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With a reliable engine hoist, you can have better convenience during heavy-duty jobs. It is an incredible tool that has massive lifting power. An engine hoist lets you use it conveniently and you can have hassle-free storage. It comes in different designs so that you can get the one according to your needs. With it, you don’t have to worry about putting any effort and it is suitable for different applications. Check out the following list of the Best engine hoists to pick from.

Table of the Best Engine Hoists for Sale Reviews

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10. MaxxHaul 70238 Receiver Hitch Mounted Crane – 1000 lbs

Engine Hoists

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This engine hoist comes with an ergonomic design. The complication-free design also improves your functionality during operation. Moreover, the solid structure easily lifts from 500, 750 to 1000-pounds. This truck crane utilizes hydraulic pressure to lift the weight. The hitch mount crane has a lifting range of 30 to 84-inch. You can simply carry this truck crane on the cargo of your trucks.

This hitch-mounted crane never needs a drilling machine or permanent installation. Furthermore, the crane rotates at a 360-degree angle. This model perfectly moves hefty barrels, generators, and pressure washers. Hence, you can instantly clear the truck beds. The knockdown design makes storage trouble-free for individuals. You can also flexibly adjust the legs to match the receiver heights.


  • Advanced adaptable design for comfort.
  • Enhanced resistant features with improved load capacity.
  • Multi-functional design for satisfaction.

9. Dragway Tools 2 Ton Air Hydraulic Engine Hoists – Cherry Picker Shop Crane Hoist Lift

Dragway Tools 2 Ton Air Hydraulic Engine Hoists

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This engine hoist comes with an extended boom capacity of 1000-lbs. This model comes along with six pieces of smooth-rolling wheels. Moreover, you can use this model with a hand pump. You can use the air power by using a push of a button. The foldaway frame design has a maximum closed boom capacity of 4000-lbs.

This engine lifter also has a lifting range of 48 to 102-inch. Furthermore, this crane hoist folds down without any complication. Hence, the storing of this crane is trouble-free. You can carry this 2-ton hydraulic lifter on the truck bed space. The steel caster wheels let you move this crane in all directions.


  • Highly compatible construction for performance.
  • Advanced functional design for satisfaction.
  • Sturdy rust-proof construction for a long-lasting experience.

8. Strongway 2 Ton Engine Hoist with Load Leveler

Strongway 2 Ton Engine Hoists with Load Leveler

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The smooth-rolling caster wheels of this engine hoist offer convenient movement. You can also move this model in various directions. Moreover, the components of this stand have high-grade steel material. Hence, this load lever offers additional durability and sturdiness. The treated piston-ram does not easily skive. The painted finish offers resistance against dirt, oil, and greases.

The lead-free paint also prevents untimely rusting and corrosion. Furthermore, the hydraulic lifting process does not involve any tiring physical effort. The large diameter of this hydraulic steel cylinder requires minimal oil pressure. Therefore, this model is highly fuel-efficient. You can easily clean the dirt off from the surface of the lifter.


  • Easy swivel design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Highly resistant design for a long-lasting experience.
  • Sturdy construction for improved load capacity.

7. Vestil EHN-60-T 6000 lb Engine Hoist Telescopic Legs

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This engine hoist comes along with easy-gliding telescopic legs. Therefore, you never have to put excessive effort while moving this crane. The frame of this crane effectively withstands up to 6000-pounds of weight. Moreover, the retracting boom comes with four settings. Hence, you can also adjust the heights and capacities accordingly. The folding mechanism makes this engine lifter exceptional travel-friendly.

This multifunctional lifting mechanism also lifts various lifting applications. Furthermore, you will only need a manual hydraulic pump. Therefore, the hydraulic mechanism makes lifting mechanism hassle-free for everyone. The large diameter ram easily withstands angle loads while lifting. This crane has the construction of reinforced steel material. Therefore, the painted finish offers resistance against rust and corrosion.


  • Weight-friendly design for satisfaction.
  • Dynamic rust-free coating for durability.
  • Easy transferable design and effortlessly maintainable.

6. JEGS Performance Swivel Lift Crane Mounts to Pick-Up Truck Bed

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The engine hoist has a 360-degree rotating arm. Hence, this machine also lifts hefty applications from any direction. Moreover, the lift crane comes with a lifting range of neutral to 77-inch. This lifting mechanism comfortably lifts up to 1000-lbs of weight. The painted metal surface easily resists oxidation. The swivel-lifting crane has a flexible booming range.

Therefore, you can adjust the booming range from 34.5 to 50.5-inch. Furthermore, the portable model easily fits the tight space of your truck bed. The durable steel construction never wobbles or tips while lifting automotive parts. You will get eight pieces of ¾-inch bolts. Therefore, this swivel lift crane offers hassle-free mounting.


  • Advanced adaptable design for comfort.
  • Easy transferable and maintainable design for satisfaction.
  • Sturdily designed caster for improved load ability.

5. Dragway Tools 3 Ton Engine Hoist Cherry Picker Shop Crane

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The engine hoist consists of smooth-gliding multi-directional caster wheels. Hence, you can move this crane in any direction. Moreover, the 145-inch thick steel frame makes this machine exceptionally hardwearing. This swivel crane comes with a wide lifting range. At the 90-inch height, this model also holds up to 6000-lbs of weight. The metal bolt joints make this machine ultra-durable.

The system also includes 4-inch swivel rear wheels. Furthermore, you can direct this model in any direction. You can use this lifter for moving machinery, shop equipment, and more. The boom has an extended working reach of 87-inch from the floor. This engine lifter comes along with a 12-inch forged steel chain.


  • Easy detachable construction for mobility and storage.
  • Advanced modifiable features for performance.
  • Improved sturdy roller for added load ability.

4. OEMTOOLS 2 Ton Folding Shop Crane for Car, Truck

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This 2-ton engine hoist comes along with an adjustable four-position boom. This model also consists of a detachable lever. Therefore, you can have a flexible operation for storage. Moreover, the long lever of this engine lifter simply offers additional leverage. Hence, this model provides a smoother lifting process. The reinforced metal locking pins give you the most secured adjustment.

The metal wheels of this model also rotate at a 360-degree angle. Therefore, you can move this machine in every possible direction. Furthermore, the single-action hydraulic ram effectively withstands a huge amount of weight. The 42-inch wide stance of this lifter offers exceptional stability. Therefore, you can move and operate the lifting process precisely.


  • Universal use construction for comfort.
  • Ultra weight design for maneuverability.
  • Improved resistant properties for performance.

3. Vestil EHN-20-C Heavy Duty Steel Shop Crane Engine Hoist with Folding Legs

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This engine hoist consists of a large diameter ram. Therefore, you can lift hefty gear from any direction. Moreover, the caster wheels increase the maneuverability of this machine. The telescopic boom lets you adjust the positions up to four different levels. This heavy-duty steel material construction does not crack or break. Hence, you can simply lift or move a wide variety of applications.

The large diameter ram is also perfect for lifting angled loads. Furthermore, the high-capacity telescopic boom lifts gear at various heights. You can use a manual hydraulic hand pump. Therefore, you can raise or lower the boom without any hassle. The hydraulic cylinder makes the lifting process faster and steadier.


  • Effortlessly maneuverable design for satisfaction.
  • User-friendly design for comfort.
  • Advanced functional design for performance.

2. Sunex International 5218 1.5 Ton Foldable Engine Hoist

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This engine hoist has a maximum capacity of lifting 1.5-tons of gear. The powder-coated finish on reinforced steel construction also offers resistance against corrosion. Therefore, the engine lifter controls the lifting process with precision. Moreover, the model comes with a telescopic boom arm. Therefore, this machine offers a smooth hydraulic lifting process. The appliance supports easy chain and swivel hook installation.

Therefore, this mounting process also offers flexible engine positioning. The adjustable boom lowers and raises and transports automotive or shop loads easily. Furthermore, you can fold down the boom and legs accordingly. Hence, this model offers trouble-free transportability. The caster wheels move friction-freely on various surfaces.


  • Multi-functional design for satisfaction.
  • Modifiable design for comfort.
  • Advanced rust-free coating for a long-lasting experience.

1. Stark 1/2 Ton Pickup Truck Extra Lift Hoist Load Crane Telescopic 1100lbs Extension

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This truck crane comes along with a 360-degree rotatable base. Therefore, you can pick up automotive parts from every side. Moreover, you can use this model for your trailer and truck beds. The boom extensions let you adjust the arm length up to four positions. The engine hoist has a wide range of lifting capacities. Hence, this model has a maximum loading capacity of 1100-lbs.

The heavy-duty steel construction also stands for exceptional durability. The painted finish makes this construction exceptionally resistant against rust and corrosion. Furthermore, the hefty construction simply lifts watercraft, lift engines, and other parts. You can adjust the boom length from 33 to 53.5-inch.


  • Versatile usage construction for performance.
  • Advanced sturdy rollers for improved weight capability.
  • Easy adaptable and swivel design for a comfortable experience.


The lift capacity is the main factor that you will have to see while buying an engine hoist. To make sure there will be easy storage, you can see if it comes in a folding design. Go for the one that offers you a better advantage. There are different types of engine hoists and you need to get the one that meets your requirements. Some can come with built-in casters so that there will be easy mobility. Look at the overall build and see if it offers value for money.

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