie Sticks Reviews

People like travelling and people like to capture all they can when they are travelling. Anywhere you are, if it’s popular among tourists, you will see people posing with cameras. When it comes to adventure sports, a good action camera is a must-have. Combined with the camera you also need an equally good selfie stick, monopod, or tripod. The action cameras such as GoPro, the GoPro selfie sticks have already hit the market high.

For your GoPro and other action cameras, we have found out the top 10 GoPro selfie sticks. Take your adventure photography and videography to the next level with these selfie sticks. Have a look at our choices and find yourself the one that you think would be your GoPro’s best friend.

Table of the Best GoPro Selfie Sticks Reviews

10. Sandmarc Waterproof Extension Pole for GoPro

GoPro Selfie Sticks

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Ever since GoPro has entered the scenario of action cinematography, it has been hailed around the globe. Almost every traveller in recent times has a GoPro that he/she takes along to all the journeys. One thing people often fail to notice is that good footage does not only needs a GoPro but some other accessories as well. The most important? A good waterproof GoPro selfie stick. Check out this stick that can aid in recording more stable and difficult shots without having to sweat a lot. Having aluminium construction for lightweight, durability, and water resistance, the stick even gets a rubber grip for surer gripping.

The adjustable wrist strap, on the other hand, makes sure you are always holding the stick more securely. Make the action shots come to life by combining your GoPro with this selfie stick. Also, it works with almost all models and types of GoPros that are available in the market.

Key features:

  • Well-suited for heavy-duty applications in all kinds of conditions.
  • The benefit of telescoping design, the length is extended from 17-inches to 40-inches.
  • Weighs just about 9 ozs for better control and handling.
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9. Smatree Extendable Aluminum Selfie Stick – Monopod Selfie Stick for GoPro Max/Hero

Smatree Extendable Aluminum Selfie Stick - Monopod Selfie Stick for GoPro Max/Hero

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Are willing to make maximum utilization of your prized action camera and shoot all that comes your way? Now you need to have the right gear along with you. Choosing a good selfie stick is very important as it holds your camera and enhances its workability. On this stick, there is a flexible ball head capable of rotating 360° for capturing all that you wish to.

From the most difficult angles to the most stable shots, the length helps in having better control and stability. Its length is adjustable from 11.8-inches to 36.6-inches and all you need to do is do a small twist. The twist locking mechanism assures the length of the stick is always stable and secure. Furthermore, compatibility is a huge point of consideration on this. Just not GoPro, this stick works with many other popular brands and their action cameras.

Key features:

  • Finished with a slip-resistant rubber combined with a wrist strap for the ultimate safety and control.
  • Very lightweight and portable GoPro selfie stick design makes travelling more fun and exciting.
  • Is used with your smartphone when needed.

8. Vicdozia Portable Waterproof GoPro Extension Selfie Stick

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Quality of construction to make your adventures better in all possible ways! This GoPro portable selfie stick from the makers of Vicdozia is a great choice for enthusiastic travellers. Featuring a soft rubber gripping for a comfortable and secure grip, you will find it amazing to use this throughout your journey. Even better, the lightweight aluminium construction never makes you feel bulky or uncomfortable in any situations. The comfortable and well-placed wrist strap allows you to have a more secure holding of the entire set up. And go on with your adventures the right way.

Along with that, the overall compact design and low weight help in carrying it easily in any bag or backpack. At just 0.33 pounds, this is a great choice of selfie stick which you can combine with your action camera.

Key features:

  • Combination of twist-locking and 3 extendable sections. It has an adjustable length between 7.5-inches to 20-inches allows you to click and shoot the most difficult shots easily.
  • When fully collapsed, the stick lets you shoot intriguing POV shots as well.
  • Uses rust-proof screw nut and locking screw in the body.

7. Kizen Flexible Selfie Stick – Monopod Suction Cup Tripod Mount Stand

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Looking out for a selfie stick that does not limit you to use with just action cameras? Your search ends here. Although designed as a great weatherproof GoPro selfie stick, it can accommodate other action cameras, digicams, and even your smartphone. Moreover, you will get a wireless remote shutter for more creative shots and footages. If you are using your smartphone, the wireless shutter lets you take the shot. And that also when you are not holding the camera.

The overall build quality is commendable and the stick is safe for all weather and terrain use. Shockproof and weatherproof for unrestricted usage always. You will also get carabineers, phone attachments, and even a shoulder strap in the package.

Key features:

  • Extremely hassle-free release clips for faster length adjustment that can extend up to 4-feet.
  • Comes along with a nylon carry bag for more benefits when carrying it around.
  • Uses lightweight materials for the construction of the stick.
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6. Afaith Long Carbon Fiber Handheld GoPro Selfie Stick Extendable Pole Monopod for GoPro

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Why settle for low quality and average footages when you can get hold of a long GoPro selfie stick. Extremely flexible, the length on this stick is adjustable anywhere between 22-inches and 106-inches for the toughest and most amazing shots always. Worried whether the stick is strong enough to hold all that weight after extending to that huge length? Well, be rest assured as the entire stick is of superior quality of carbon fibre.

From protection against weather and corrosion to being lightweight and hugely durable, this score high in almost all verticals. Also, the wide range of flexibility with various action cameras, session cameras and even 360 cameras is a great benefit.

Key features:

  • Has an anti-slip holder for best of gripping and easy handling always.
  • 5 choices of lengths to help you choose your frame more wisely.
  • Equipped with a universal screw interface for more flexibility and compatibility.

5. Afaith GoPro Selfie Sticks – Aluminum GoPro Selfie Sticks with Stable Tripod Waterproof 

Aluminum GoPro Selfie Sticks with Stable Tripod Waterproof 

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Yet another o selfie stick that can live up to your expectations, this upgraded model is extraordinary. Just not a selfie stick, this stand can transform into a stable tripod for shooting those magnificent time-lapses and hyper-lapses. In addition to that, this new model uses thicker aluminium alloy for unquestionable sturdiness and strength. It feels quite light and easy to hold but you can always rely on the strength of this stick.

The frame is telescoping and has two foldable tripods. As a result, it means more experimentation with your videos and pictures.

Key features:

  • Comes along with a phone clip and tripod mount for more flexibility and choices.
  • Innovative and easy to use twist-locking mechanism for trouble-free user experience.
  • Wrist band makes sure the setup never falls down accidentally also.

4. TELESIN 35.5″ Selfie Stick Monopod for GoPro – Selfie Pole with Strong Tripod Mount Adapter

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Bless yourself with wings of creativity and shoot videos and pictures that your friends and family would love to see. Also, if you are one of those content creators, this selfie stick can come in really handy for your adventures. Having aluminium alloy construction in CNC treatment, superior strength and toughness are guaranteed always. In addition to that, the stick is completely waterproof and safe against rusting.

For extending and locking the stick to your desired length all you need to do is a twist in either direction. It has 6 extension legs and the length is extendable from 8-inches to 35.5-inches.

Key features:

  • The very portable and compact body makes it easy to carry around in your pockets, backpack, or purse.
  • Works well with different kinds of phones between 55mm and 85mm.
  • TPU material makes it anti-slip in nature while making it waterproof as well
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3. Vicdozia GoPro Selfie Sticks

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Shoot all you wish however you wish and how much you wish by the help of your camera and this extraordinary selfie stick. Just not GoPros, this stick can hold small compact cameras, other brands of action cameras, and even your everyday smartphone. Very easy and hassle-free twist locking mechanism for effortless extending of the length. The choice of length is between 9.85-inches and 28.5-inches and ensures that you can capture it all.

Also, it has a ¼-inches mount adapter and a cellphone clip. As a result, allows you to switch quickly between action cameras and other cameras.

Key features:

  • Non-slip handle combined with soft rubber grip promises sure and secure handling always.
  • Designed with a wrist strap for added safety during use.
  • Uses quality aluminium tubing for the most durable and sturdy usage.

2. Feimousi GoPro Selfie Stick – Adjustable Extension Selfie Pole with Tripod Stand

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Quickly shift from your close up shots to those large wide-angle shots by using this amazing selfie stick. Photography gear plays an important role in the quality of the images. And this stick is a must-have for people who love outdoor photography and videography. With an extendable length from 7.87-inches to 35.43-inches, it has a twist-lock mechanism that does the job easily and perfectly.

It has a waterproof construction so that just not your camera but the stick is also safe for underwater application. For those hanging and underwater shots, tie the adjustable wrist strap and do all you wish.

Key features:

  • Aluminium material has been used for long term durability and reliability.
  • Well-placed rubber grip lets you do wonders without limitations.

1. Telesin GoPro Selfie Stick – Lightweight Extendable Handheld Monopod for Gopro/Osmo Action/Insta 360

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Topping the list, this selfie stick designed by Telesin is outstanding and very well-adapt for all your needs. Having technology and mechanism for 180° rotation, you can capture every moment beautifully on this. The 5 different lengths have a maximum length of 106-inches which is more than most other selfie sticks in the marketing.

Capture those unbelievable nature shots or accommodate every single one of the group in one frame, this can do wonders in all scenarios. It is also designed for usage with multiple different action cameras and digital cameras of the modern era.

Key features:

  • The superior quality of construction with carbon fibre for unquestionable service life.
  • Having an anti-slip soft holder for impressive stability and surety.
  • Thumbscrew attachment on the body for added benefits.

Create and capture the best shots without facing any limitations. The flexible GoPro selfie sticks will help to do justice to every frame.

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