Top 10 Best Fire Escape Ladders Reviews In 2019

No one has any control over accidents or natural calamities and these unprecedented events can destroy one’s life completely. Fire breakout is one such incident that leaves us terrified especially when you are home. Thus, fire escape ladders are invented to give one immediate access to escaping from troublesome situations. These ladders are crafted in such a way that it has supreme strength and continue to last for a long time. It must be designed to bear heavy weights and should also offer stability. Moreover, with the quick-release feature, everyone can come out of the worst situation easily.

As the concern is about obtaining safety, you must engage in immense research before getting the ultimate product to the cart. But this busy life stops us from getting some personal time. Thus, we have written down the best fire escape ladders that can aid you whenever needed.

Table of the Best Fire Escape Ladders Reviews

10. Kidde 468094 25-Feet Fire Escape Ladder – 3 Stories

Fire Escape Ladders

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This window fire escape ladder for 3 stories is your best friend during emergency needs. It has metal rungs for providing sturdiness and the rails are made of red nylon straps. One has no reason to question its durability and strength as it has been extensively tested to a weight of 1000 lbs. Further, you do not need to spend much time in untangling the ladder as it is tangle-free and thus, one can deploy in no time. And it can be attached to any common type of windows without any struggle.

Key features

  • Have anti-slip rungs.
  • Assembly is not required.
  • Warranty of 2-years.
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9. First Alert EL52-2 Steel Anti-Slip Fire Escape Ladder -2 Stories

First Alert EL52-2 Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

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An escape ladder that is already assembled for you to use, the two-story ladder will aid you in getting out of emergency situations quickly. Made of strong steel that adds to longevity, the ladder can withstand a weight of 1,125 lbs. For obtaining supreme strength it has DuPont Cordura nylon straps. You can also fold it for easy storage and the whole thing weighs only 12 pounds.

Key features

  • Is 14-foot long.
  • Offers a stable climb.
  • ASTM standards approved.

8. Easy Escape 2-Story Portable Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

Easy Escape 2 Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

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The durable ladder from Easy Escape does not require assembly and will be of ultimate use as one just needs to follow three easy steps for using it. Apart from being tested against 1000 lbs, the 13 ft length of the ladder makes it appropriate for a 2-story building. You can install this ladder on your windows and it is extremely light in weight so, carrying it around will be easy.

Key features

  • Assures durability and is strong.
  • Include a canvas bag of bright red colour that facilitates in carrying it around.
  • Guarantees to give the money back on dissatisfaction.

7. X-IT 2 Story 13″ Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

X-IT 2 Story 13" Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

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The most extraordinary thing about this emergency fire escape ladder is that one can make multiple uses of it during bad situations. It can be truly called to be the safest, sturdiest, quickest and even the smallest ladder that is available in this wide market. Also, Fox News has recommended the ladder and it has been tested against 1000 pounds. Furthermore, it can be attached to any style of window or all sizes.

Key features

  • Have won numerous awards for its design and safety.
  • Light in weight.
  • Certified by ASTM and UL.
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6. Hausse Retractable 13-Feet 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder

Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder

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This retractable ladder is designed for easy use as one does not need any tool to assemble it. For securing the ladder firmly to the window sills or frame, it comes with hooks that prevent the ladder from slipping off. Moreover, the slip-proof rungs along with a steady foothold allow an individual to climb down without causing any harm. Plus, the 13 ft ladders can stretch till a second-story building.

Key features

  • Fast and safe escape.
  • Tested and can tolerate weights up to 1000 lbs.
  • The red canvas bag allows it to carry around and storage.
  • Suitable for one-time usage.

5. Always Prepared 2-Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder for Window

Premium Emergency Fire Escape Ladder Two-Story (13-Foot Long) For WINDOWS

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With a weight of only 8.4 pounds and deploying time of just a few seconds, the escape ladder can be used both by an adult and older kids independently.  The hooks are used to assure firm grip and the stable design aids in obtaining improved stability while you are using the ladder. And it can support a weight of 1000 pounds as the 13 ft ladder is built for emergency situations.

Key features

  • Can fit almost any window frame
  • Will not slip and fall
  • The load is distributed throughout evenly in two and more rungs.

4. Kidde 468094 3-Story Ladder for Fire Escape with Anti-Slip Rungs

Kidde 468094 3-Story Fire Escape Ladder

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A ladder that features a tangle-free design, you can attach it easily to your room’s window as it is designed for fitting all the window types. You do not need to spend your precious time in assembling the ladder as it is ready to be used whenever and wherever you want. Further, the tough ladder is tested and can successfully tolerate the weight of 1000 lbs.

Key features

  • Can be deployed easily.
  • It is three-story and 25 ft long.
  • Have anti-slip rungs.
  • Warranty of 5 years.
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3. Family First Co. 2-Story Window Emergency Escape Ladder

Emergency Escape Ladder by Family First

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A safe solution that can help you to escape the house during urgent situations, it only takes three steps to make this ladder fully functional. The small ladder is tested and successfully tolerated up to 1000 lbs. Plus, the 13 ft long ladder can easily cover the height of 2 story buildings. To help you in storing the ladder, it comes with an orange canvas bag.

Key features

  • Tough but light in weight.
  • Have a lifetime warranty.

2. First Alert EL53W-2 Window Fire Escape Ladder – 3 Stories

Window Fire Escape Ladder

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One needs to have the best products when the matter comes down to safety. And the ladder from First Alert is certainly an amazing safety solution. To provide it with a solid build, the ladder is constructed of a combination of nylon and steel. Thus, it can support weights of 375 pounds every single time. The extra-wide hooks provide added support and it is approved by ASTM. Also, the slip-proof rungs are just what you to need for increasing the safety factor.

Key features

  • A pre-assembled 24 ft ladder.
  • Have steel stabilizers for attaining steadiness.
  • It weighs 12.8 pounds.

1. Kidde 25-Feet 3 Story Escape Ladder

3 Story Escape Ladder

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A recommendable piece always deserves to be at the number one position and so this Kidde ladder is listed. Being a simple escape ladder that needs no efforts for assembling and installing it, you can climb up or down with stability cause of the anti-slip rungs. It is undoubtedly a suitable option for emergencies and you can use this with confidence.

Key features

  • It will not tangle.
  • The length of the ladder is 25 ft.

For staying safe from natural or unnatural hazards, these fire escape ladders for the home can help you in every possible way.

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