Best Manual & Electric Fuel Transfer Pumps Reviews

Every time you look around, there are new technologies being developed to make your life easier than before. Though some technologies or devices have done more bad than good, a majority of the newest inventions are aimed at serving you better. Fuel transfer often comes in very necessary but the lack of right equipment can make this job extensively tough. Getting hold of the fuel transfer pumps means you are one step ahead and can easily transfer any kind of chemical and fuel with ease. The quality of the construction and use of high-end materials is pivotal while choosing a transfer pump.

Thus, the top fuel transfer pumps you get to see here is as deserving as you can expect. From having unmatched construction to giving you the freedom of effortless operation, each of these pumps is brilliant in themselves. Have a look at the models if you are all set to get one for your need.

Table of the Best Fuel Transfer Pumps Reviews

10. Fill-Rite FR4204G 12V 20 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump

Fuel Transfer Pumps

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Fuel transfer requires a good amount of surety and safety so that it does not end up causing any unforeseen damages. The overall design and construction of this fuel transfer pump for sale are extremely secured as the durable cast iron housing that keeps it safe against damages, wear and tear. In terms of functionality, this impressive transfer pump can lift diesel up to a height of 6.5’, which is quite a lot. Also, it is designed with thermal overload protection so that overheating issues does not cause any damage.

Key features

  • Huge 2,600 RPM owing to the 1/4 hp DC motor.
  • Draws at most 20 amps of current.
  • 30 minutes of each duty cycle is pretty impressive.
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9. Fuelworks 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Kit with Hose & Nozzle

Fuelworks 10305708A 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

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The transfer pump that can deal with any kind of fuel like kerosene, diesel and gasoline is certainly a good choice for working. It comes protected against risks of explosion and delivers an impressive 15 GPM of efficiency. For the utmost reliability, the pump unit gets CSA certification and the nozzle is UL approved as well. The chamber of the pump is constructed out of heavy-duty cast iron for added protection.

Key features

  • Inlet has a filter screen for enhanced quality control.
  • Equipped with a lockable nozzle holder.
  • Thermal protection against risks of overheating.
  • Includes fuel transfer pump 12V motor.

8. Fill-Rite FR4210G GPM Fuel Transfer Pump with Manual Nozzle

Fill-Rite FR4210G 12V 20 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump with Manual Nozzle

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When your transfer pump can transfer fuel at the rate of 20 gallons per minute, it is certainly designed with advanced technology. In this particular model, you get a cast iron pump housing which adds to the longevity of the entire unit and keeps it working even in the roughest of working conditions. Also, the 2” Bug Mount comes with NPT threads for a smoother operation. The 1/4 horsepower of the DC motor can produce an outstanding RPM of 2600, making fuel transfer a much faster process.

Key features

  • Can lift diesel up to an astounding height of 6’5”.
  • Draws a maximum of 20amps of current during operation.

7. Fuelworks Electric Diesel Fuel Transfer for Gasoline

FUELWORKS Electric Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

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The diesel fuel transfer pump which can be carried from one place to another with ease and comfort, the Fuelworks model is portable and comes in handy for multiple types of vehicles, boats and agricultural needs. As it has a very small footprint and a compact styling, it gets even easier to use it on the go. The reliable construction and ease of installation design are extra benefits. At a rating of 10 GPM, a speedy transfer is always guaranteed.

Key features

  • Has a manual dispensing nozzle for ease of usage.
  • The 13 ft fuel hose can be used for versatile purposes.
  • Adjustable fuel hose as per your need.
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6. ARKSEN Fuel Transfer Pump for GPM Diesel Gas Gasoline Car, Tractor & Truck

ARKSEN Fuel Transfer Pump 12 Volt 20 GPM

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From gasoline, diesel, kerosene to various types of chemical fuels like heptane and hexane, fuel transfer with the use of this pump is always safe and secure. The cast iron construction of the pump makes it durable while the thermally protected design keeps it safe from explosion risks and overheating issues. Next, the powerful 1/4HP motor can render users with a 20GPM of flow rate while drawing at most 22 amps of current.

Key features

  • Smart design making the pump-equipped for padlocking.
  • Has a ball bearing construction, thereby eliminating hassles of further lubrication.
  • Designed with an integral inlet screen.

5. Fill-Rite SD1202G 12V DC Fuel Transfer Pump

 Fill-Rite SD1202G 12V DC Fuel Transfer Pump

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Equipped with marvellous features and constructed with top-notch quality heavy-duty materials, the DC transfer pump can make flow at a rate of 13 GPM and still not causing any harm on your current source. The static wire hose is 10 ft long making every operation much more convenient and the manual nozzle is easy to control always. Besides, it is safe against risks of explosion even when you are dealing with a volatile liquid.

Key features

  • 1/4 HP motor makes it very powerful and efficient.
  • The pump housing is built out of cast iron.

4. Fill-Rite RD812NH Portable Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite RD812NH 8 GPM 12V Portable Fuel Transfer Pump

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Reliability is the major plus point of this portable fuel transfer pump that gives it an extra edge over most of the pumps out there. Safety certifications from various ends like UL, CE, ATEX, IECEX and cUL makes it a machine you can work with without any worries. This is a self-priming pump which can work with almost all kinds of fuels and chemicals.

Key features

  • A silent operation producing at most 65 dB of sound.
  • The power cord is 10’ long and has alligator clips.
  • Thermal motor protection keeps you and the machine safe always.
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3. Fill-Rite SD1202 Telescoping Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite SD1202 Fuel Transfer Pump

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You can understand it by now that Fill-Rite is certainly one of the best names you can trust when it comes to dealing with fuel transfer pumps. The telescoping design of this Fill-Rite pump makes it highly functional. It has similar cast iron construction making it suited for heavy-duty applications while the inner components are made out of reliable iron and bronze which enhances the durability.

Key features

  • It has a telescoping suction pipe for added convenience.
  • 13 GPM of flow rate meets the expectations of the users.

2. Roughneck Fuel Transfer Pump – 1/4 HP, 12 Volt, 8 GPM

Roughneck Fuel Transfer Pump - 1/4 HP, 12 Volt, 8 GPM

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It is very important to have a reliable pump for fuel transfer as poorly constructed pumps or components can make things very risky and dangerous. On this pump, you get an efficient 30 minutes of duty cycle and the 1/4 HP pump can deliver you with a speed of 8 GPM for faster transfer. The power cord is 6-feet and 5-inches and is pretty long for securely connecting it to a power source without facing any challenges whatsoever. Further, the manual nozzle makes it easier to work within all conditions.

Key features

  • Hose binding is minimized with 3/4 inch inlet and outlet with swivel action.
  • Swivel connector nozzle ensures a steady and strong fuel flow.
  • The nozzle has aluminium construction for safe and secure working.

1. Fill-Rite FR711VA 115V AC High Flow Pump – Hi-Flow Automatic Nozzle

Fill-Rite FR711VA 115V AC High Flow Pump

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Topping the list, this transfer pump is certainly amongst the most powerful one you can lay your hands on. With the UL listed 1/3 horsepower motor, a rapid rate of transfer is always guaranteed. Also, it uses premium materials like carbon vanes and carbons seals which readily bring down the wear and tear rate well. The thermal overload protection, heavy-duty switch and well-placed junction box promise you with the surety of working.

Key features

  • Integral check valve enhances the pump’s lift capacity.
  • Pressure drop is checked by the pressure relief function on the outlet side.
  • Automatic nozzle adds more convenience to your applications.

From the various types of fuel transfer pumps, make sure to choose the pumps that work effectively.

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