Top 10 Best Electrician Tool Bags and Storage Reviews In 2020

An electrician knows the pain of carrying too many tools or equipment in an unorganized way. During the time of emergency, they might struggle to get hold of the correct tool if it’s messy. Thus, theelectrician tool bags are ultimately made for rescuing the electricians from unwanted hassles. Assuring its quality and performance, the tool bag will keep the tools in place and will protect from external damage. Plus, some are even equipped with lights.

So to clear the air of confusion, we help you to search the best products. After going through intensive research, we bring to you the top electrician tool bags that are worth buying.

Table of the Best Electrician Tool Bags Reviews

10. Klein Tool Bag with Shoulder Strap for Tool Storage

Electrician Tool Bags

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Nothing makes life and working around the house easier other than inventions like Klein Tools 10-inch tote. This tool bag holder comes with its various uses that give you the push you need to finally leave your couch and fix things around the house. Plus, this bag comes with forty different pockets with a large zipper pocket for small parts.

It has a shoulder strap that comes with extra padding to make it as comfortable as possible for you. Also, the colours used for the bag stands in contrast to the tools that would be stored. This is to make sure you find your items quickly without any hassles.

Key Features:

  • Moulded interiors are to make sure there is no harm done by the tools and it makes it very durable.
  • 1680D ballistic weave to ensure it lasts for a long time.
  • The electric tool pouch bag also features a moulded base as well as an orange interior.
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9. Custom Leathercraft Custom Leather Multi-Compartment Tool Bag

 Custom Leathercraft Custom Leather Multi-Compartment Tool Bag

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Custom Leathercraft Multi-Compartment Tool Bag is a proud example of an excellent product. The tool bag comes with fifty different pockets that give you more space to fit in your elements. In fact, this is an ideal choice for tradesmen and people involved in plumbing, carpentry and other maintenance fields.

Furthermore, the bag comes with a carabiner and a tape measure clip that is situated on the outside of the bag. Even the pockets in the bag are vertical. As a matter of fact, this gives easier access to tools and keeps them in full view. So, now you do not have to spend a lot of time looking for your items.

Key Features:

  • The electrician tool bag organizer has seven exterior pockets are to make life easier for you. You can store the items you readily need in these pockets so that you can just reach out for them.
  • A heavy-duty poly fabric body as well as poly ballistic trim and binding for durability.
  • The side panels are zippered as well as slip-resistant.

8. Klein Tools Backpack Electrician Tool Bag & Camo Tradesman Organizer

Klein Tools Backpack Electrician Tool Bag & Camo Tradesman Organizer

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Tired of the age-old tool bags that hang heavily from a shoulder? Worry no more. The Camo Tradesman Pro Organizer is the answer to all your prayers. The bag comes in the form of a vertical backpack that provides comfort as well as style. Also, shape gives you more room to store tools while sharing its weight on both shoulders. To your surprise, it comes with thirty-nine pockets for storing these required items.

Furthermore, having a weave of 1680d ballistic, the camouflage electrician tool bag has a Realtree AP-Xtra pattern. Undoubtedly, it is a unique piece.

Key Features:

  • Indeed has a hard moulded front pocket to store safety glasses.
  • It is fully padded and moulded at the bottom for protection and durability of the bag. None of your tools can destroy the bag.
  • The orange interior certainly increases the visibility factor making it easier to look for tools.

7. DEWALT DGL573 Lighted Backpack Tool Bag for Technicians

DEWALT DGL573 Lighted Backpack Tool Bag for Technicians

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We all understand the trouble of working and the difficulty we face when there is not much access to light. DEWALT tool bag is a miraculous invention that not only provides you with an easy to use tool bag; it also comes with an adjustable LED light that solves all darkroom problems. Also, the bag comes with forty-one pockets. And twenty-eight of which are on the inside plus thirteen of them are outside.

Further, the LED light has three different levels of light output. This can be directed towards your work or into the backpack and has an output of 39 lumens at a maximum. Lastly, the padded feet aids in keeping it safe against tear or abrasion.

Key Features:

  • The lighted electrician tool bag is generously padded for rendering a premium level of comfort.
  • The bag has enough room to fit in a multitude of tools which include; drills, extensions cords, pliers, screwdrivers, wrench sets, drill bits, testers and much more.
  • Its vertical pockets make it easier to reach out for the tools in the bag too.
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6. Custom LeatherCraft Large Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier

Custom LeatherCraft Large Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier

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We can always vouch that CLC’s products are worth the money you pay. They are not just affordable but they always priorities quality over quantity. This particular model has as many as twenty two-pockets maintenance tool kit bag. Besides that, it features a multi-compartment tray that makes it easier to store small things such as screws, nuts and bolts.

Plus, this bag is the user’s answer for an easy to use, affordable tool bag. The most interesting features of the box are its shape. Being made with the thought that tool bags have a tendency of tipping over, his shape prevents this from happening.

Key Features:

  • The shoulder strap comes with extra pads to make sure you do not strain your shoulder while carrying the bag.
  • There are large pockets that are divided with elastic loops that help to accommodate large tools easily and keep them in place.

5. CLC Custom Leathercraft L255 Tech Gear Lighted Tool Backpack

CLC Custom Leathercraft L255 Tech Gear Lighted Tool Backpack

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We all want to be able to work efficiently, without any hassles. The Custom Leathercraft L255 Tech Gear allows us to do it easily. Gone are the days when you have to sift through your toolbox to find an item you need. If you are working in the dark, you do not need to carry a torch with you. This bag has an adjustable LED light attached to it to solve such problems for you. Thus, visibility issues will not be a matter of concern anymore.

Further, it is a backpack that comes with fifty-three pockets. Apart from having roomy pockets, you can work at ease. As a matter of fact, the bag comes with 2-inches straps for holding the cordless drill/driver in place.

Key Features:

  • The light bulb has three levels of output that provide wide area illumination or for close up work.
  • Certainly simplifies the battery charger solving your problems.
  • It also comes with two AAA batteries with the bag.

4. VETO PRO PAC TECH-MCT Bucket Tool Bag


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One of the best electrician tool bags in the market is, without a doubt, the VETO PRO one. It is compact and easy to carry in place. When it comes to the storage of items that are used quite frequently, this bag comes to great use. Also, it includes forty-four interior as well as exterior pockets that vary in size according to what you will use it for.

Also, it can store over fifty tools at a time which shows how space is not an issue. The bag has very long durability that makes sure everything is secure and protected for the longest time.

Key Features:

  • The bag has a waterproof base and 3Mm Polypropylene that protects your items irrespective of the condition you are in and even in really bad weather too.
  • A five-year warranty making your lives better.
  • Indeed promises an ergonomic grip.
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3. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1530 Electrical and Maintenance Tool Storage

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1530 Electrical and Maintenance Tool Storage

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Custom Leathercraft has done it yet again. They keep providing us with such creative inventions that leave us baffled in admiration. And this product has forty-three pockets for electrical as well as a maintenance tool carrier. It also contains a multi-compartment plastic tray that solves all problems about storing small things.

Moreover, this bag is a contractor’s dream come true. It is also very tough in the sense that it can endure being pushed around, picked up and tools thrown in and around it all day without any harm done.

Key Features:

  • A box shape design prevents the bag from tipping over due to weight.
  • It has a wide open space that makes it easy to reach out for the tools.
  • Includes pockets for drill bits and screwdrivers, pliers, crimpers, and wire strippers among others. The pockets are segregated with elastic loops.

2. Veto Pro Pac MC Small Bag for Handling Tools

Veto Pro Pac MC Small Bag for Handling Tools

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The Veto is one of the best companies in the market with excellent tool bags. There are very few companies that can outdo their creations. Well, the bags have a rugged look and are rough and tough like carpenters, contractors, plumbers and maintenance people. Having a backpack style, it provides with a lot of room for the storage of tools.

As a matter of fact, there are about forty pockets including twenty interiors and twenty exteriors. The bag also has seven D-rings, two of them are large ones. To keep it dry, it has a waterproof base. Plus, the company’s patented 3mm injection moulded polypropylene construction protects that bag from harm made from the tools.

Key Features:

  • It is also very durable in rough weather.
  • Comes with Meters and compact cordless drill/driver compartment.
  • The bag stands out mainly for how small and lightweight it really is.

1. DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Backpack Tool Bag

DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Backpack Tool Bag

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Undoubtedly, the best tool bag recommended by us would be DEWALT lighted electrician backpack tool bag. The bag is literally the answer to all of your problems. It has a huge space with its fifty-seven pockets that can carry almost all your equipment at one go. Next, it comes with a LED light that will solve all visual or illumination problems.

Further, the backpack is well-padded for comfort. It has pads on the back, on the handles and adjustable shoulder straps and even at the bottom for protection from the tools. Nevertheless, its numerous pockets can carry a wide range of tools starting from drills, extensions cords, pliers, screwdrivers to wrench sets, drill bits, testers and much more.

Key Features:

  • The bag comes with forty-eight multiuse pockets on the inside of the bag and nine external pockets.
  • The LED light has three adjustable output levels.

Struggling to fit in all your tools? The small or large electrician tool bag will keep your tools in the best condition.

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