Best Home & Commercial Electric Ice Crushers Reviews

Summer season can really become cruel and especially affects children who enjoy this season to the fullest. We like to indulge in some frosty and cold drinks. However, it is safe to make iced drinks at home with electric ice crushers instead of buying unhygienic drinks. It can make a variety of drinks and also at a fast pace. Hosting a small summer party for the kids? These machines will do the job nicely in supplying you enough shaved ice for everyone.

Among the many products in the market, we have come with the best selection of products. Have knowledge about the details and proceed to buy.

Table of the Best Electric Ice Crushers Reviews

10. ZENY Electric Stainless Steel Ice Shaver Machine

Electric Ice Crushers

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With this ice shaver from Zeny, you can make their summer experience a better with refreshing and cool ice cones. It uses a steel blade which is ultra sharp and can reach up to 2000 rotations per minute. With that kind of monstrous speed, even chunky pieces of ice are crushed effortlessly within mere seconds. Even the body is made out of stainless steel. So that means it has negligible chances of rusting and doesn’t come with the high-maintenance cost of an iron tool.

Since it uses mostly alloy steel and a minimal amount of plastic, it is also highly durable. As a result, it will last you for years without the need for any restoration. The powerful motor that runs a sharp blade is highly efficient. The electric ice crusher snow cone maker indeed gives you over 140 pounds of crushed and brittle ice every hour.

Key features:

  • Rubber tipped feet gives it better grip and stability.
  • Heat is released through several outlets.
  • Certainly, an easy task to clean.
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9. VIVOHOME Electric Ice Crusher Shaver Machine for Home and Commerical Use

VIVOHOME Electric Ice Crusher Shaver Machine for Home and Commerical Use

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With any kitchen device that involves a lot of vibration like mixers, grinders and ice shaving machines, you have an issue with stability. Since they are placed on countertops, without good stability they would wobble and fall off from the edge. Vivohome has equipped their ice shaving machine with 6 rubber rings which handle the vibration quite well. Hence, don’t slip off. It also has a lot of holes for dissipating heat. Thus, you don’t end up with a hot and damaged motor at the end of long use.

Coming with an auto shut-off function, it helps in causing unwanted injuries. The electric ice crusher’s design is very elegant and the on/off switch on it is made waterproof. Lastly, the stainless steel blade will not contaminate your child’s food as it repels rust.

Key features:

  • Safety cover has a texture of 3D lattice.
  • High-speed blades that shave ice at 2000 RPM.
  • Doesn’t make much noise.

8. F2C 300W Ice Crusher Machine & Shaved Icee Snow Cone Maker

F2C 300W Ice Crusher Machine & Shaved Icee Snow Cone Maker

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F2C brings you an efficient and innovative solution for your creative culinary needs. You can use this ice crusher for entertaining people of all age groups on various occasions. Now use this at home for making flavoured snow cones for your kids. If you have teenagers and hosting a party, then you can churn up from frozen slushies for the young adults. Since it has a stainless steel construction, it isn’t as highly reactive to external elements like moisture. The choice of materials and excellent craftsmanship make it a super strong machine which boasts high-durability and isn’t corroded easily.

Furthermore, you get an excellent feature which keeps the kitchen from being a mess and reduces the chances of accidents. If the tray is open the machine won’t start the blade which means your hands are safe. On the other hand, shaved ice isn’t splattered all over your kitchen

Key features:

  • The electric ice crusher base is made out of a heavy-duty iron cast.
  • Low noise keeps the peace maintained and the vibrations are also minimal.
  • Super high rotation speed of 1680 RPM

7. ZENY Kitchen Electric Ice Shaver Machine 300W 2000r/min

ZENY Kitchen Electric snow Shaver Machine 300W 2000r/min

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Zeny again brings to you a machine that has a lot of features which let you identify its usefulness. Firstly, it has a large steel bowl designed to store shaved ice and has food grade stainless steel construction for keeping it healthy. So it doesn’t have any toxic materials that might give you stomach aches later on.

In order to avoid the ice from splashing out in all directions, it has a safety cover with an interesting texture. The sleek product is made to repel water and keeps it rust-free. Surprisingly, it can shave as much as 143lbs of ice in fine consistency. The base of this equipment is rather made stable for maintaining its steadiness.

Key features:

  • One can use it continuously for 20 hours or less.
  • Use it as a commercial electric ice crusher or just create delicacies for domestic use.
  • Will finely crush even the hardest ices at a rotation speed of 2000 rpm.
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6. Yescom 300W Electric Ice Shaver Shaving Crusher Machine 1450 r/min

Yescom 300W Electric Ice Shaving Machine 1450 r/min

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Yescom offers you a powerful ice shaver which doesn’t only boast high quality but does that at an affordable price. Inside this machine is a powerful 300-watt motor which delivers enough power to crush the ice in a quick manner. Within one hour, this machine would give you 65 kgs of shaved ice that is enough to serve everyone. It also has numerous heat dissipation outlets. Hence, it releases heat generated by the motor to keep your electric ice shaver relatively cool. So without the problem of overheating you would be able to keep your party going as much as 20 hours.

However, the safety cover also has an interesting design. On the inner surface of the cover, you have a lattice of diamond-shaped small protrusions. These help to guide the splashed ice quickly inside the barrel. The flat shape gives the ice a lot of areas to stick to. Whereas the protruded parts give less area for gravity to work better

Key features:

  • Cover has a handle with great grip.
  • Safety switch certainly has waterproof capabilities.
  • Fancy bowl made of stainless steel catches the ice.

5. VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blades Ice Crusher Shaver Maker Machine

VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blades Ice Shaver Maker Machine

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Unlike traditional ice shavers, Vivohome brings you something new and innovative which uses minimal power for maximum results. The dual electric ice crusher blades ensure fast performance to serve all sufficiently. Next, it produces a high rotation speed to churn out crushed ice as fast as possible.

Moreover, due to the dual-layered bowl, there is an air pocket which acts as a layer of insulation. So you don’t get a bowl of cold water but textured snowy ice for a savoury summer delight. The switch integrated into the product will not react when comes in contact with water as it is waterproof. Besides that, the workstation certainly maintains its balance cause of the given stability.

Key features:

  • Heat is radiated rapidly through vents to keep the machine cool.
  • Great aesthetics make it suitable for use in both restaurants and at home.
  • Close to no noise is created.

4. ROVSUN UPGRADED Commercial Stainless Steel Ice Shaver Machine

ROVSUN UPGRADED Commercial Stainless Steel Ice Shaver Machine

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Instead of opting for a subpar and low-quality ice shaver, now you can opt for the more powerful one. This model is improved and leaves the competition in the dust both in terms of functionality and power. Instead of a 300-watt motor, it uses a 200-watt motor which is more efficient. This motor is so efficient that it can produce 220 pounds of shaved ice each hour instead of 143 pounds. So you get more ice shaving capacity while using lesser power. T

Nevertheless, this is not just good for the environment but also for the energy bill which saves you a good amount. But the best feature of this ice shaver is the two types of texture that you can get. The fixed blade of this machine has screws which you can use to set it in two positions. While in the DOWN position, it gives you thin snow and setting it in the UP position gives you thick snow.

Key features:

  • High-speed blade with 1400 RPM.
  • Indeed works with regular 110 Voltage that is used in American households.
  • The machine won’t run with an open safety cover.
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3. ZENY 250W Commercial Ice Shaver Machine

ZENY 250W Commercial Ice Shaver Machine

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Another great ice shaver from Zeny that lets you enjoy shaved ice within seconds. And with just the push of a button. This model has a large heavy duty base which tremendously increases its stability and keeps vibration to a minimum. With just 250 watts of power, this incredible electric powered ice shaving machine can produce over 400 pounds.

As a matter of fact, the dual blades enhance the speed of the process. The power switch is also protected from water damage by a small stealthy cover

Key features:

  • The motor works with high efficiency.
  • Uses 300 watts of power at 60 Hertz.

2. Costzon 250W Electric Ice Shaver Machine

Costzon 250W Electric Ice Shaver Machine

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Unlike other manufacturers, Costzon uses top quality 420 steel which is of the commercial grade for its twin blades. So you know you are paying for a product with premium materials that would stand the test of time. Hence, it won’t be affected as much by corrosion rust or regular wear and tear. Even the body is constructed out of 201 stainless steel instead of cast iron. It performs with the capacity that is double or in some cases triples that other ice shaver in the market. Plus, it can provide you with a massive 440 pounds of snowy ice every hour.

Both small and large beefy ice cubes become vulnerable and don’t stand more than a few seconds in front of the mighty dual blades. It also comes with an excellent safety feature that saves this machine from short-circuiting and you from electrical shock. Finally, the simple power switch has a protective lid which keeps water out and saves you from avoidable accidents.

Key features:

  • The 250 watts of power makes the machine pretty fast.
  • A small weight of 18 pounds makes it portable.
  • Certainly, large and roomy steel bowl for catching the ice.

1. Olymstore VD-38774KC Portable Commercial Industrial Electric Shaver

Olymstore VD-38774KC Portable Commercial Industrial Electric Shaver

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Ice shavers are great as they take out the manual labour. It gives you the same snow textured ice that you can flavour and enjoy with the whole family. But now you can take this ice shaver from Olymstore anywhere you want due to its compact form factor. It also comes with a bowl that is used for catching the ice as well as for serving.

However, you do not need to worry of getting hurt as the power will switch off if one keeps the hopper open. Having an anodized aluminium casing, there will be no signs of rust even after long use and multiple cleaning,

Key features:

  • Will not operate and stop functioning if the handle of the shaver is kept up.
  • Made out of high-quality stainless steel.
  • A powerful 200W motor that runs the high-speed blade.

Summer will not be mundane anymore. The electric ice shaver machines are indeed useful equipment for making delicious treats for both adults as well as kids.

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