Top 10 Best Wireless Fireplace Remote Controls Reviews In 2020

During cold winter days, all one needs is a cup of cappuccino and a warm place to relax. But getting up from the couch to turn the fireplace on or off seems to be a really tough job during chilly winter days. However, there is nothing to worry about as fireplace remote controls are being introduced to the crowd for switching the fireplace on or off without having to move the body. These remote controls are compatible with almost any fireplace thus making it easier for you to operate. It includes multiple other functions such as setting the temperature as per preferences, functions even from a very long distance and it even automatically shuts off without the need of putting some effort from you. But the major issue lies to find a remote that will work well with your fireplace.

To give you a detailed insight about the remotes and to aid you in finding the perfect match for the fireplace unit, we have curated an article that lists the best wireless fireplace remote controls available in the market.

Table of the Fireplace Remote Controls Reviews

10. Skytech 1001-A remote control

Fireplace Remote Controls

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A fireplace remote control installation that is appropriate for switching off or turning on your gas log set, you can now spend some relaxing times by operating the fireplace from your couch. It has the benefit of snapping the plate on the wall and with 18 wire connectors; the installation process becomes hassle-free. Further, you get to access more than one remote at the receiver can remember two more Skytech transmitter. Also, it works fine with both vented as well as vent-free log sets.

Key features

  • Functions with the help of batteries.
  • Weighs only 11.2 ounces.
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9. Skytech Wireless Remote for Fireplace Blower Fans

Wireless Remote for Fireplace Blower Fans

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This remote is an outstanding choice when you need to switch on or off the fireplace blower. The most exclusive feature of it is the potential to function even if it is 80 ft away. Thus, provides you with much more user-convenience. Further, it can function through floors, walls and so many more to name. Just by pressing the on and off button, one can have full control over the fireplace.

Key features

  • Made for both new blowers as well as retrofit installations.
  • Easy to install.
  • Operated by batteries.

8. Robertshaw 55644 Universal Fireplace Remote Thermostat Kit

Robertshaw 55644 Universal Fireplace Remote Thermostat Kit

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Robertshaw universal fireplace remote control kits are designed in a way that it can be used manually and also functions automatically. It operates excellently with Millivolt and also with certain gas valves of 24 Volt. Apart from having a backlit display, it exhibits the temperature of the room in Fahrenheit as well as Centigrade thus adding to the enhanced user experience.  You can also set your preferred temperature and it will turn off or on automatically without putting any manual effort.

Key features

  • It is child-proof.
  • Has a low-battery indicator.
  • Equipped with a clock as well as a timer.

7. Skytech SKY-3301PF Fireplace and Fan Remote Control

Skytech 9800330 SKY-3301PF Fireplace and Fan Remote Control

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With 110V AC receiver and 1,048,576 security codes, this transmitter works on battery and control the fireplace totally. The remote has as many as 9 buttons for moving up or down, selecting programmes, setting the timer, choosing modes etc. Moreover, it has a flip cover that has a velvet touch. It comes with a wall holder and the LCD shows room temperature, sets it, displays a flame icon and also indicates on low battery. One also has the convenience of swinging temperature.

Key features

  • The thermostat setting can be programmed.
  • Has a 24-hour clock.
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6. Skytech SKY-3002 Fireplace Remote Control with Timer/Thermostat

Fireplace Remote Control with Timer/Thermostat

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Another product from Skytech that features complete control over gas fireplace with the help of wireless thermostatic as well as timer control, it starts functioning with a push of the button. Firstly, it has an LCD display which has an easy-to-understand interface and the directional arrow buttons enable wireless communication with the receiver. Most importantly, the Thermostat feature helps the fireplace functions whenever it notices a temperature swing. Lastly, it has a timer function that assures to maintain the preferred temperature.

Key features

  • The receiver has learn-function.
  • Wall-plate can be snapped on.
  • Have 18-inches with connectors.

5. Durablow TR1003 Gas Fire Fireplace

Durablow TR1003 Gas Fire Fireplace On/Off Remote Control Kit with Thermostat

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Obtain a wireless remote control that is powered by a battery and has an LCD screen, operates your fireplace without any hassle. It has a temperature range of 45-degrees F to 90-degrees, so you can choose the temperature every time. The Thermostat feature aids in automatically turning it on or off whenever the temperature changes. Also, the plate is designed in a way that it will snap on in the wall and the Learn function of the receiver makes the job pretty easy.

Key features

  • The Timer has the option of a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 9 hours.
  • Functions at a distance of 20-foot and obtain 360-degrees RF signals that are non-directional.
  • Warranty of 2 years.

4. Skytech 9800336 SKY-CON Fireplace Remote Control

Skytech 9800336 SKY-CON Fireplace Remote Control for Latching Solenoid Gas Valves

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The fireplace remote control Skytech clearly dominates the market cause of its extraordinary facilities. Besides being a battery-powered device, it has as many as 65,536 security codes. It especially has on and off control for the Latching Solenoid Gas Valve systems and the receiver box that is installed with Learn function is also operated by battery. Keep the receiver under your fireplace or hearth; it will give excellent results always.

Key features

  • The on and off is a slide switch.
  • Has Thermostatic control.

3. Skytech Smart Stat II/III Fireplace Remote Control

Skytech Smart Stat II/III Fireplace Remote Control for Heat-N-Glo

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This is an original piece that comes without generic, this can be used manually as well as thermostatically. Can function within a range of 20’ by using radio frequencies, it also uses non-directional signals. There are almost 1,048,567 security codes which can successfully be programmed in this transmitter. It has 4-buttons for controlling, a countdown timer of 9-hours and also a flame icon.

Key features

  • Has an LCD display.
  • Safe and reliable device.
  • Indicator for hinting when the battery goes low.

2. Skytech 5001 Fireplace Remote Control System

Skytech 5001 Fireplace Remote Control System with Backlit LCD Touch Screen On/Off

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Skytech took the game up by manufacturing a remote control that features a touchscreen for giving you a modern experience. It functions manually and has 2 buttons that are used for switching it on and turning it off. Plus, you can keep the receiver at any convenient location like the floor, wall etc. The receiver box comes with the Learn function, runs on the battery and has a slide switch that facilitates every user. And the 20-foot range makes the handheld device a good choice.

Key features

  • Has a backlit LCD screen.
  • Room temperature is shown on screen.
  • Comes with battery indicator.

1. Hearth Products Controls Acumen On/Off Fireplace Remote Control

Hearth Products Controls Acumen On/Off Fireplace Remote Control

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The top fireplace remote control in the list is a winner in its own terms. Perfect for a gas fireplace, it shows current temperatures of the room on clear LCD. The receiver is designed to operate with millivolt gas valves and so, it functions flawlessly as a dry contact switch. The transmitter needs 1.5V AAA batteries to get this remote working and the receiver works on 4 AA batteries. Plus, it also consists of two-lead wires.

Key features

  • Has two buttons for on and off.
  • Easy to install the receiver.

Get cozy in your room for a good night sleep or some rest by turning on the fireplace with fireplace remote controls for sale.


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