Best Aluminium Diesel Fuel Transfer Tanks Reviews

There can be multiple reasons behind the fuel transfer needs but it is very important that you have all the right machines and devices to make the transfer safe and reliable. With fuel transfer tanks, transfer of chemicals from one place to another seems like a fairly easy job as it can both store and transport the fuel. These tanks are constructed of materials that will keep your fuel safe, will not cause spill or leakage and not result in any damage whatsoever.

We aim to guide you in selecting the best fuel transfer tanks and toolbox combo. These products are listed on the basis of design, top0notch built quality and most importantly very convenient functionality. It’s better to know the right model that suits your need before feeling all confused and perplexed while searching for a tank.

Table of the Best Fuel Transfer Tanks Reviews

10. Aluminium Industries Rectangle 110 Gallon Refueling Tank

Fuel Transfer Tanks

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Fuel transfer becomes important in multiple scenarios but while handling fuel, kerosene or volatile chemicals, it requires the use of right designed materials and equipment to avoid any risks. The transfer tank has a very advanced design that will help you store fuel in the right manner. Equipped with fully welded baffles, the extra movement of the fuel inside will be restricted. For risks of leakage and spills, the tank has a lockable vent of commercial-grade and a prevent filler cap as well.

Key features

  • Ideal for the transfer of all types of fuel including aviation fuel.
  • Dual NPT bungs of 2” add more strength to the tank.
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9. RDS Aluminum Fuel Transfer Tank Toolbox Combo

RDS Aluminum Transfer Tank

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Constructed with aluminium to prevent any unwanted creation of rusting and corrosion, this transfer tank will not only help you carry fuel from one place to another but will also help you store it when needed. Equipped with a female pipe of 2-inches, one just needs to connect a pump for faster-transferring needs. The tank is approved by DOT making it extremely reliable for your everyday needs. With linked stainless steel locks, issues of tampering during fuel fill are also erased.

Key features

  • Designed with dual cylinders that keep the crowned lid open.
  • The fuel transfer tank for gasoline etc has textured powder-coated black finish enhances the looks and durability of the tank.

8. Aluminium Tank Industries L Shaped 95 Gallon Fuel Transfer Tanks


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It is utmost important to carry fuel in a tank that is secured in every way possible. Factors like leakage, exposure and even risks against accidents have to be considered while zeroing down on a particular tank. The L shaped tank is highly reliable in every direction and even gets permission from the US Department of Transportation. As it is constructed out of .125 thick Aluminium Diamond Plate, risks of accidents, rusting and damage are readily eliminated.

Key features

  • Lockable vent gets a commercial-grade design.
  • Movement of contents is reduced by the fully baffled delineation.
  • Commercial grade lockable fill cap gives you the surety you want.

7. RDS MFG INC 71212 60 Gallon Transfer Flow Fuel Tank

RDS Fuel Tank - 60-Gallon

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Extremely advanced design in terms of making your fuel transfer an easier process, on this tank you get the benefit of fittings which can be easily connected to the factory lines. Also, it allows for the installation of a pump so that when you are actually transferring fuel, much effort is not needed. Being 60 gallons, now you can store or transfer huge amounts of fuel from one place to another. The manual side gauge baffles aids in better operation while dealing with fuels.

Key features

  • Separate installation kits are available for diesel.
  • Drain fittings are built-in.
  • The suction tube comes in handy for multiple purposes.
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6. RDS Manufacturing Heavy-Duty Aluminum Transfer/Auxiliary Fuel Tank – 200 Gallon

RDS Manufacturing Heavy-Duty Aluminum Transfer/Auxiliary Fuel Tank

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The heavy-duty transfer tank from RDS, this is outstanding in terms of capacity, features, construction and ease of usage. From having fuel transfer tank 200 gallons of capacity to the heavy-duty aluminium construction for high-end reliability, this is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. Besides, for your transfer needs, the 2” coupling allows connection with a transfer pump and the 3/8” drain ensures transfer is rapid and efficient.

Key features

  • Designed with mounting tabs so that you can easily load it on the truck.
  • A 6” inspection clean-out port makes it a flexible option.
  • For precise reading, it comes with a sight gauge.

5. EnduraPlas Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank with Pump

EnduraPlas Diesel Fuel Poly Transfer Tank with 12 Volt Pump

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A very unique and standout design of fuel transfer tank makes it a great choice for the said purpose. It gets a polyethylene construction which is totally safe against corrosion, rusting and even makes it durable for long years of usage. The lockable poly lid is extremely strong and safe so that no risks of fuel theft are associated with it. Furthermore, it gets a 3/4” auto shut-off nozzle to make things easier and more convenient for you.

Key features

  • The suction strainer has an easy to clean finish.
  • Installed breather is resistant to splashes.
  • 15 ft hose is tangle-free as it has swivel and anti-kink spring.

4. Lee 200 Gallon Diesel Fuel Transfer Tanks

Lee Diesel Fuel Tank Gray - DT 200 - 200 Gallon

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If you are looking for a tank that can transfer huge amounts of fuel, as much as 200 gallons, the Lee transfer tank is pretty much the best choice. Attributing to the premium construction and reliable design, fuel transfer, storage and transportation will be a much easier procedure. For the addition of pumps, there are four 2” NPT, allowing you to connect as many as 4 pumps for faster transfers. Also, it has a 2” NPT drain for rapid output and flanges are provided with bolt holes for connecting multiple tanks, thus increasing the storage capacity.

Key features

  • 10 Ga steel single wall construction finished with powder coating increases the durability and life of the tank.
  • Tensionless transportation is guaranteed with the forklift rails.
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3. RDS MFG INC 72746 Transfer Fuel Tank

RDS Fuel Tank Toolbox Combo

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The fuel transfer tank combo that totally strikes out the hassles of rusting and corrosion is what you can put your trust in. As it has got an aluminium construction, high-end durability is guaranteed. Furthermore, the aluminium is 0.125 ga thick, thus safe holding of fuel without any risks either with the fuel or to the tank. With stainless steel key locks, it is secured against theft always. Drain fittings and suction tube are included for your convenience.

Key features

  • Seams are fully welded, preventing damage over time.
  • The lid has reinforcement for better protection.
  • Comes with a toolbox made with 0.058 ga aluminium.

2. Emiliana Serbatoi Portable DIESEL Transfer Tanks


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An impressive construction to go with the growing market demands, the tank is made up of roto-moulded linear polyethylene which gives it the desired strength and durability. The material also maintains the much needed lightweight criteria and makes a very compact footprint. In terms of features, customers will get in line filter and a 12V DC powered fuel transfer pump. The digital turbine flow meter combined with a 4m hose made of anti-static rubber improves the user experience.

Key features

  • Designed with a level indicator.
  • The cover is lockable and hinged.
  • Comes with an emergency vent valve.

1. Better Built HD 36 Gallon Steel Transfer Tank with Lid

Better Built HD Black Steel Transfer Tank - 36 Gallon

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Securing the best position in the list, the Better Built fuel tank meant for transfer and storage has won the trust of many customers’ overtime. Constructed with a massive 36 gallon of fuel capacity and an auto shut-off feature to eliminate risks of overfilling, you can always be assured of its performance. In times of transport, the inside content is safe from shifting as it has inbuilt baffles. The baffles also provide strength to the already strong tank.

Key features

  • Comes with a lockable cap to assure more safety and security.
  • Inlet and outlet bungs have 2” diameter, meaning more rapid flow always.

No more of struggling to transport fuel without causing any spillage as fuel transfer tank toolbox helps to execute the task neatly.

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