Best Indoor/Outdoor Firewood Racks & Holders with Cover

Having a huge amount of firewood in your home for your fireplace is not a challenge; the tough part is storing the firewood in such a way that it does not get ruined by different damage causing factors like bugs and water. To keep the firewood safe and dry always, getting hold of a firewood holder is a smart decision as these units are designed to store the logs in an organized fashion in such a way that running water or mold growth is restricted to cause any damage. Moreover, each these models of firewood racks are constructed out of premium quality materials that will not get worse with time and keep on serving you forever.

The best indoor wood racks featured below has all the qualities you would need for to keep the wood at its best state no matter the weather or conditions. Some of the models even have covers on top to prevent damage caused by rain or settling of dew so that you can keep the rack in your backyard or wherever you want.

Table of the Best Firewood Racks & Holders Reviews

10. AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Outdoor 4 ft Firewood Rack

Firewood Racks

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Now you will have to face one less challenge of keeping the firewood safe and secure in every scenario. The rack from Amagabeli is a perfect way of keeping firewood organized as it has a huge space of about 4 feet to keep logs. Also, the smart design allows for easier ventilation and better storing as the firewood holder keeps the wood above the ground. It’s rust-resistant and helps you to organize it.

Key features

  • Powder coated with black and heavy-duty tubular stainless steel delivers supreme durability and stability.
  • A very easy to assemble design makes working with it very easy.
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9. Landmann 82433 8 ft Firewood Log Rack

Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack

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The 8-foot log rack is both huge and highly reliable for storing firewood in an amazing way as it has a very high-grade build quality combined with a design that allows for easy storage without causing any hassles in any direction. It is capable of storing as much as 2/3 cord of wood in an above the ground position, thus keeping the wood away from moisture and bugs that can damage it. The 96 X 48 inches design fits well on decks and porch and lets you keep the wood safe always.

Key features

  • Has a strong tubular steel construction that enhances the strength, stability, and durability of the rack.
  • Finished off with weatherproof powder coating to keep rust and corrosion away.

7. The Woodhaven 8 Ft Firewood Rack with Cover

Firewood Rack with Cover

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The smart and innovation in the design of the rack from The Woodhaven are what makes it an amazing choice to keep your firewood in the best possible way. Now you can keep the log of woods in great condition without having to worry about their damage that can occur cause of factors like bugs and running water. The elevated design keeps the wood above the ground while the reliability of the USA-made product is what you can trust for quality. Also, it assures a very easy to assemble design to make working with it more flexible.

Key features

  • Has arc welded end sections for enhanced flexibility
  • Patented cover design to cover the top surface of the stack and adjust according to the height of the stack
  • Safe and environment-friendly baked black powder coated finish

7. Landmann 82443 8 Ft Firewood Rack with Cover

8 Ft Firewood Rack with Cover

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A similar model of the rack from the house of Landmann, this particular model is equally reliable and amazing along with having the benefit of a cover to keep the wood’s top surface safe and secure. Along with capable of holding 2/3 cords of wood as storage, the rack comes with a zipper-less PVC cover that assures total protection against external agents. The 18-gauge tubular steel construction is highly durable and promises to run for long years without any challenges.

Key features

  • Have 4 extra legs for added support.
  • The frame is finished with a powder coating to keep it safe in all weathers.
  • Easy to assemble and organized storing option.
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6. Landmann USA 82424 16 Ft Adjustable Firewood Rack

Landmann USA 82424 Adjustable Firewood Rack

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One of the smartest and innovative designed more models of adjustable firewood storage in the list, the Landmann adjustable rack is what you need to have when you choose to keep different amounts of wood at different times. It is capable of adjusting to a width of 16 feet from and drop down to 2 feet, according to your need. Whenever you need an option of high capacity storage, you can set it up accordingly. Besides, it assures you with a very neat and organized way of stacking up firewood always.

Key features

  • Above the ground-design to keep wood away from bugs and dampness.
  • Tubular steel frame combined with a black powder coated finish for enhances durability and stability.

5. The Woodhaven Outdoor 5 Ft Log Rack with Cover

 The Woodhaven 5 Foot Firewood Log Rack Cover

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Yet another model for rack from the Woodhaven, this has a similar design and build quality which is top-notch but this particular model has a 5-feet width capacity for great storage options of your firewood. Moreover, the entire rack is made of premium grade quality of materials and then finally finished off with baked black powder coating to ensure maximum protection against weather, rusting and corrosion. Also, you get arc welded end sections on this model for added benefits.

Key features

  • Patented cover design keeps the top of the stack covered.
  • The USA manufactured quality.
  • Easy to assemble construction.

4. Panacea 15203 Deluxe 4 Ft Outdoor Log Rack

 Panacea 15203 Deluxe Outdoor Log Rack

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Why would you want to compromise with the method of storing your firewood when this amazing homemade firewood rack from Panacea can do it for you in the best possible way. The raised rack design will keep your firewood safe always from dampness, mold growth, and bugs while the compact size of the rack can store a lot of wood without taking up huge space on your porch. Furthermore, with this model, you get the reliability of heavy-duty steel tubular construction that ensures stability and durability in the best way.

Key features

  • Extremely quick and hassle-free assembly.
  • Powder coated finish promises to keep the rack new and outstanding for numerous years.

3. Y-Furniture Indoor/Outdoor Firewood Log Rack

Firewood log rack for home fire place decoration

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If you are searching for a waterproof rack that looks extremely modern and happening along with superior quality and construction, this Y furniture design model will make sure to turn some heads when you keep it by your fireplace for the firewood storing indoor or outdoor. It is a complete package of rustic design combined with modern looks and premium construction, to keep the firewood organized and protected.

Key features

  • Heavy duty construction of 11-gauge steel.
  • Powder coating resists any damage from heat, UV, rust, and weather.
  • Can be kept both indoors and outdoors.

2. Amagabeli Garden & Home Indoor Fireplace Log Storage

Indoor Fireplace Log Storage

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A unique vertically designed metal firewood rack from Amagabeli is what you need to have when you want to stack up wood in your home by your fireplace. It is a space-saving design but capable of holding a large amount of firewood without causing any damage to them. The rack is also provided with a 2-inch raised base to allow for proper ventilation while a couple of arch bars add beauty to the unit.

Key features

  • Ergonomic design with hooks to hang essentials like tongs, broom, and shovel
  • Steel square tubing construction assures you with durability and stability
  • Powder coated finish keeps way risks of rusting and corrosion in an amazing way

1. ShelterLogic 4 Ft Heavy Duty Firewood Rack with Cover

ShelterLogic Heavy Duty Firewood Rack with Cover

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At the number one position of the list comes the heavy duty firewood rack from ShelterLogic that combines supreme construction along with great design and build quality to keep your share of the wood safe and in good condition always. It is an all steel frame construction finished off with a black powder coating that makes it amazing in terms of reliability and durability. Capable of storing 1/5 cord of wood, the huge size of the rack is what you can rely on when you need to stack a lot.

Key features

  • Comes with a two-way adjustable polyester cover to cover the top of the stack.
  • Raised base keeps the stack away from bugs, the growth of mold and water.
  • Cover fits even the split woods.

To keep the woods dry and safe from the pests, the metal firewood racks and log holders or storages promise to keep it protected from any unwanted damages.

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