Top 10 Best Full Length Floor Mirrors | Hanging Mirrors Reviews In 2020

Want to avoid the hassles of hanging a mirror? Or want to get a full view while getting ready? The floor mirrors are certainly the option that must not go unnoticed. Giving a clear view from head to toe, these mirrors are placed anywhere. You don’t have to drill your walls to hang it. Plus, it enhances the aesthetics of one’s room. Now you can even incline them as per your will.

Having confusion on which one to buy? Check out the recommended products and settle for the one that is unmatched in every way.

Table of the Best Floor Mirrors Reviews

10. NeuType Full-Length Floor Mirror with Standing Holder Bedroom

Floor Mirrors

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NeuType has made this full-length floor mirror with a lot of high-quality materials. Hence, it gives you a high definition reflection of yourself. It is made of primarily 4 layers which include glass, silver copper and paint. These 4 layers come together to give you a distortion-free and high-quality image. As a result, it is more vivid and detailed than most other alternatives in the market.

It is also extremely safe in various situations. A lot of things can rather break glass, oncoming force, vibrations or something else. With other manufacturers, the glass would break into tiny bits and shards and get spilt in every direction. This might lead to serious injuries to you and your loved ones. NeuType has provided you with shatterproof glass that even upon breaking won’t fly off in every direction. Aluminium alloy of high-quality is used for the construction of the frame. Lastly, it’s not just lightweight but also immune to rusting and resistant to corrosion.

Key features:

  • Comes with a floor stand that is easily detached.
  • You can rather lean the mirror against the wall without incurring any damage to either.
  • At the rear side, you get invisible slots that come in handy for hanging the mirror.
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9. ONXO Full Length Large Floor Standing Mirror

ONXO Full Length Large Floor Standing Mirror

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Onxo is providing you with a mirror which is easily summarised in a word, “top-notch”. The floor mirror frame is built from lightweight aluminium which doesn’t rust or corrode easily. It can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and would last you for years to come. You can certainly set it up on the floor via the metal stand. In fact, lean it against the wall or hang it to conserve space.

As a matter of fact, it is large in size and aids in installation in two different ways. Even the installed glass won’t shatter easily as it is shatter-proof.

Key features:

  • You can choose between gold, silver and black frame for blending with your decor.
  • Glass has shatterproof properties and is highly safe.
  • The full construction is indeed rust-proof.

8. Stone & Beam Large Rectangle Wooden Finished Frame Standing Mirror

Stone & Beam Large Rectangle Wooden Finished Frame Standing Mirror

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True to the advertisement, this mirror is one of the brand’s products that have the beauty of an art piece. This mirror has a clean minimalist look which is a major reason for its beauty. Due to the fine geometric lines going all around, it can easily blend with any kind of decor. The frame of this mirror rather has a vintage feel to it due to the old-time wood look. Having an antique baroque style, its classic look is rather appealing.

The mirror also has a perfect size. It is neither too big nor too small which lets you use it anywhere you want to in your home. However, you won’t be disappointed with the image reflection. It uses high-quality glass and an adequately thick, 5mm of the mirror plate.

Key features:

  • It comes with 2 D-ring hangers for hanging the mirror if needed.
  • The glass certainly features an explosion-proof membrane that keeps it safe against sudden breakages.
  • The floor standing mirror has a classic PS frame that complements the look.

7. Kings Brand Furniture Modern Tufted Standing Floor Mirror

Kings Brand Furniture Modern Tufted Standing Floor Mirror

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Your living room or bedroom would look more stunning with this full-sized mirror from Kings Brand Furniture. It has a wooden frame which has vinyl upholstery with crystal accents studded in equal intervals. Other than giving you high definition and vivid image reflection, it has a unique look. Therefore, it raises the posh look of your home.

With a bit of ambient lighting, the frame is further highlighted and you can use it as an art piece. Moreover, the tufted floor mirror certainly has a long rectangular shape that will give a full view.

Key features:

  • You can indeed use this right out of the box, no need for assembly.
  • Highly durable due to superior quality materials.
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6. CrossROBBIN Frame Floor Mirror

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Just a single look and even an amateur would be able to roughly gauge the high-quality of this mirror from CrossROBBIN. Firstly, it has a polished wooden frame which apart from its numerous advantages. Next, it also has a sleek design with very thin bezels. So your mirror looks stunning from the front with a wooden outline going around it.

Since the frame is made from wood, it doesn’t have the problem of rusting. In addition to that, the special coating indeed makes it a waterproof floor mirror. Thus, the frame won’t expand or start rotting away with a few splashes of water or exposure to moisture. Attached to the mirror you also get a stand made from metal to make your mirror stand on the floor.

In conclusion, it is strong enough to take the weight of the inclined mirror. Plus, it has a layer of coating which makes it resistant to rusting.

Key features:

  • Mirror has a 3 layer coating with 5mm of the pure silver lens.
  • You don’t need to go through any extra trouble since hanging hardware is pre-installed at the back.
  • Big mirror with the height reaching around 65-inches.

5. Naomi Home Mosaic Style Mirror Copper

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This mirror from Naomi Home gives you versatile decor options. Unlike other mirrors you aren’t limited to just vertical hanging or floor set-up, but also horizontal hanging. Use its space-saving design for beautifying your home as well as the practicality it offers.

Given that, the frame also has a beautiful mosaic pattern. As a result, it would definitely attract eyeballs and your guests wouldn’t be able to resist from touching it. It indeed has a classic design that makes this a timeless piece.

Key features:

  • Cleaning the mirror is rather hassle-free.
  • Dust won’t get accumulated at the rear side of the mirror due to craft paper covering.
  • This modern mirror gives several options of sizes as well as colours.

4. Hans & Alice 65″x22″ Rectangular Bathroom Full-Length Floor Mirror

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Hans & Alice have used a thick layer of silver for constructing this mirror. It has a thick glass at the front with layers of silver, copper and paints behind it. So you get high-quality reflection which looks brilliant with bright and dim lighting. Distortions don’t occur with this mirror and with this full-size model you get to have a complete look at yourself before going it. No need to bend or sway at one side or different uncomfortable angles for a better view.

It rather implements a protective membrane which prevents the broken glass shards to fly off at random directions. Moreover, the membrane holds the broken glass together so that you aren’t injured and cleanups are way easier. At the back, you get a metal stand in a rectangular arc. Above all, the stand has a foldable hinge. Hence, it allows you to fold or open up the stand for setting up your mirror on the floor.

Key features:

  • D-Rings on the upper rear sides of the mirror for hanging over the wall or door.
  • The stand has a rust-resistant coating. As a result, it extends the longevity of the product.
  • Due to the smooth metal stand surface, you won’t have scratches on your floor.
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3. H&A 65″x24″ Floor Standing Mirror & Hanging Mirror

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With the polystyrene frame, this mirror would give you the least problems regarding maintenance. The solid polystyrene material is highly-resistant to corrosion and completely immune to rusting. You also get a sturdy metal stand for a floor set-up in your walk-in closet or living room. It would brilliant either way due to its classy design.

However, this vertical product will indeed save a lot of space. With a pure silver lens of 5mm, it is rather genuine in every possible way.

Key features:

  • You can certainly lean the mirror on your wall without worrying about damaging the wall
  • Certainly no explosion cause of the sturdy construction.
  • Even if the glass breaks it won’t shatter and injure anyone.

2. H&A Full Length Large Floor Mirror with Rectangle Wooden Frame

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Metal frames are heavy and require high maintenance while plastic frames just push the mirror down the aesthetics ranking. Hence, makes it an overall cheap product. So H&A provides you with a floor mirror that has an authentic wooden frame which has a lot of texture. So when you touch the frame, you have a premium feeling instead of cold metal or cheap plastic. The mirror overhaul has a minimalist approach towards a style which makes it perfect for every kind of decor.

Without changing your interiors you can just add this mirror and accentuate the overall beauty of your home. As a matter of fact, safety is also a high priority for H&A. Most manufacturers won’t provide shatterproof glass for their mirrors to cut costs. But this mirror has a protective membrane which is even explosion proof. Therefore, in case of accidents, the glass shards won’t fire off in random directions to injure anyone in its path.

Key features:

  • Your images would be ultra sharp and devoid of distortions due to the premium 0.2-inch mirror plate.
  • It rather has dual D-Ring hangers that let you easily suspend it from the wall.
  • You can easily tilt the mirror for expanding your viewing angles.

1. Hans&Alice Full Length Standing Mirror

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With most furniture the one annoying thing everyone would like to get rid of is assembly. It takes a lot of time, tools and sometimes even help of a professional. But this sleek looking modern mirror from Hans&Alice comes fully assembled. So you are ready to use it as soon as you unbox the product.

Furthermore, it also boasts high-quality build with wooden frame and thick glass plate. Finally, it has a contemporary design and will always look pretty in any room.

Key features:

  • Wall mounting is hassle-free since brackets are pre-installed.
  • Thin bezel around the mirror makes it more appealing.

Set-up a floor mirror in your bedroom, bathroom or anywhere else. Transform your home and give it an upscale touch.

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