Best Faux Fur Blankets for Winter & Spring Reviews

During winters, we always like to stay warm. However, a simple jacket and sweater might not always be capable of keeping you away from cold. Thus, the fur blankets are introduced in the market. These warm, fuzzy blankets will beautifully wrap around you and help you overcome the toughest winter night. Plus, your bed, couch, chair and lounge would look much better and cozy with this blanket.

For giving the best suggestions, our faux fur throw blanket review is what you need to check out. Each product has its own benefits and you certainly can’t deny its efficiency.

Table of the Best Fur Blankets Reviews

10. Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket for Winter & Spring

Fur Blankets

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Chanasya is a reputed family-owned business which brings a whole new meaning to luxury. Each of their materials and design components including everything from texture to colour is monitored. Plus, it is handpicked so that you can decorate your home in elegance and style. With blankets from other manufacturers, you might end up using your vacuum cleaner much more than you used to. They shed a lot and leave a mess on your couch that can rival the hair left by your furry pets. But this blanket is made from ultra-high-quality material. As a result, it doesn’t have those problems.

When it comes to design this blanket mimics the texture and feel of soft fur but isn’t made from real fur. So without endangering any animals, you can have the same luxury and comfort that comes from a real fur blanket. The soft fur blanket indeed has an elegant design, it will add to its beauty.

Key features:

  • Industry-leading lifetime warranty period so that you can make your purchase worry-free.
  • The fur is rather made from soft and plush microfiber polyester.
  • It is safe for machine washing in cold water.

9. Pinzon Alpine Brown Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Pinzon Alpine Brown Faux Fur Throw Blanket

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With completely polyester construction, you don’t have to worry about hunted animals when you buy this faux fur blanket. The external layer has fibres reaching a length of 0.5-inch. Therefore, it really feels nice to run your fingers through. The inner velvet-like fabric is smooth and extremely gentle to your skin. You certainly won’t have any rashes or skin irritations and enjoy cozy warmth with your partner.

Moreover, each blanket is unique since they have distinct colour variations due to the individual dying procedure.

Key features:

  • Cleaning is effortless since it is safe for machine wash.
  • Spreads across a wide area.
  • Having a 100% polyester construction, you can indeed feel the softness.

8. LANGRIA Luxury Super Soft Faux Fur Fleece Throw Blanket

LANGRIA Luxury Super Soft Faux Fur Fleece Throw Blanket

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Langria provides you with a blanket which has reversible design and is made out of the best quality cruelty-free materials. One side has 180 GSM micro mink layer while the other side has been made from PV fleece of 260 GSM. It is ultra-soft and light enough to give you that airy feel. Furthermore, it rather keeps you warm by trapping your body heat in its air pockets. Plus, it shields you during the cold months.

The animal-friendly product will do justice both to the environment and you. Finally, the fur blanket weighs 1.87 lbs and will make your winter times happy.

Key features:

  • No need to invest in dry cleaning, machine wash with cold water is enough.
  • Covers a large area of 3000-square inches.
  • Certainly perfect for every location.

7. Best Home Fashion Faux Fur Blankets

Best Home Fashion Faux Fur Throw

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Now you can get the look and feel of real fur without contributing indirectly to poaching and killing of animals. The fabric is made from an acrylic material. Hence, it isn’t going to be harmful to your skin and doesn’t contain any poisonous elements. With various kinds of fibre technology, it delivers you a warm and cozy blanket. Hence, it is easy to maintain and doesn’t require the slaughter of animals.

For cleaning the fur washing machine might not be the ideal solution. Dry cleaning can really work great and provide you with an optimal solution. The blanket mimics the colour and texture of various kinds of animal furs which looks and feels brilliant. As a matter of fact, real animal pelts cost hundreds of dollars. And come with an unpleasant odour that is really hard to suppress even after tanning. So it is not just ethically bad but also economically unaffordable and unnecessary. This faux fur throw blanket does the job of keeping you warm in all sorts of situations. In fact, it doesn’t weigh a lot.

Key features:

  • Available in 10 different colours and various sizes that spoils you for choice.
  • It is durable and would last you for a very long time.
  • At around 4.5 pounds it is rather super light in comparison to its height.

6. Stone & Beam Marble Faux Fur Throw Blanket – Soft and Luxurious

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This in-house brand is highly reliable and always tries to offer you the best products at the lowest price. Firstly, the blanket has a unique texture along with soft marbled tones. Next, it will be gentle to your skin and accentuates the beauty of any furniture you use it on.

Besides, it is a dual-layered fur blanket with one smooth and another soft textured side. However, cleaning is certainly not a problem. Just dry clean it or spot clean it and keep it as good as new.

Key features:

  • Extremely lightweight design at just 1.5 pounds.
  • Cones with an incredible 3 year warranty period.

5. GRACED SOFT LUXURIES Oversized Cozy Faux Fur Blankets

GRACED SOFT LUXURIES Oversized Blanket Cozy Faux Fur

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With an extra-large size that reaches a length of 80-inches and a width of 60-inches, this covers sufficient area. The marbled ivory colour tone has a unique design. Next, it even makes the blanket a piece of art that beautifies any furniture it sits on. Along with that, it is crafted out of premium quality materials. Hence, boasts superior stitching techniques. Therefore, makes it not just soft and comfy but adds to its high longevity as well.

Finally, the high-end fur blanket design will not shed and will give the much-needed warmth.

Key features:

  • With one year of the warranty period, you can buy this blanket without any worries.
  • At slightly above 5 pounds of weight, it is extremely light compared to the area it covers.
  • It is indeed intricately stitched to give a perfect finishing.

4. HoroM Faux Fur Throw Blanket

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HoroM has applied a lot of innovation while designing and manufacturing this blanket for you. This blanket has two layers with one being flannel and the other being their signature Sherpa material. Sherpa has a lot of advantages against real fur and sheep wool. It has a similar feeling to former materials but doesn’t come with the bulk. As a matter of fact, it is thick, yet lightweight and makes your blanket suitable for easy transportation.

The flannel material, on the other hand, works great for trapping air and conserving your body heat. But it is also breathable. It means you would have a good warm sleep without waking up in the morning drenched in sweat. It doesn’t just add comfort, but style as well to your office or home. Lastly, this blanket can easily solve your dilemma in gifting purpose.

Key features:

  • With a GSM count of 280, it is thick enough. As a result, it provides ample warmth.
  • At 4.2 pounds it is extremely lightweight for a blanket of its size.
  • Available in multiple colours and sizes.

3. HORIMOTE HOME Luxury Faux Fur Blankets

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Horimote Home has made a faux fur blanket which is constructed out of two layers. On one side, you can smooth velvety surface which is skin-friendly and won’t cause any rashes or allergies. The other side is a shaggy material that is made from white and black fibres.

Furthermore, this gives it a unique texture that is really fun to play with. When you move your hand over this side, you can change it from a high-density of white to black fibres and vice versa.

Key features:

  • Doesn’t contain foul odour that comes with real fur.
  • With a length of 70-inches, it is rather large enough for any couple.

2. Tache Super Soft Warm Colorful Brown Russian Faux Fur with White Sherpa Back Throw Blanket

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Cold nights and winter wouldn’t be so uncomfortable anymore with this blanket from Tache. It is indeed luxurious and has an amalgamation of colours that take its beauty to new heights. You can use this blanket for various purposes. A plush and soft base for your pets to sleep, one can take along on road trips and more. It can also work as a great gift for your friends and family.

It is fully made from polyester which has been woven into a unique design for its soft texture. Moreover, you need to pack it well in a shaded area with cold temperature for maintaining it in pristine condition. Washing the blanket is easy as well. Above all, you don’t have to resort to expensive dry cleaning. Just throw it in the washing machine with some good detergent and cold water.

Key features:

  • The queen size of 90by90 is large enough for any couple.
  • You can rather buy it without any guilt since it is cruelty-free.
  • Doesn’t have any weird smell or odour.

1. uxcell Queen Soft Fuzzy Shaggy Plush Microfiber Fleece Blanket

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This blanket is reversible with one of the sides giving you a shaggy and fuzzy feel. It is possible due to the double-layer construction. Hence, it uses faux fur of 280 GSM on one side and lambswool of 230 GSM on the other. While the side with faux fur keeps the blanket lightweight, lambswool gives it a resilient structure. Hence, it helps to resist wrinkles on your blanket and quickly revert back to original size post wash.

However, it is also highly repellent to moisture and flames and can last you for a prolonged period of time. Thus, neither the lamb nor the faux fur is created from killing the animal.

Key features:

  • The blanket is resistant to fading, keeping it as good as new for a long time.
  • It is available in 28 colours which let you choose one that best suits your style profile.

Even the harshest winters won’t be a problem. The comfortable fur blankets will help you to pass through the longest and coldest night.

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