Top 10 Best Waterproof Golf Cart Covers Reviews In 2019

No one can question the importance of golf carts in this modern world. It helps you in many different ways but the need to maintain it is what makes us frown. To keep the cart functional, you must protect it from any external damage. Also, remaining exposed to the outside environment keeps it open to rain, powerful sun rays, dust and also dangerous in multiple ways. And cleaning the carts numerous times every single day is totally a waste of energy. So, in order to save time and energy besides keeping the cart functional, golf cart covers has been made available in the market. It uproots all the tensions of maintaining and cleaning plus, aids you in many different ways.

However, one cannot compromise on quality just for the sake of saving some amount. If you are looking for golf cart covers, we have gone through the wide options available in the market and jotted only the best for you.

Table of the Best Golf Cart Covers Reviews

10. FLYMEI 2/4 Passenger Waterproof Golf Cart Cover

Golf Cart Covers

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Made of black polyester sun block material, it is an ideal cover for your golf cart which would neither shrink nor stretch. As a perfect cover for a two or four passenger cart, it also has specific UV heavy-duty treated format and can save your cart from bird poop, sun, rain, dust and snow. In fact, this is a perfect mould for excessive cold weather.

Key features

  • It has 95 x 48 x 66 (2 – passenger) and 112 X 66 X 48 Inches (4 – passenger) as its dimensions
  • Includes a back zipper that facilitates quick access to the cart
  • An additional free bag for storage purpose
  • Resists water for keeping your cart safe

9. CarsCover HD 4-Passenger Waterproof Golf Cart Cover for Car Club

CarsCover HD Waterproof Golf Cart Cover 4 Passenger

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This is another heavy-duty golf cart cover which has 5 layers to it. Along with it, there is a fleece lining and it is both waterproof as well as weatherproof. A cover that has been designed for satisfying the needs of an auto-enthusiast, this ensures that your cart’s finish remains free from any external dirt and harm. Be it snow, tree sap, rain or industrial pollutants, this cover provides safety from it all.

Key features

  • The dimensions are – 16.5 x 13.6 x 6 inches.
  • Weighs only 15.5 pounds.
  • It has a side zipper for easy opening of this cover.
  • There is a tie-down strap attached to it and with a buckle to it. It also has a strap-pocket that is built into it for excess storage.
  • This also has a Patented UV Stabilizer for long-term security.

8. Himal 400D Waterproof Sunproof Golf Cart Cover – 4 passenger

Himal 4 passenger 400D waterproof sunproof golf cart cover

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Coming in durable polyester with exclusive water-proof adhesive taping in the stitching area, this cover is water resistant. The cart cover has unbreakable upgraded zipper and the double layer added to it assure long lastingness. Added to these features, there are 4 grommets to this cover which aids in ventilation, vanishes heat, repels any kind of bugs, mosquito and even moisture.

Key features

  • The golf cart cover has a silver coating on it
  • There is a wind-proof locker below this cover and it is ABS enhanced
  • The zipper is stainless and has a Velcro strap attached to it for securing it
  • Has 1-year warranty attached to it
  • PU waterproof layer for making it water-resistant
  • The weight of the item is 4.45 pounds.
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7. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Easy-On Cover

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Easy-On Cover

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With 1-year warranty period, this cart cover has a specific weather-protected fabric that is both shrinks as well as stretch free. It also has a bottom with an elasticized cord and hence it is customised according to the cart. Plus, the rear air vents are included which minimize the level of moisture and wind lofting.

Key features

  • The fabric of this cover is water repellent.
  • There is a rear zipper which enhances installation facility of this cover.
  • Installed with a hemp cord.

6. Classic Accessories 72052 Fairway Travel 2-Person Golf Cart Enclosure

Classic Accessories 72052 Fairway Travel 4-Sided 2-Person Golf Cart Enclosure

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This golf cart hardcover features a weatherproof fabric system and rolled up panels, the cover also has a storage bag attached to it. There are specific zippered openings on the side for easier access. Also, it has a 4-sided enclosure and added to that are the PVC windows to keep the rain as well as moisture out of the shield.

Key features

  • It also contains a carrying case to wrap up this cart case
  • The cover comes without any hefty installation issues
  • Have PVC windows which are super-clear
  • A 1-year warranty period.

5. Classic Accessories Fairway Quick-Fit Cover for Golf Carts 

Fairway Quick Fit Cover for Golf Carts with Rear Facing Back Seats

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Having rear air vents and fitting most of the golf carts, this has an elastic hem with tie-down straps added to it. Moreover, the 60-inch-long cover is specifically designed after considering high roof height and has dimensions of 11.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches. And the fabric is water-resistant thus you do not have to worry about unwanted stretches as well as shrinks.

Key features

  • Trapping of moisture or wind lifting is minimized cause of the rare air vents
  • Personalized fitting
  • Is suitable for those conversion cars which have rear facing seats
  • The warranty period is for 2 years
  • The rear zipper for golf cart covers assist in the installation process.

4. Formosa Covers Deluxe 4-Passenger Golf Cart Cover

Deluxe 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover roof

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The cover from Formosa Covers acts as a perfect shield against rain, sun and other external factors. With an 80-inch roof length cover, this is the most suitable option for a 4-passenger cart. The polyester shield has a polyurethane coating to protect your possession from UV rays and has double top-stitching for extra durability.

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Key features

  • This cart cover has a duffel bag that will make storing easy
  • To prevent lofting as well as condensation there are 2 rear and front clamshell vents
  • The rear zipper ensures that one can access the cart minus the cover
  • Made for a golf cart that accommodates 4 passengers.

3. Classic Accessories Fairway Deluxe Golf Cart Cover for 2 Person

Classic Accessories Fairway Deluxe 4-Sided 2-Person Golf Cart Enclosure For Club Car

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With a windshield that has a hideaway pocket and even rolled up panels, the cover for your cart provides complete protection against any unwanted factors. It features windows that are made of a super clear material which is perfect for security and shielding purpose. Plus, it comes with polyester top and walls.

Key features

  • The rear window is specifically zippered and works best with rear canopies
  • Secured from the bottom by hooks attached
  • Stays dry even when exposed to harsh weather conditions
  • There is a storage case attached to it.

2. Premium Tight Weave Golf Cart Driving Enclosure for 4 Seaters 

Premium Tight Weave Golf Cart Driving Enclosure

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This enclosure is appropriate for a 4-seater cart and has a roof up to 58-inches along with a bottom-up to 95-inches. There is also a commercial level zipper at the side door attached to it and has a 300×300 polyester fabric laminated with PVC fabric.

Key features

  • Have rear exit and a side zipper of commercial grade.
  • The rolled entry doors present at the front help to prevent the rain from causing any damage.

1. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure

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Undoubtedly, the best are featured at the top. And this enclosure that fits a two-person golf cart especially those with short roofs is a testament of excellence. In fact, it has removable doors with both external and internal zipper format. The attachment hooks fit over the roofs and have adjustable panels as well. Plus, the windshields can also be removed as per will.

Key features

  • The enclosure is made of Gardelle fabric that does not shrink or stretches
  • Has reflective piping attached to it which helps to enhance visibility during darkest hours
  • It weighs 17.9 pounds.

Keeping your priceless possessions safe it of utmost priority and the golf cart covers and enclosures will keep the golf carts save.

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