Best Electric Trailer Jacks with Light Reviews

Trailers are designed to do the job of transportation and carriage in the best way. It is very important that you have the right tools along with you when you are travelling down the road. Electric trailer jacks are the equipment that makes the job of changing wheels and accessing the underside of your trailer much more convenient. These jacks do not require the manual labour like traditional jacks and help you get the job done in a much faster manner. Having the trailer jack will not only make your journeys less troubling but will also help you in maintaining the automobile at your home. Even if you run out of power suddenly, the manual set-up will assist you in getting your done accomplished.

The electric trailer jack reviews below have listed the finest design and built quality which you can trust always whenever you are stuck in an emergency.

Table of the Best Electric Trailer Jacks Reviews

10. Jack Quick JQ-3500B Electric Tongue Jack – 12V & 3650 lb

Electric Trailer Jacks

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When it comes to installing an electric trailer jack, surety with the reliability is extremely important as risks of accidents are always dangling around the corner. This specific trailer jack is constructed with heavy-duty hardened gears of steel which give it a huge 3650 pounds of weight lifting capacity. Also, it has top crank functionality with manual override and a LED light which illuminates the area. The zinc footplate is pretty oversized and assures supreme stability in every scenario.

Key features

  • 25” post has 18” of travel for easy compatibility with equalizing bars.
  • The waterproof motor is protected with plastic gear housing and vinyl cover.
  • In-built leveller for fast and easy adjustments.

9. Husky HB4500 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jack

Husky HB4500 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jack

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The trailer jack that is powerful and designed with care is undoubtedly the model you can put your trust on. With an amazing 4500 pounds of weight lifting limit combined with the assurance of soldered connections, working with it is always smooth and efficient. Besides, it gets a 3-sided LED system to help you work in the dark and the hardened steel gears make it highly durable.

Key features

  • All weatherproof construction.
  • Comes with a screwball that aids in reducing friction.
  • Drop down leg measures 6-inches for faster operation and it is also adjustable.

8. RAM EJ-3520-BBX 3,500 lb. Black Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg

RAM EJ-3520-BBX 3,500 lb. Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg

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Enjoy trouble-free rides with the use of this electric trailer lift jack as it will always come to your rescue even in the toughest situations. Even for the darkest hours, the bright LED illumination will make it hassle-free to work while the manual crank handle keeps serving at times of power loss as well. Moreover, it has an amazing 18” of travel height combined with a 7.5” adjustable drop leg for various kinds of situations.

Key features

  • The 12V battery is present.
  • Outer tube finished with black powder coating and zinc finish is given in the inner tubes for premium durability.

7. Lippert 285318 Black Power Tongue Jack

Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack

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One of the well-designed and feature-rich trailer jack in the market, this one is constructed out of helical cut gears to keep the noise low and enhance the working efficiency. On the outside, you get textured casing which safeguards the device from risks of cracking. To make it easier to use, you can just level it with a push of a button and the manual crank handle comes in handy at times power loss. With just a click of a button, now you can raise or lower your trailer always.

Key features

  • The diameter of the tube is increased.
  • Impressive 3500 pounds of weight capacity.
  • LED illumination for nighttime operation.

6. Bulldog 500187 Black A-Frame Jack with Powered Drive

Bulldog 500187 Black A-Frame Jack with Powered Drive

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The Bulldog electric powered trailer is well-designed and a highly long-lasting model of trailer jack that has an impressive 22” of travel distance. The 8” drop leg travel makes it easier and convenient to use, thereby ensuring the maximum height capacity every single time. Furthermore, it has 3500 pounds of weight capacity which is a lot of majority of trailers in the market. You can also position it quickly and smoothly when your trailer needs a checkup.

Key features

  • LED lights can be used to work even in the night.
  • Gearbox and motor are integrated.
  • Comes with an override crank for emergencies.

5. Big Horn Electric Trailer Tongue Jack – Pre-Wired 7 Pin Connector

Big Horn 3500 LBS Electric Trailer Tongue Jack - Sealed All-Weather Housing

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When you are out on the road and your trailer needs an extra amount of attention, you can totally rely on this electric trailer tongue jack to help you with the cause. It has got hardened steel internal gears that can lift your trailer up to 18.5” with ease and withstand high weights up to 3500 pounds. Also, it is ready to use out of the box owing to the pre-wired connection with 7 pin connectors. The inbuilt LED lights are further a wise addition for hassles you might encounter in the night times.

Key features

  • Composite housing improves the durability.
  • Weatherproof construction.
  • Warranty of a year.

4. Husky Super Brute Electric Jack – 5000 lb

Husky 82022 Super Brute Electric Jack with Remote Control

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A remote control electric jack that can come to your rescue in any given time, this one is extremely powerful and precisely designed for all around serviceability. The huge 5000 pounds of weight capacity combined three-sided LED lights and backlit panel, it promises you with the service you might need in case of accidents. Also, it has an appealing 2-1/4” of jack diameter that will aid in superior working comfort.

Key features

  • High-end lifting capacity cause of the 20mm ball screw design.
  • Soft trigger switches are very easy to use.

3. Uriah UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack – 5000 lb. 12V DC

Uriah Products UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack

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It is very important to get your hands on a trailer jack that is fully stable and strong while you are working with it. This trailer jack is designed with an oversized footpad which is adjustable, thus providing you with that much-needed steadiness. The 31.5” of lifting range is quite a marvellous feat and the 5000 pounds of capacity is totally reliable even for big loaded trailers. Also, it gets a 7-way connector to keep it steady even when not in use.

Key features

  • Convenient one switch operation for lifting and lowering trailer.
  • Single piece plastic housing makes the motor absolutely waterproof.

2. Goplus 3500 lb Electric Power Tongue Jack – RV Trailer Jack

Goplus 3500 lb Capacity Electric Power Tongue

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GoPlus understands the requirement of an easy-to-use trailer jack which can be installed and set-up in a snap. The premium design of the jack makes it unchallenging to install quickly and gets a black powder coating for added strength and longevity. Furthermore, the water seal switch means the ability to use it without worries even during rains and the dual side LED lighting to illuminate the working zone even in the pitch-black hours. In cases of power outrage emergencies, the manual crank override handle will be ready to rescue.

Key features

  • Can be adjusted with the footpad.
  • Hardened steel gears increase the durability of the jack.

1. Bulldog 500200 Drive A-Frame Tongue Jack

Bulldog 500200 Powered Drive A-Frame Tongue Jack with Spring Loaded Pull Pin

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The best designed electric trailer jack from the renowned Bulldog, this one is ideal for heavy-duty applications for trailers that might weigh up to 4000 pounds. The spring loaded drop leg pull helps in raising the trailer to a maximum height of 22” and the intelligent weight distribution function ensures risk-free operation. For nighttime operation and illumination of coupler area, the 3 LED lights come in handy. At the top of the list, this is certainly one of the finest electric jacks in the market.

Key features

  • Single-axis operation for fast and easy levelling.
  • Includes a manual override crank for hassle-free working even when power is over.
  • 8” drop leg for access.

Working through your vehicles problem in the middle of a road will not be a problem anymore as electric trailer jack with light will guide you to fix it.

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