Best Electric Crepe Makers & Pancake Makers Reviews

As technology is advancing every day, the inventors are coming up with new innovations that make our life easier. Electric crepe makers are one such invention that helps in the creation of delicious, spongy crepes. It maintains consistency and makes it perfectly in the way you desire it. You can make excellent and thin tangy or sweet crepes each and every time due to the ingenious design. And sometimes, it comes with convenient tools. Now easily make thin crepes that come out of these machines will really help you to impress your guests.

Too many choices always make one go for the wrong product. Hence, our list of electric crepe makers highlights the characteristics of the product and you can finally decide on the best one.

Table of the Best Electric Crepe Makers Reviews

10. ISILER 1080W Electric Crepe Maker & Pancake Maker

Electric Crepe Makers

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Isiler has come up with an amazing non-stick electric crepe maker that wouldn’t fail to impress you in any way. Firstly, it has a wide surface area for making standard sized crepes.  Next, it also comes with accessories which make your cooking experience a lot more fun and easy. You simply need to pour the batter, spread it evenly in circles and with the large spatula. As a matter of fact, it comes as a bonus with this product flipping isn’t a challenging task anymore.

However, the best thing about this kitchen electronic is that you aren’t just limited to crepes. It’s cooking surface is non-stick in nature and allows you to cook a ton of ingredients for various purposes. Without using the oil, you can enjoy eggs, sausages etc cooked on it for a healthy and less greasy breakfast. In fact, you can also cook steaks, pancakes and burger patties on this versatile device.

Key features:

  • Has a simple dial knob which is indeed used for controlling the temperature.
  • Coles with a spreader that has a cylindrical top for efficient and even batter spreading.
  • Cooking surface rather has a diameter of 12-inches.
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9. CucinaPro Crepe Maker – Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan with Spreader & Recipes 

CucinaPro Crepe Maker - Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan with Spreader & Recipes 

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With a 12-inch non-stick surface this electric griddle crepe maker lets you make healthy breakfast and desserts. To start with, the 5 temperature settings let you adjust to the perfect heat levels for any dish.  The inclusion of on/off ready lights always hints you whenever the plate is ready for cooking.

Moreover, the plate has an aluminium construction and you get a spreader with it for even distribution of the batter. You also get a recipe booklet that contains mouth-watering recipes as well.

Key features:

  • Rubber feet under the device rather add to the stability on your countertop.
  • Promises easy cleaning with a wipe.
  • Extremely lightweight and has a clean look.

8. NutriChef Nonstick Electric Crepe Maker – Aluminum Griddle Hot Plate Cooktop

NutriChef Nonstick Electric Crepe Maker - Aluminum Griddle Hot Plate Cooktop

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NutriChef has made a light and compact crepe maker which takes the least amount of space on your countertop. Well, you can carry it anywhere you want. Even if you are on the road in your RV, you can use it. If you have a power source you can even take it with you for picnics. With this crepe maker, you certainly get excellent cooking tools which are made out of all natural wood. Wood is non-reactive to the cooking surface and doesn’t contain toxic substances which might harm you. The wooden tools aren’t good conductors of heat. As a result, you can use them for a long cooking session without feeling any heat from the handles.

Underneath the large 12-inch cooking surface is a 1200 watt heating element. Thus, it is more than enough for quickly and efficiently cooking whatever ingredient you want. To control the temperature of the cooking surface you get a dial control. It is indeed easy to use and has a relatively flat learning curve.

Key features:

  • Cooking surface is made of aluminium and is non-stick in nature.
  • The electric crepe maker’s LED indicator informs about temperature.
  • Comes with a two and a half feet power cord.

7. Salton CM1337 White Crepe Maker Machine

Salton CM1337 White Crepe Maker Machine

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Salton’s crepe and tortilla maker give you the best tools to create kitchen masterpieces. You can make gourmet breakfast, delicious desserts and exotic dinners without a hitch. In fact, you don’t even need to spread the batter. It comes with a batter tray. So you just take the cooking surface and keep it on the batter tray filled with batter for a few seconds.

Having a 360-degrees base, now let the layer of batter cook to perfection. Furthermore, the area that is solely dedicated to baking is 7.5-inches and it runs at 800-watts. The light indicator will notify the user at every given interval. Plus, the skid-proof feet adds steadiness to the product.

Key features:

  • Cooking surface has a non-stick coat.
  • Certainly, has a weight of 3 and a half pounds.
  • The electric crepe maker’s handles will not feel hot whenever you touch it. It is indeed designed to stay cool.
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6. G&M Kitchen Essentials Crepe Maker Machine – Electric Griddle – Pancake Maker, Batter Spreader

G&M Kitchen Essentials Crepe Maker Machine - Electric Griddle – Pancake Maker, Batter Spreader

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Now each and every morning you don’t need to power the big oven for cooking delicious breakfast for the family. This small and compact electric crepe maker is more than enough for all your breakfast needs. Hence, it saves you a lot on your energy bill in the long run. If you are a bachelor, then even better since you can carry around this lightweight cooking gadget anywhere.

Corded tools, electronics and gadgets can become a real hindrance and borderline annoyance if they aren’t managed properly. However, most powerful crepe makers in the market come with power cords. They just lack the great cord coil organizer that is integrated into this crepe maker. You also get a cooking book which contains numerous recipes for breakfast specials that will every morning fun and interesting.

Key features:

  • Is used as a griddle as well for making dosa, chapati, tortillas, eggs, bacon, pancakes and much more.
  • Regular French crepes have a diameter of 12-inches and this device has a non-stick cooking surface for that purpose.
  • Certainly, have a weight of 2.5 pounds.

5. Morning Star Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle – Non-stick Pancake Maker

Morning Star Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle - Non-stick Pancake Maker

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Morning Star brings to you one of the most premium crepe makers in the market. It also doubles as an electric griddle and lets you create seared and fried dishes that will astonish your guests. With a brushed metal look, it doesn’t lack elegance and sits on your countertop with an unmatched grandeur.

Moreover, the cooking surface is made of aluminium. It is non-stick hence you can enjoy eggs, bacon and obvious crepes without the cholesterol.

Key features:

  • Includes two large handles on either side for easy carrying.
  • Dial control for temperature.
  • The indicator lights clearly state the progress of the device.

4. Maxi-Matic ECP-126 Electric Crepe Maker with Spreader, Spatula and Recipes

Maxi-Matic ECP-126 Electric Crepe Maker with Spreader, Spatula and Recipes

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Powered by a 1000 watt heating element, this crepe maker will give you immense versatility. As a result, it let you enjoy delicious crepes without the expert cooking skills of a chef. You can just mix your ingredients into the batter and for even and thin spread you get the appropriate tool. Next, you don’t even need years of cooking experience for creating perfect 1-feet diameter crepes.

However, it has two indicator lights for letting you know of different things that will make the cooking process even smoother. One of the lights lets you know when the power is on so that you don’t accidentally burn yourself. Whereas another one lets you know if the cooking surface has reached the desired temperature.

Key features:

  • Comes with recipes for savoury crepes.
  • Non-stick cooking surface indeed doubles as a griddle.
  • A total of 5 different temperature settings.
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3. MasterChef Cordless Crepe Maker with Recipe Guide

MasterChef Cordless Crepe Maker with Recipe Guide

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Cords are nothing more than hurdles which prevent movement and restrict you in multiple ways while you are cooking. Now you can cook with total freedom with this fabulous cordless crepe maker from Masterchef. It has an electric base which heats up the crepe maker.

Moreover, the light indicator that alerts you when the cooking surface has reached a suitable temperature. You also get a recipe book that lets you use this device to its best abilities

Key features:

  • Ships with a batter spreader and dipping plate.
  • Cord wrap with the base helps for efficient storage.
  • Includes a non-stick cooking surface.

2. Waring Commercial WSC160X Stainless Steel Crepe Maker

Waring Commercial WSC160X Stainless Steel Crepe Maker

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Waring Commercial makes professional-grade kitchen tools and device that are a class apart than anything other regular brands. You can even use it for your restaurant or your catering business. Even it has no problems meeting your requirements for industrial use. It is a powerhouse that has a durable cast iron cooking surface which has higher longevity than aluminium. And also, it doesn’t have a toxic chemical coating on its surface.

With cast iron cooking surface you also get higher heat retention capabilities and better heat distribution. Furthermore, it also has a durable stainless steel base unlike other products in the market. To let you carry this easily, you also get strong handles which are resistant to heat and stays cool. Finally, for regulating the heat of the cooking surface, you get a thermostat that can go as high as 570-degrees Fahrenheit.

Key features:

  • Spatula and spreader are made of stainless steel.
  • Uses 1800 watts of power for a 16-inch cooking surface.

1. Paderno World Cuisine Tibos CEBPB2 Round Crepe Maker

Paderno World Cuisine Tibos CEBPB2 Round Crepe Maker

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Crepes are a traditional French dish and Krampouz make their device in France where the heart and soul of this dish come from. It has an adequately large cooking surface with a diameter of 13-inches. Plus, the Teflon coating makes it non stick. So you can enjoy healthy crepes and similar dishes without using any oil.

As a matter of fact, it also has a circuit breaker to protect your device from accidents. The indicator integrated into the device helps to know the user about the state of heating.

Key features:

  • Comes with a lot of accessories to ease the cooking process
  • Uses 12 amps of electric current.

Make the best in class crepes for relishing on delicious breakfasts. Pick the appropriate electric crepe maker for sale and try out new recopies every day.

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