Best Portable Electric Can Openers Reviews

A can opener is a really effective tool that most campers and adventurers can’t live without. It’s not possible to cook fresh meals every time you are out in the wild. At those times canned beans and meat cooked over a small fire might be the only nutrition that is available. But traditional can openers are a hassle and new can openers aren’t usually portable. Hence, come the electric can openers. These are designed to meet the outdoor as well as indoor needs. And can effortlessly open every single can in a short amount of time.

But are all the products trustworthy? In a world full of fake products, we have come to the conclusion of the best choices in this review. Read carefully and go for the reliable electric can opener brands.

Table of the Best Electric Can Openers Reviews

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10. Hamilton Beach Electric Automatic Can Opener

Electric Can Openers

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Regular can openers while on the cheaper side have really subpar quality, get really dirty and nasty. In fact, it can break easily within a year or so. But Hamilton Beach brings to you a premium can opener which saves you time, labour and a lot of money. Since it is electric powered, you don’t need to struggle with the can or apply any force. A slight touch at the tip is all you need to open up the lever. Once you lock the can in, just press the switch so that this amazing gadget can work its magic. It takes rather a few seconds. And you will see the can rotating around in the locked position till it stops after the process is done.

However, the best part is that your can would be cut neatly around the edge. So instead of sharp edges that might lead to injury, you get one end cut in the form of a lid. Now you can use it as storage for the canned food. No need to empty up a jar or waste the leftover food.

Key features:

  • Powers off automatically for maintaining safety levels.
  • The electric can opener weighs around 3 pounds.
  • Cutting unit is designed to be removed whenever washing is needed.

9. Electric Can Opener with Bottle Opener Pop Top Opener Knife Sharpener

Electric Can Opener with Bottle Opener

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Aicok uses a few simple mechanisms to give you a clutter-free experience. Due to this no-nonsense minimalist look and functionality, this can opener sits on your countertop in style. Plus, shows its capabilities only when you need it.

It indeed serves as a bottle opener which you can operate with just one hand. Furthermore, near the base, you also have a stealthy knife sharpener that keeps all the knives in your kitchen sharp. Having a sleek look, the electric can opener’s design aids in safe as well as a smooth cutting process.

Key features:

  • Won’t eat-up much of your space.
  • After cutting is done, it certainly switches off automatically.
  • Included with a magnetic button in order to secure the lid.

8. Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener

Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener

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Cuisinart implements a really innovative mechanism in their can opener with the power cut blade. You can remove the blade with minimal effort and put it on with the same ease. This removable mechanism allows you to quickly remove the blade. Plus, one can rather clean it up nicely so that it doesn’t have any residual food.  As a matter of fact, this keeps the electric can opener blade as good as new. Thus, you prevent it from getting corroded due to residual food after cutting open a can.

You can operate it with just a light touch. Unlike others, it has all the efficiency which doesn’t put you through a complicated learning curve for just operating it. After your can is cut around the edge it will switch off automatically, you don’t need to do much. Since it is made out of stainless steel it doesn’t have the risk of rusting or corroding easily. Finally, it will be a reliable component in your kitchen for a very long time.

Key features:

  • The activation lever attached to it is detachable whenever needed.
  • Excellent stainless steel finish indeed looks elegant and blends into all types of kitchen decor.
  • Keeps the product totally free of toxic elements including BPA.

7. Proctor-Silex 75217F Power Can Opener

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Even the toughest cans won’t stand a chance in front of the sharp blade of Proctor-Silex’s can opener. Not just small cans, it is designed to open even tall cans that reach a height of 7-inches or lower. Along with that, you also get a convenient knife sharpener which is a kitchen essential. Now with this innovative tool, you would be able to open your cans and sharpen your knives without any effort.

Having an auto shut-off feature, you do not have to worry about cutting anything extra or without shape. Moreover, you certainly won’t have to spend extra time cleaning it.

Key features:

  • Cord storage is rather built-in. So, you won’t have to find any other space for storing it.
  • Extremely convenient to use.

6. Instecho Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener

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The concept of traditional can opener changes with this compact and portable electric can opener. Firstly, it is so compact that it fits in your hand and draws its power from batteries. Even elderly people suffering from arthritis can use this without any effort. It is rather a great gift for your grandparents, the adventurer in you or is a really useful kitchen tool.

The metal gear that rotates the device along the edge of the can is made from high-quality materials. So, you can use it for a really long time.

Key features:

  • Cuts along the edges to open the top in the form of a lid.
  • It small in size yet stylish addition to your kitchen collection.
  • Powered by two AA batteries.

5. Kenmore 81101 Electric Stainless Steel Can Opener

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Kenmore always tries to deliver the best quality products to its customers and this can opener is no different. It has a solid build quality and has stainless steel construction which gives it strength and longevity. Next, it has cord storage so that you can keep it in an organized fashion when you aren’t using it.

Nevertheless, apart from being able to open cans it also let you sharpen your knives. Basically, you get two reliable products at the price of one from one of the best brands. It is indeed a product that features hands-free opening. Lastly, with the auto shut-off mode, you can make huge savings on your bills.

Key features:

  • The cutter head is certainly removable for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The latch is magnetic in nature which is integrated on the lid.
  • Works excellently even with tall cans.

4. Home Kitchen Restaurant Manual Automatic Electric Can Opener

Home Kitchen Restaurant Manual Automatic Electric Can Opener

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With a length of 18 cm and just short of 7 cm in width, this can opener is compact. As a result, it is enough to fit in your hands and takes little space inside your backpack. With other manufacturers, you end up with an open can that is dangerous and is usable for just one time. But this can opener doesn’t leave any sharp edges that might leave a cut on your fingers. Instead at the end, you get a sealable lid which lets you have the food inside your can in portions. This saves you utensil space and is absolutely crucial while you are camping and have to ration every resource.

Other than, that Bangrui has also kept your safety as their top-priority while designing this amazing and portable gadget. Moreover, the blade is rather recessed into the unit. So when you are going through your kitchen drawer or backpack, you won’t accidentally get yourself a cut. Finally, with just a single rotation that takes mere seconds, you can open it and be ready.

Key features:

  • One simple button to operate the gadget.
  • The casing is made from high-quality ABS material.

3. Ovente Smooth Touch Battery Operated Can Opener

Ovente Smooth Touch Battery Operated Can Opener

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A touch of a button is all you need to do to open a can with this amazing can. You don’t need to struggle with a chunky can opener or a swiss knife for opening cans anymore. This can opener lets you open cans with just one hand and gives you a convenient and hygienic experience. Since it is powered by a set of AA batteries, it isn’t depended on wall outlets or wired power sources either.

Featuring a 360-degrees rotary motion, the lids will come off easily. Now, you can take it with you anywhere you want

Key features:

  • Uses 4 AA batteries, however, will continue to last for a long time.
  • Easy as well as effortless clean-ups are guaranteed.

2. Chef’s Star Smooth Edge Automatic Can Opener

Chef's Star Smooth Edge Automatic Can Opener

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Chef’s Star has created a can opener that is battery-powered and doesn’t require to be plugged into any power source. So you don’t have to deal with wires or cords and use it anywhere in the kitchen with ease. You can open up to 100 cans with just a single set of 4 AA batteries. Now you certainly don’t have to recharge or buy a new set of batteries for a long time.

On the top, you get a simple and easy to use the power button. No complicated controls or flashy lights, a single button press is all you need to open various types of cans. At the bottom, you can see a gear. As a result, it moves the can around your cutting blade and a magnet which lifts off your can’s lid. Furthermore, after the opener makes full 360-degrees around your can, you can press the power button to switch it off.

When you lift the can opener you would see the lid is attached to the magnet. And comes right off to expose the food inside.

Key features:

  • Ultra-fine and smooth cut instead of a sharp edge.
  • Rather cuts open the can within seconds.
  • Portable design lets you take it on your hiking or camping trip.

1. Cuisinart CCO-50N Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart CCO-50N Deluxe Electric Can Opener

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This amazing can opener from Cuisinart sits elegantly on your countertop and is powered by electricity. Hence, it aids to get you rid of tedious labour. It has a pristine white body which is further highlighted by the chrome accents. This gives it a luxurious look and makes it blend even in the most premium modular kitchens.

As a matter of fact, the power cut blade you get is very precise. Thus, it cuts the can open within just a few seconds.

Key features:

  • Weighs around 2 and a half pounds which is totally lightweight.
  • After being cut the can lid is held up by a magnet.

Canned foods or drinks, whatever it may be, stop putting extra efforts in opening the cans. Use the easy-to-use can openers and start opening the cans quickly.

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