Best Indoor Outdoor Foosball Tables for Sale Reviews

Indoor gaming is always making lives better around the globe. Almost everyone loves to get involved in some kind of indoor gaming sessions. Especially when they have guest over or during the gathering. Table-top football is extremely fun and engaging in every sense. Foosball tables are designed to bring the raw flavour of soccer at the comfort of your home.

Here is our pick of the best outdoor mini foosball tables which you can buy today. All of the products are top-notch in terms of quality and design. Plus, these have the trust of the consumers and secured its position in the list.

Table of the Best Foosball Tables Reviews

10. Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table for Kids & Adults with Ergonomic Handles

Foosball Tables

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The idea of an indoor game is extremely appealing and lets you have full enjoyment without having to go outside. Over the years, more creative indoor games have entered our life and made an impact. Foosball is one of the most interactive and interesting indoor games you can involve in. The flavour of raw soccer is under a roof is certainly something everyone enjoys. Depicted with a world-class design this sturdy foosball table has colourful graphics and some rabid fans to add to the excitement.

Besides, as the players are made of ABS moulded materials, the immersive experience is enhanced. Along with that, the game is designed for all ages of players. Blessed with high-gloss graphics, the overall appeal is high in this table. Moreover, the players will get the benefit of using ergonomic handles. Therefore, makes it even more comfortable for all kinds of players.

Key features:

  • Has an engineered wood construction which has a high amount of durability.
  • The game rods are made of steel and always assure smooth play.
  • Even placement is indeed guaranteed with the integrated leg levellers.
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9. ESPN Arcade Portable Compact Mini Foosball Table

ESPN Arcade Portable Compact Mini Foosball Table

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A traditional foosball table that is timeless and magical, this arcade table is brilliant in every sense. Within just a few minutes, the assembly is complete and creates no-hassle for you in any way. The no-tool assembly design is ideal for quick set-up and engaging gaming sessions.

In terms of construction, the quality is rather at par excellent and extremely durable. Reinforced with 10.5” X .75” aprons, no matter how intensely you play the table are never at any risks whatsoever.

Key features:

  • Oversized leg levellers for easy adjustment in all conditions.
  • The smooth playing surface for a certainly immersive experience.
  • Constructed with top-notch quality durable materials.

8. KICK Outdoor Foosball Table Triumph Black

KICK Outdoor Foosball Table Triumph Black

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As mainstream as it may sound, the manufacturers of this amazing table are called Kick. The brand has put in a lot of efforts and thoughts in designing this table. For that reason, it will make your indoor gaming experience all the more fun and engaging. It provides you with a warranty that is going to last a lifetime. Thereby ensuring you with uncompromising quality.

Weighing just about 123 pounds, the lightweight foosball table construction makes easy to move from one corner to another. Furthermore, it is designed using premium quality of bearings for ultimate comfort and safety of usage. The 5-inches legs of the table are quite sturdy in nature.  Plus, have leg levellers to make it stable even on rough ground. In addition to that, the rubber bottoms indeed make the table significantly more stable and steady for everyday purposes.

Key features:

  • The handles have wood construction and are non-slip in nature for more fun in the game time.
  • Comes with a couple of chrome cup holders which you can install if needed.
  • Rods are 5/8”, rather made of semi-solid stainless steel and are chrome plated for added benefits.

7. Carrom Signature Foosball Table

Carrom Signature Foosball Table

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The fun on a foosball game table is certainly incomparable to any other indoor board game you can play. Although there are many different superb indoor games, foosball has gained the popularity ever since its inception. This table does not fail to live up to its reputation and has been designed in a great fashion. Featuring a cabinet which is made of wild cherry wood, the overall durability and reliability is excellent on it.

On the sides and ends, you get the same quality construction. As a matter of fact, it makes the entire foosball table frame much strong and sturdy for everyday gaming sessions. Next, the playing surface on the table has a thickness of 3/8” for great fun on the go. The surface is resistant to wear and tear and guaranteed to last you the best way. Simultaneously, the scoring bead and wood handle enhance the overall control and handling of the players. Above all, make every single party and gathering all the more fun and enthralling with this table.

Key features:

  • Players have cross-hatch toe design for unmatched control and handling.
  • 2” leg supports for added reliability.
  • Leg levellers indeed make it easy to place on all kinds of surfaces.
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6. KICK Folding Mini Foosball Table Monarch

KICK Folding Mini Foosball Table Monarch

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Make your foosball sessions much more enticing and fun as this foldable foosball table is carried as per convenience. A foldable table not only makes it easier to keep it in your home and store it with ease but also lets you take it along to other places.  Measuring at 48” X 24” X 31”, the size is perfect and a lot of intense gaming is indeed carried out on this table.

However, for every kind of parties and gatherings, this is the best way of enjoying with friends over some drinks.

Key features:

  • Extremely durable construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Elegant looking table rather looks elegant in all kinds of decors.
  • Offers you with an unlimited lifetime warranty.

5. GOPLUS Competition Sized Foosball Tables – Soccer Game Table

GOPLUS Competition Sized Foosball Table - Soccer Game Table

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One of the most promising and reliable brands when it comes to home utility products and furniture alike. And GoPlus ranks high always. Designed and manufactured for coming to advantage, this table has an extraordinary construction and appealing design. It uses high-quality MDF on the frame; as a result, the table is durable and sturdy.

Nevertheless, the rods are made using rust-proof steel and have slide bearings as well. This combination rewards user with very smooth and hassle-free rotation. For the game surface, they have used a friction-less coating which makes the ball slide easy and conveniently. With a total of 26 player heads, a very intense and engaging foosball session. Finally, the table is 54” in measurement, thus giving you ample space of enjoyment. The internal goal and ball collector help you retrieve the ball after each goal.

Key features:

  • Wear and tear resistant compound coated players are extremely shiny looking.
  • The game surface is protected against scratching.
  • Innovative bead style scoring to certainly help you keep track of the scores.

4. Best Combo Game Table Set with Pool, Foosball, Ping Pong, Hockey, Bowling, Chess, and More

Best Combo Game Table Set with Pool, Foosball, Ping Pong, Hockey, Bowling, Chess, and More

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When your table can do much more than just foosball, the fun is unlimited. With this table, you will get the benefit of playing some outstanding foosball and other games as well. The tabletop is interchangeable in nature. Moreover, it allows you to have some fun playing various types of board games, slide hockey, pool, plus many others.

Spending some amazing time with the whole family is never going to be difficult. One gets as many as 10 options of friendly competitions on this. Above all, the 4 strong and sturdy legs of the table rather stay stable during the most thrilling game times.

Key features:

  • Natural wood like exterior perfectly complements various types of interior decors.
  • Legs have non-slip footing for enhanced stability.
  • Stackable surfaces indeed make it easy to store after games.
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3. Lancaster Gaming Company Arcade Foosball Tables

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One of the largest sized foosball tables in the market, this 56” is very ideal for tough multiplayer sessions. The overall design of the table is quite impressive both in terms of looks and reliability. It readily appeals to your guests as there are metal turnbuckle corners on it. In addition to that, the Oakwood style lamination makes everybody want to keep in its basement or game room.

However, the hidden leg levellers keep the table stable on all surfaces and allow you to enjoy brilliant gaming.

Key features:

  • Strong as well as the sturdy metal leg is durable, as a result, offers good service life.
  • Goal frames are made of metal and offer great fun.
  • Player rods have hand grips for better handling.

2. Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Tables

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An excellent table for stable gameplay, the colours of the players are in very appealing red and blue combination. Next, for long relentless gaming, the table comes along with the convenience of 10 standard white balls. Keeping track of the scores for a more competitive game is easy as it has a colour coordinated abacus scorer.

No more issues of mixing up the scores of each other. As a matter of fact, the ball recovery is extremely easy as there is an exit behind each goal. Thereby, certainly making the game times even more interactive.

Key features:

  • Handles are rather made of plastic. Thus ergonomic grip helps in getting a tight hold.
  • Plastic laminated playfield made better with silk screen printed lines.
  • Includes an innovative serving of balls via the filler on each side of the table.

1. Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table

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This foosball table is undoubtedly one of the best options and assures gameplay you will not find anywhere else. It comes packed with great convenience like an abacus scoring unit, high visibility balls, a silicone bottle among other useful things. Furthermore, the table is certified by international foosball foundations to be official in terms of size and design.

Every single game session is going to be extremely stable and smooth. In fact, the table is equipped with a hollow steel rod enhanced with thick chrome plating. Lastly, these rods are heat-treated and offer good strength of handling.

Key features:

  • Have 4 easy to adjust leg levellers for added convenience.
  • The non-slip surface and comfort grip indeed guarantees a firm grip.
  • Extremely reliable and useful 1.63” side walls along with smart ball drop functionality.

Missing something for the games night? Install a foosball table in your game room and make unforgettable memories.

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