Top 10 Best Kitchen Modern Glass Dining Tables Reviews In 2020

Dining tables are a must have in every home. As when it comes to eating dinners that is practically the only time the whole family comes together. Also, during gatherings and parties, your guests would require a good space to have their dinner served. Glass dining tables are the most modern types of tables. As a result, they are meant to complement your home décor in the perfect way.

We present to you the 10 best glass dining table options to meet your needs. As these products are from the best makers in the market and have quality craftsmanship, you can put your trust here. Have a look at the best in the business to buy for your house.

Table of the Best Glass Dining Tables Reviews

10. Best Kitchen Dining Table Set with Glass Top & Leather Chairs Dinette

Glass Dining Tables

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Serving the needs of modern families and homes, this 5-piece dining set will fit perfectly in the dining area or kitchen. Firstly, the overall compact and space-saving glass dining table design makes better use of the available space in the dining area. As it comes included with 4 chairs, you do not need to worry about accommodating your guests either.

As a matter of fact, the chairs have a good 250 pounds of maximum weight capacity. Hence, it rather provides you with the peace of mind of reliability.

Key features:

  • The curved backrest of the chairs provides unquestionable support while sitting.
  • Cushioning is certainly made out of tufted faux leather.
  • Table and chair frame is crafted of rust-resistant stainless steel.

9. Bonnlo 5 Pieces Modern Glass Top Dining Table Set for Kitchen

Bonnlo 5 Pieces Modern Glass Top Dining Table Set for Kitchen

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The dining table is important furniture in every household. With beautiful looking dining tables, the whole appeal of the interior décor is hugely elevated. Having a good built quality is equally necessary and this dining table falls perfectly into the list. The overall construction is done with heavy-duty and rust-resistant steel so that it can reward house owners with outstanding durability.

Furthermore, these are enhanced with powder coating and readily add more life to each table. Plus, there are 4 chairs that come with the table. And the chairs even feature strong metal legs for good support and stability.

Key features:

  • Chairs have a leather sitting area for comfortable eating time.
  • The curved backrest on the chair delivers optimum support to the back.
  • The glass dining table legs have padding to prevent scratches to the floor.

8. Mecor 5 Piece Rectangular Glass Table Set with Leather Chairs & Metal Legs

Rectangular Glass Table Set with Leather Chairs & Metal Legs

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Designed to blend in perfectly with the modern houses and decors, this dining table is carved out of perfection. The extremely elegant and modern glass dining table design readily complements the overall interior décor of your room. Next, it is a 5 piece set that is capable of providing sitting are for 4 persons comfortably.

Along with the supreme beauty of the glass top, the shining metal legs of the table make it equally amazing. Moreover, the high back chairs have a curved backrest design that conforms to your body shape perfectly. As a result, it will always serve you with good support. Both the table and chair have legs that with protective caps fitted on them to ensure stability. Lastly, it also saves the floor from getting unwanted scratches.

Key features:

  • 8mm tempered glass is rather strong and reliable.
  • The entire frame is indeed made out of rust-resistant steel.
  • Each chair has 220 pounds of weight capacity and the table has 80 pounds of the same.

7. Giantex Kitchen Breakfast Furniture Dining Set Table and Chairs Glass Top 

Giantex Kitchen Breakfast Furniture Dining Set Table and Chairs Glass Top 

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Indeed a dining table with supreme quality of construction, high-end looks and reliability of premium quality materials. Featuring a tough and strong iron pipe frame, the sturdiness of this dining table and chair is incomparable. Also, the perfectly balanced looks of the set are a good example of elegance. Hence, it is well-suited for any kind of home décor and set up.

One of the most convincing factors of the dining table is its ease of installation. It comes with all the detailed instructions so that you can accelerate the set-up process and not face any hassle. With coded screw and pins, you will never have to face the trouble of mixing up the tools. Designed to accommodate 4 people, this is a perfect choice for regular families and apartments.

Key features:

  • Chairs have a high back shape for comfortable sitting and designed without any armrests.
  • The sitting area of the chairs is rather made of MDF material.
  • Huge 286 pounds of glass top dining table weight capacity on each chair.

6. VECELO Tempered Glass Dining Tables with 4 Chair

 VECELO Tempered Glass Dining Table with 4 Chair

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An imported dining table for families that are concerned mostly about the quality of the product they are buying. Featuring a 7mm tempered glass top, this can handle day to day dining with complete ease and safety. Next, the overall compact shape of the table and chair also serves as a good option for houses. As a result, goes low on space and needs something to fit in perfectly.

Finally, the brand gives you an added convenience of 5 years of warranty on the product.

Key features:

  • Certainly, easy to clean and maintain the beauty of the product.
  • Entire glass dining table frame has a stainless steel tubing construction which is durable and meant to last.

5. Bonnlo Kitchen Glass Dining Tables and Chairs Set for 4 Person

Bonnlo Kitchen Glass Dining Table and Chairs Set for 4 Person

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Yet another outstanding option from the makers at Bonnlo, this is certainly one of the finest looking dining tables. This is 5 piece table set with 4 chairs for sitting featuring ultra-modern and stylish looks. If you fancy a dining table that can elevate the overall interior décor of your house, this is a great choice. Next, the black frame has heavy-duty rustproof steel construction which is meant to last and serve for longer years.

Furthermore, the powder coating over the metal surface prevents scratches, corrosion, and damage to the frame. The thick cushioning on the chairs feel very comfortable to sit on for longer hours.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic and high raised curved back in the chairs delivers unmatched support.
  • Chairs have protective caps on the bottom for stability and protection of the floor surface.
  • Legs of the chair rather are made out of great quality metal.

4. Tangkula Modern Tempered Glass Top for Dining Table Set

Tangkula Modern Tempered Glass Top for Dining Table Set

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Welcome positivity and fresh energy with this set that is blessed with light fresh colour and charming brightness. Make your family dining time better by placing this compact and appealing looking 5 piece dining table. In terms of construction, the table is outstanding and each chair has 300 pounds of weight capacity. Also, the rated weight limit of the table itself is 250 pounds, thus making it capable to handle day-to-day chores.

However, the chairs are finished off with a PU leather surface that feels comfortable and soft to your skin. Now you can clean it in a matter of seconds. In addition to that, the glass top also makes cleaning and maintaining an extremely easy job.

Key features:

  • The rustproof steel frame offers supreme durability and reliability.
  • Extremely easy and no-brainer installation process.
  • Legs of the chair and table have caps for added protection and stability.

3. MSS Round Glass Dining Tables and Chairs

MSS Round Glass and Metal Dining Table Set and 4 Chairs

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This one has a circular and more compact shape for apartments that encounters space crunch. Most of today’s apartments and rooms have significantly smaller rooms and this compact shaped table is ideal for them. If you consider the quality, it is excellent as well.

Manufactured and designed with solid metal tubing, the whole frame is very sturdy and meant to last numerous years. Although the table top has a circular shape, the entire set up offers comfortable space to accommodate 4 people.

Key features:

  • Chairs have beautiful upholstery and cushions.
  • Ease of assembly and set up is guaranteed.
  • Outstanding built-quality with rather high-end glass and metal combination.

2. Mecor 7 Piece Kitchen Glass Top Table with Chair Breakfast Furniture

Mecor 7 Piece Kitchen Glass Top Table with Chair Breakfast Furniture

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Have a family that is large and requires a larger dining table for everyday dining? Then this one is what you should be looking for. This is a 7-piece table set with one large table top and 6 chairs to provide a larger sitting area. At the top of the table, there is an 8mm tempered glass which is considered to be safe to use. Next, the entire frame of the table is made out of strong and sturdy steel tube.

Even the chairs have a metal construction and are completely resistant and safe from risks of rusting and corrosion. Lastly, the overall durable and sturdy construction makes it one of the best dining sets in the market.

Key features:

  • High-quality PU leather is used for the backrest and sitting area of the chair.
  • Package includes all the tools and instructions you might require for installation.

1. Christopher Knight Home Verna Rectangle Glass Dining Tables

Christopher Knight Home Verna Rectangle Glass Dining Table

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You net get a glass dining table from the house of Christopher Knight. This one does not include chairs for sitting but the dining table looks impressive. The clean, minimalistic and polished finish of the table makes it ideal for any kind of rooms and even kitchens. At the top, you get a very elegant glass surface that will look striking.

As a matter of fact, it features 4 beautifully crafted shining chrome legs. As a result, these add more appeal and elegance to the entire table set. Moreover, if you wish to buy a table for your beautiful home, you are looking at the best option right now.

Key features:

  • The tempered glass top is durable and holds good weight capacity.
  • Metal legs are indeed meant to last and offer good years of serviceability.
  • Protective caps below the legs certainly keep your floors safe and limit wobbling.

Match the table set-up with your decor and transform your house into your dream home. Keep the beauty intact!

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