Best French Press Coffee Makers Reviews

There are people who like alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, then there are people who are fanatic about their coffee. If you see yourself in the latter category, you should always have a coffee maker handy that is capable of making you the finest of coffees. Around the globe, coffee enthusiasts choose French press coffee makers for the best experience and now you can have one at your home as well. Being a caffeine addict is tough as the addicts are very choosy with the taste they prefer and so, only quality products are needed.

Thus, to fully guarantee that there is no compromise while using a French press coffee maker, we did all the hard work for you. Have a look at the list and rediscover your love for the best flavoured, tastiest and the most authentic cup of coffee.

Table of the Best French Press Coffee Makers Reviews

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10. Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker – 1000ML

French Press Coffee Makers

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Along with the use of smart technology, if you have a coffee maker that ensures top-notch level built quality and design; it becomes easier to work with. The 18/10 stainless steel construction inside out of this coffee maker assures with long-term durability and safety. Also, the filter structure has been 3 layered stainless steel made so that it captures even the tiniest of the coffee grounds. The dishwasher-safe design makes easy to French press coffee maker cleaning after use.

Key features

  • Easy to open and clean filter screen.
  • More than one screen can be stacked for more refined coffee.
  • Cool touch handles make it safe to handle hot coffee.

9. Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker – Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass

French Press Coffee Maker

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An extremely appealing designed combined with premium level construction, you have a coffee maker that has carafe made of thick borosilicate glass to keep it safe. The metal pieces get a beautiful shine owing to the 304-grade stainless steel used in the construction. Moreover, the best taste is guaranteed with the 4 level filtration systems that have stainless steel screen filters and a spring-loaded base plate for hassle-free working.

Key features

  • Small footprint makes it convenient for carrying options to different places.
  • Lid strainer is made of BPA free plastic and every material is food/drink grade.

8. Kitchen Supreme Coffee & Coffee Pot with Double German Glass

French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle

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Made out of highest quality materials like a thermal shock resistant German borosilicate glass and 304 grade encapsulated stainless steel, in terms of quality you have no room for compromises. The advanced system of 4 different French press coffee maker filter screens makes your coffee totally refined and tasty while there are fine-lined edges which help in easy dispersing sediments.

Key features

  • An amazing 1 litre of capacity makes it ideal for multiple occasions.
  • Entire unit has plastic free construction.
  • The lid can be fully sealed with just a twist.

7. Veken Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Veken French Press Coffee Maker

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A unique approach in terms of design and technology, in this French press you will get a double mesh filtering system that ensures coffee of the highest quality and eliminates residual grounds. The high order construction out of 304 stainless steel keeps the shine without causing rusts and corrosion. Besides, the beautiful looking carafe has a thick borosilicate glass construction which saves it from risks of breaking due to heat. Only the lid strainer and measuring spoon have a plastic construction which again is free from BPA, thus safety is ensured.

Key features

  • Designed with a precise scale line so that you can measure the exact amount of coffee you wish to make.
  • Dishwasher safe unit with easy to clean filters.
  • The material is heatproof.
  • Polished filters make it safe to clean with hands.

6. Espro P3 French Automatic Glass Press Coffee Maker

Espro P3, Glass French Press Coffee Maker

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In this glass coffee maker from Espro, you will get a suitably thick and durable Schott-Duran glass which assures your coffee remains hot for long without risking any damage to the carafe. It is a complete package that has everything you need to make the perfect cup and is designed with dual micro-filters to eradicate the tiniest of sediments. The super fine mesh takes out all the grit from your coffee without having any effect on the flavour.

Key features

  • Comes with a well-crafted bamboo paddle.
  • Have three filter options for versatile needs.

5. Coffee Gator Grey, 34 Ounce French Press Coffee Maker

Large French Press Coffee Maker

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This particular coffee maker is designed with excellence and kept a number of things in mind, primarily the need for a warm cup every time you want to have a coffee. As it has a completely 304-grade stainless steel construction along with vacuum layering, your coffee stays hot for an incredible sixty minutes inside the maker. Also, there is a double filtered technology that retains the essence but not the sediments, making your coffee taste rich and flavourful.

Key features

  • Ultimate protection against risks of breaking, rusting and damage.
  • Comes with a canister for storing coffee.
  • Cool touch handle makes it easier to work even when coffee is hot.
  • The French press coffee maker glass will not crack or break.

4. Bodum Chambord Glass French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker,

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A very simple and elegant styling, this coffee maker is for the people who like minimal details but great service. The borosilicate glass construction is fully durable and safe when exposed to risks of damage due to heat. Plus, there is a plastic handle and base which is BPA free, ensuring safe coffee and ease of usage. If you love your coffee, the French press technique is the best method and this is one of the best models.

Key features

  • 3 part mesh filter made of high-end stainless steel.
  • Safe to wash in dishwashers.

3. Bellemain Extra Filters Included French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

 Bellemain French Press - Extra Filters Included - Coffee and Tea Maker

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An outstandingly constructed press coffee maker, the Bellemain has a double walled insulated pot that efficiently keeps the coffee warm for long without heating up the maker from outside. Also, the double layer micro mesh filtration system gets a stainless steel construction that not only keeps out sediments but also retains the oil for a perfect taste. The unit is made of 18/10 stainless steel, making it look glamorous by keeping away rusting and damage.

Key features

  • Elegant mirror finish design looks beautiful.
  • Huge 1 litre of capacity.

2. SterlingPro Double-Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

SterlingPro Double-Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

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If you want a coffee maker for your house that has no glass or plastic in the construction, this is certainly one of the best choices in the market. It is entirely made of top-notch 18/10 stainless steel which keeps the shine forever without getting affected by rusting and corrosion. With a double-walled design, the coffee inside the press remains hot for long but on the outside it always cool to touch. Quite an advanced design that keeps away sediments but enhances the taste!

Key features

  • Unique two screen filtration system that totally keeps sediments away.
  • Has a handle that prevents the risks of burning.
  • Dishwasher safe construction enables a smooth cleaning process whenever needed.

1. Belwares Black French Coffee Maker with Extra Filters 

French Press Coffee Maker with Extra Filters for a Richer and Fuller Coffee Flavor

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Winning in the list, this is one of the most modern looking French press that not only makes premium level coffee but also elevates the decor of your kitchen. In terms of looks, the deluxe black stainless steel built is very elegant to look at while the multi-screen filtration system efficiently filters out every fit of grounds from your coffee. Furthermore, the 34 oz capacity helps you to make large amounts of great coffee rapidly.

Key features

  • Vacuum layered double walled construction for a warmer cup always.
  • Designed with a tight seal to ensure zero contamination of sediments in your coffee.

Coffee makes your day perfect. Thus, to buy a French press coffee maker to have a happy and joyous start by sipping on the most luxurious cup of coffee.

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