Top 10 Best Glass TV Stands for Flat Screens with Mount Reviews In 2020

So you need a stand for keeping your newly bought TV set? And shelves to keep the accessories plus other essentials? Then nothing can make a match better than a TV stand. But what sort should it be? In this age where stylish and trendy things are praised, the glass TV stands can change the look of your house. It’s chic and very trendy plus has all the properties that every customer looking for.

In the given glass TV stands review, you have all the required points that can suggest you while you are hesitating to decide. Knowing more before buying is better than repenting after buying.

Table of the Best Glass TV Stands with Mount Reviews

10. TAVR Universal Corner Black Glass TV Stands with Mount

Glass TV Stands

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TAVR brings you a modern and highly durable glass floor TV stand. It indeed stands out from the rest in the market due to its unique features. It has a thick metal frame that is very sturdy and won’t shake or wobble. Besides, it has a large amount which is compatible with televisions of most shapes and sizes from major manufacturers. Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp and a lot of other brand’s television would easily fit on the mount as long as they are within the size range of 32-inches to 55-inches.

You can also adjust the height among three different levels. This lets you align it with your seating position so that everyone on the lounge can watch their favourite game or shows comfortably. You also get shelves made from high quality and tough tempered glass that can resist shock and are very easy to clean. Lastly, these shelves for keeping your Blu-ray player, DVD collection or gaming consoles.

Key features:

  • You can swivel the mount horizontally within 90-degrees.
  • Cable management solutions eliminate the need for drilling holes.
  • To stop the TV from falling, you indeed get a safety lock screw.
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9. AVF SDC1140-A Black Glass TV Stands for 55″ TV

AVF SDC1140-A Black Glass TV Stands for 55" TV

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AVF has made a high-quality TV stand that makes the best use of space. It has a decent length of 45-inches and wide enough to hold most flat LED or LCD television. Plus, it comes with easy assembly instructions that make your job very easy. You can assemble it within minutes and are ready to use it in no time.

The shelves on this stand are made from black tinted tempered glass. As a result, it has high durability than regular glass and won’t break that easily

Key features:

  • The glass TV stand design can fit television that is 55-inches or less in size.
  • The top shelf can rather hold TVs that weigh 99 pounds or lower.
  • Make better use of your living space with this stand’s angled corners.

8. Flash Furniture Glass TV Stands with Metal Frame

Flash Furniture Glass TV Stand with Metal Frame

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The four-pillar glass TV stand frames are made from high strength tubular stainless steel. That’s why is thick and can handle a lot of weight. Since it has stainless steel construction, you get high resistance to rusting and other forms of corrosion. So your overall structure is safe and doesn’t suffer from any design weakness. It also has a very innovative design which lets you a full view of everything stored from any angle.

The hexagonal shape fits in front of any wall and is compact enough to save space in even studio apartments. Since nothing is held inside a closure you don’t have to sort through everything when you need to bring out your favourite movie DVD. It has a three-tiered design. Therefore, leaves a large open top surface. However, it is indeed used to place TVs of various sizes. No need for mounting or any extra hardware.

Key features:

  • The shelves are made from tempered glass that is tinted black for a sleek look.
  • Features a glass which is 8mm thick and has high weight-bearing capacity
  • The floor glides under all the steel tubes. It certainly makes skid-free and scratch-free contact with your ceramic or hardwood flooring.

7. Rfiver Corner Black TV Stand for Flat Screen with Cable Management

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Rfiver’s glass corner TV stand has a shape which leaves no room for wasted space. Since it has angled corners you can place it at the corner of your room and make better use of your indoor space. You get the freedom of choice even when you are assembling the product. Choose the height of your shelves so that they can fit in your consoles or speaker system better.

As a matter of fact, the stand gets its high structural integrity and strength from a stainless steel tubular leg. Other than its natural resistance against rusting, you also get additional protection with a chrome layer.

Key features:

  • Edges are polished and wouldn’t hurt you upon contact.
  • Padded legs increase the grip and protect your floor.
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6. Convenience Concepts Clear Glass TV Stand for Flat Panel TV

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This TV stand from Convenience Concepts has a simple and minimalist design that you are familiar with. The four-legged design has padding at their feet so that it doesn’t leave stain or scratches on your floor. Both the top and bottom shelves are wider and made for ergonomic storage of large AV devices and your television.

The middle shelf is compact and best for keeping your DVD player or an IPTV box. So, a beauty that will serve you long.

Key features:

  • Can handle large television that measures up to 32-inches.
  • Glass TV stand’s assembly is indeed quick and doesn’t demand any complicated tools.
  • Weighing just around 35 pounds, it is comparatively lighter than most of the competition.

5. Hodedah 4 Shelve Tempered Glass TV Stand – Glass Entertainment Center

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Hodedah always changes the game with their pioneering efforts and this stand also has the same revolutionary spirit of the brand. It has a frame made out of metal cylinders that have a chrome finish. This does not only enhance the overall look but also protects the metal from corrosive elements and rusting caused by water.

Instead of having a closed cabinet system this stand has completely open shelves with a rectangular shape. This brings you a lot of utility and other forms of advantages. If you use these shelves for your Xbox or PlayStation console or other media devices like DVD players, then the open design helps a lot with air circulation. This keeps all your expensive media devices cool so that they can deliver smooth performance and also increases their longevity.

Key features:

  • You can use this stand for your television and also as a centrepiece in your living room.
  • A damp cloth is all you need for cleaning and maintaining this stand, no need for expensive and laborious methods.
  • Strong and durable design can support your TV and everything else as long as the total weight is within 100 pounds.

4. FITUEYES 4-Tiers Corner LED TV Stand with Mount

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Along with shelved storage, this stand from Fitueyes also has an integrated mount so that you can even use the space on its top-shelf. The high quality and rugged mount let you adjust the height so that you have a good viewing angle from your couch and is highly compatible with several renowned manufacturers and TV models.

Everything from flat LCDs to curved OLEDs. You also get lock screws and various other hardware so that you don’t need to do any extra investment

Key features:

  • Have loops at the back which provide you with neat cable management solutions.
  • Mount can certainly hold 32 to 55-inches TVs as long as they weigh less than 88 pounds.
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3. RTA Home and Office Tall Glass TV Stands and Plasma TV Stand 

 RTA Home and Office Tall Glass TV Stands and Plasma TV Stand 

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Now you can place your expensive large flat-screen TV on a stand that is equally elegant and has a premium look. Assembling it is a hassle-free experience and wouldn’t take too much of your time. Furthermore, it has three shelves made from see-through tempered glass that is 8mm thick.

Combined with the open design it just looks fabulous and delivers high functionality. Since everything is visible, no need to sort through stuff as you do in a closed cabinet.

Key features:

  • Better access to all your media devices and other accessories.
  • Other than a TV stand, it is used as a place for showcasing various items like books, vases and more.
  • The weight of 50 pounds will rather not feel bulky.

2. Rfiver 5-Tier Glass Audio Video Tower Stand for TV

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Rfiver brings to you 5 storage shelves that provide you tiered organisation for your media devices and has an attractive look. These shelves are made from thick and durable tempered glass which is tinted black for a sleeker and more stylish look. You also get a fair bit of modularity with this TV stand.

Besides, you can assemble it according to your preference with various height combinations for the shelves. Finally, if you need to keep a console at the top then you can assemble it accordingly. Now, the top shelf has ample space for holding a console.

Key features:

  • Shelves are sturdy enough and have rounded off smooth edges that don’t cause injuries.
  • Four tubes have premium stainless steel construction and combined with the shelves can tolerate around 220 pounds of weight.
  • You get quick delivery since these stands come from California and Tennessee warehouses.

1. TAVR 5-Tier Media Component TV Stand with Tempered Glass Shelves

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Unlike most other manufacturers TAVR brings you a lot of modularity and versatility with their innovative design. You get a total of 4 shelves with one being a bit roomier than others. Now during assembly, you can choose to place the bigger shelf in the configuration of your choice. Moreover, you might place it at the top, middle or bottom, whatever suits your needs.

Whatever height combinations you assemble, the top most shelf will give you a high weight-bearing capacity of 88 pounds for housing large and heavy televisions. Rest of the shelves can each bear a lot of 33 pounds. You can keep various audio-video devices, DVDs and other media entertainment here.

Key features:

  • Assembly is quick and toolless.
  • At the top of each metal tube, you get beautiful aluminium discs that look gorgeous.
  • Tubes have a silver finish for corrosion resistance.

For proper placement of your television set, you need to own a proper TV stand. And the above-mentioned products will certainly do justice.

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