Best Face Cleansing Brushes | Facial Massager Brushes In 2021

Our skin, especially our face demands for better care and treatment as that happens to be the first thing someone notices about you. It is very important that you treat your face with the right types of things be it the face wash, cleanser, cream or even a face massager brush. The face cleansing brushes are used to deep clean the clogged pores that can lead to various other problems like the formation of acne and blackheads.

With the use of a face cleaning brush daily, you will be able to tackle many skin problems even when you are subjected to an immense amount of pollution or dirt. The brushes have been constructed out of good quality materials and bring along a fine design to keep it safe against damages due to water or bad handling. If you have decided to keep it at your disposal for cleaning of your face and skin, going through the list below will help you zero down on a specific one. Thus, here you will get the best face cleaning brush reviews for your everyday usage.

Table of the Best Face Cleansing Brushes Reviews

10. LAVO Giro Facial Cleansing Brush with Brush Heads & Stand

Face Cleansing Brushes

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Lavo has been there in the market for cleaning brushes for a long time and with time they got better with their range of brushes. This brush is the 3rd generation model that comes with enhanced build quality and components to keep it working for long without any troubles. Also, in the newer model, an upgraded motor is there that delivers more powerful torque for a smoother experience altogether and you can 6x faster than usual.

Key features

  • IPX6 waterproof rating keeps it safe even when used in the shower or rinsed in the sink.
  • Dual speed motor works at 210rpm and 420 rpm.
  • 05mm soft PBT brush fibres are safe and effective.
  • 360-degree rotation.

9. Clarisonic Mia 2 – 2-Speed Sonic Cleansing Face Brush

Clarisonic Mia 2, 2 Speed Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush

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Give your face the proper care it deserves with this soft and effective facial brush from Clarisonic that is designed to carefully remove blackheads, dirt, dead cells and other pollutants from your face without causing any damage. It uses Clarisonic’s patented Oscillation technology which is a to and fro movement to create a vacuum to remove the dirt, thus no harsh treatment on your skin. Further, the total device has been cleared by dermatologists to ensure no damage to your skin.

Key features

  • 100% waterproof built, no risks of ruining the device when used in the shower.
  • Uniquely designed brush heads to tackle various kinds of skin problems.
  • Dual speed working motor for enhanced flexibility.

8. Essential Skin Solutions Face Exfoliation & Cleansing System

Face Brush - Exfoliation & Cleansing System – Microdermabrasion Facial Brush

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If you are looking for a gentle cleaning brush for a skin solution that has the ability of deep cleaning your face, the Essential Skin Solution’s brush is one of the most efficient as it reduces the size of the pores by deep cleaning method and even eliminates acne. Also, the advanced design comes with to exfoliating brushes so that whatever your skin type is, there is something to serve your needs. The waterproof scrubber assures risk-free working even in the shower.

Key features

  • Single hand usage for added comfort.
  • Cordless design for a clutter-free experience.
  • Comes with a pumice stone callus for smoothening of heels and rough patches.
  • Facilitates microdermabrasion facilitates.

7. Pixnor Waterproof Face Cleansing Brush for Removing Blackhead

Facial Cleansing Brush, PIXNOR Waterproof Face Brush

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The Pixnor cleansing brush for dry skin or oily skin will give you a spa-like face cleaning experience at the comfort and convenience of your home. As the brush is well suited for various different kinds of skin types, the seven different brush heads can perform in multiple ways ranging from gentle cleaning to deep cleaning. As the device is IPX6 waterproof, if you are the one who takes care of the face while standing under the shower, this model will save you any risks of damage to the device.

Key features

  • Two different speed settings for flexibility of working.
  • Efficiently designed brushes even reach the hard to clean areas on your face.

6. Olay ProX White Advanced Cleansing System with Facial Brush

Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System with Facial Brush

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Olay has earned a name for themselves for producing really effective and reliable beauty products around the world. The cleaning brush known as the Olay Prox is equally trustworthy as it is designed with care and precision. It will help you to obtain glowing skin and even elevate the texture of your skin. Besides, it is water-resistant, thus you can use it in the shower without any worries. Use it for treating your skin or removal of makeup, the device will always impress you with the results.

Key features

  • 2 modes of rotating speed for deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation.
  • Package includes Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser.
  • Designed by dermatologists for risk-free operation.

5. Etereauty Waterproof Face Brush for Exfoliation & Deep Scrubbing

Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush

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You do not need to worry about the type of your skin if you plan on using the Etereauty facial brush every day for treatment at your home. As this includes nylon bristle brush, silicone brittle brush, pumice stone, and even an exfoliating brush, you get all the services of face cleaning from one single device. For youthful and healthier skin, you can totally rely on this set of face cleaning brush. The powerful rotary motor meets your needs in the most efficient way.

Key features

  • The IPX7 waterproof model keeps it safe even when used in the shower.
  • Two-speed rotating brush for versatile usage.
  • Works with 2 AA batteries.

4. Clarisonic Alpha FIT Sonic Cleansing Brush for Men’s Face

Clarisonic Alpha FIT Men's Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System

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Designed exclusively for men, the Alpha cleaning brush will reward your bearded or shaved face with a feel of rejoicing and exfoliation owing to the smart technology it uses to clean the face. For everyone’s comfort, the Alpha cleaning brush uses two different types of modes for cleaning, it can work by the patented oscillation technology of Clarisonic and can even use water for deep cleansing, know as Fluid forces method. Get rid of oil, sweat, and dirt in the most efficient fashion without causing any damage to the skin.

Key features

  • Allows 6X better cleaning.
  • One full charge works for 28 minutes non-stop.
  • 100% waterproof for trouble-free usage.
  • Have as many as 300 micro-massage movements.

3. Tec.Bean Electric Vibrating Sonic Facial & Body Cleansing Brush

Electric Vibrating Sonic Facial and Body Cleansing Brush Face Brush

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With the reliability IPX7 waterproofing to the device, you can be sure to have a hassle-free working in the shower as well. It is an ultrasonic rechargeable cleaning brush that has been enhanced by the use of active technology. This works by vibration technology where both the inner circle and the outer circle can be vibrated for about 220 million times per second, thereby deep cleaning of pores and removal of dirt amazingly well. Also, it has 4 different sets of brushes for cleaning of both the face and body in a very efficient way.

Key features

  • Comes with inductive charge and convenience of wireless functionality.
  • 4 different speeds of working for versatile purposes.

2. Michael Todd Soniclear Antimicrobial Facial Brush System

Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Antimicrobial Facial Cleansing Brush System

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The Michael Todd face brush model is one of the most premium quality set of cleaning brush you can lay your hand on. It works by sonic power and even has added protection against microbial contamination. The C boost collagen technology works by stimulating massage technology for eliminating fine lines and give a firmer skin texture. Use it for the cleansing of the skin or removal of makeup in the best way possible.

Key features

  • The device is totally waterproof.
  • Have non-slip hand grips for comfortable using.
  • 6 different sonic speeds for various needs.

1. Michael Todd Petite Sonic Powered Facial Cleaning Brush

Michael Todd Soniclear Petite Antimicrobial Facial Cleansing Brush System

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At the number one spot, the Petitecleaning brush for the face of Michael Todd is certainly one of the best in the business owing to the top-notch features it comes with. From having a very user-friendly cordless design to elevating user experience with USB charging, this cleaning brush will always provide you with a refreshed and rejuvenated skin every single time. Along with other features, this comes with an automatic timer built in for convenient operation.

Key features

  • 3 sonic speed settings to serve you in a great way.
  • Has waterproof construction for safe and trouble-free using in the shower.
  • Comes with carrying case for easy storage and portability.

If you want to acquire electric cleaning face brush benefits, then pick any of these brushes and start realizing the differences.

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