Best Round & Rectangular Drop Leaf Tables Reviews

If you are looking for a table to buy, you must always remember that it should go with the decor of your house. No matter what you plan to use it for, it must augment the look of your room. The drop leaf tables are manufactured from high-quality woods and come with an excellent finish. In indeed make them a tasteful choice for your house. Whether you want to use it as a breakfast table or for dining, it promises to deliver a classy look.

In the list, we have selected and reviewed best drop leaf tables that you can find in the market today. Thereby relieving you of the hassle of going through a myriad of products to choose the right one. As a matter of fact, do not waste time any longer and check out our list to get the best one.

Table of the Best Drop Leaf Tables Reviews

10. Winsome Wood 23330 Set Space Drop Leaf Kitchen Table

Drop Leaf Tables

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Winsome Wood 23330 table contributes superior good looks with the convenience of space saving. Firstly, this table has a smoke finish which is very attractive and natural looking. Secondly, it is loaded with two handy drawers to store cutlery and other required items on one side. And certainly a drop leaf on the other side. The drop leaf when lifted is supported by a fifth roller-caster loaded leg. Thus, makes for a wonderful dinner table for two.

Furthermore, the table is also paired with two stools. It indeed makes a complete package for the kitchen, dining or breakfast nook and so on. The table can indeed withstand loads of up to 100 pounds when closed and 75 pounds when open. However, the provided stools can bear up to 200 pounds.

Key features:

  • The drop leaf dining table with storage requires assembly at home, after purchase. Comes with all the required instructions and hardware.
  • Judicious use of both solid, as well as composite wood, make it sturdy yet lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The drawers certainly include cut-out handles.

9. International Concepts T-2236D Small Drop-leaf Table

International Concepts T-2236D Small Drop-leaf Table

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Designed to perfection, the International Concepts small drop leaf table is a useful addition to the kitchen, dining space etc. It is constructed from parawood (Heveabrasilienis) which is very durable. As a matter of fact, it has strength comparable to that of hardwoods such as birch, ash and maple.

Moreover, it has a width of 22” that is expandable on each side by 9” by lifting the drop leaf. It comes ready to be assembled and is given shaker legs. This table comes unfinished keeping its natural glamour intact. However, if a user so chooses, one can finish it without hassle. All instructions required to finish comes along with the table.

Key features:

  • The parawood is plantation grown thus maintaining the delicate ecological balance.
  • It features dual drop leaf.
  • Weighs only 31 pounds.

8. Leick Mission Oak Drop Leaf Computer & Writing Desk

Leick Mission Oak Drop Leaf Computer & Writing Desk

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Lieck 82420 has a drop leaf table design for the purpose of making work easier. The drawer can hold a keyboard or used to hide away important papers. The table is capable to house a PC or a laptop. For convenience, it is expandable in size whenever required. Also, the drawer moves on ball bearings making for smooth movement.

Nevertheless, the table is constructed from durable hardwood. It is given a Mission Oak finish keeping the highest-degree of aesthetics in mind. The length of it is extended between ranges of 32” (dropped) to 47.5” (opened).

Key features:

  • Requires assembly before use which is as simple as attaching the legs and sliding in the drawer.
  • Even the drawer has a drop-down design for keeping the keyboard.
  • The back side features a wire retaining grommet that makes arranging wires very easy.

7. Modern Lines Round Drop Leaf Table for Small Space

Modern Lines Round Drop Leaf Table for Small Space

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Modern Lines has crafted this flawless table from wood. The grains and knots are expertly highlighted with the use of a light oak finish. It even adds to the aesthetic value of this table.  Having a drop leaf top, which when lifted is supported by an extra foldable leg.

However, the fully opened table is dimensioned at a huge 42” x 42” x 30”. Further, the table comes more or less readymade and requires some assembly. Thus, you can put it up to an array of uses.

Key features:

  • Have an attractive semi-circular design when drop leaf is dropped and a more attractive circular design when open.
  • Snugly fits into a confined kitchen, or can act a side table. It can also behave as a dinner table when opened.
  • Indeed a sturdy construction for durability.

6. Winsome 94048 Lynden Antique Drop Leaf Dining Table

Winsome 94048 Lynden Antique Drop Leaf Dining Table

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Constructed from durable hardwood, the Winsome 94048 is a square table having a surface area of 30” x 30”. This fascinating table has a drop leaf which when lifted can house as many as 6 people very comfortably. Nonetheless, the drop leaf is supported by an extra foldable leg. Thus enabling it to be stored in a very small area.

Its superior good looks make it an adornment for any décor. This table does not come fully assembled and requires to be put together before it is fully functional. As a matter of fact, it has a tabletop surface of 29.92-inches and the expandable drop leaf table surface has a width of 47.87”w.

Key features:

  • The table is given an antique walnut finish that makes it versatile too.
  • Indeed a space-saving choice. Fit anywhere, be it a kitchen or a game room and it never fails to blend in with décor.
  • Features a slide out leg.

5. Liberty Furniture Cafe Drop Leaf Dining Table in Black & Cherry

Liberty Furniture Cafe Drop Leaf Dining Table in Black and Cherry

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Acacia is a durable hardwood species that is found in arid regions. This sturdy species of wood is skillfully engineered into the Liberty dining table. The top is layered with Acacia veneers that give this table a supremely unique look. It is layered with a black and cherry finish. As a matter of fact, it wonderfully brings out the grains and knot pattern on the acacia wood.

Certainly, this finish is substantial in making it a versatile product that can go along with any style of décor. With 2 drop leaves measuring 9-inches, it weighs only 71 pounds.


  • Have a transitional style of design and a comfortable appeal, enabling installation in kitchens, dining space and so on.
  • The tabletop houses a lovely square frame having a dimension of 30” x 30” when retracted.

4. Winsome Wood 94145-WW Taylor Drop Leaf Dining Walnut

Winsome Wood 94145-WW Taylor Drop Leaf Dining Walnut

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Winsome Wood made an excellent table for the kitchen or dining space, to lay out games and so much more. It is fabricated from highly durable hardwood. The advantage of this is not only the superior strength but also the exceptionally good looks. Its lovely grain patterns make it a novel product that goes with and compliments any décor.

Moreover, the drop leaf is so constructed that upon lifting it the table becomes twice its original size. It is finished in a rich walnut hue thus adding to the already superior appearance. Finally, the table does not come preassembled and needs to be fixed together before being used.

Key features:

  • The legs of this exclusive table have floor protectors. So it prevents scratches from destroying the flooring on moving it.
  • The drop leaf table drawer can store a keyboard, important documents or any requisite articles.
  • The drawer features a polished, attractive looking, brushed nickel handle.

3. Giantex 3PCS Wood Rolling Casters Fold Drop Leaf Kitchen Table with Stools

Giantex 3PCS Wood Rolling Casters Fold Drop Leaf Kitchen Table with Stools

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Space saving, durability, sturdiness, high functionality and an elegant appeal are all desirable characteristics in a new piece of furniture. Giantex skillfully blends in all these properties and gives a table that of superior make. Loaded with aluminium pipes for the frame, this table is meant for rugged use. Its top is creating with an optimum blend of solid wood and MDF.

Furthermore, it comes loaded with two stools of similar make. The construction also houses two drawers that can store cutlery and other requisite items along with a towel rack. Its top is dimensioned at 31.8″ x 29.7″. As a result, making it an ideal set for breakfast and dining. Finally, it includes two drawers for storage purposes.

Key features:

  • The MDF and metal structures are so finished that they are brilliantly easy to clean.
  • Have 5 wheels to move it from place to place very easy, convenient and absolutely hassle-free.
  • The wheels are certainly crafted from nylon which is durable and has a long service life.

2. Country Cottage 3-Piece Drop Leaf Dining Table and Chairs

Country Cottage 3-Piece Drop Leaf Dining Table and Chairs

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Living in an apartment brings with itself a huge constraint of space such that it is impossible to have a huge dining table. However, expert use of modern innovations has led to the development of intelligent products. The Country Cottage table is one such product. Easily fitting into any nook or corner, this table is 30” x 30”.

Moreover, on lifting the drop leaf, this table can house a width of 43.75” that sufficiently all the items of a grand dinner. It has an authentic look that complements every sort of décor.

Key features:

  • It further includes two dining chairs with good looking cross back design that also makes for a good backrest.
  • Great finish always looks good anywhere it is placed.

1. Magshion Extendable Drop Leaf Table

Magshion Extendable Drop Leaf Table

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Crafted for the modern user, the contemporary Magshion table is an excellent addition to any space. This table has a storage area underneath the table top that can hold any number of things. Its unique design allows it to be used as a kitchen table, dining table or even as a study desk. The width of this table is extended from 23” to 35.4” to hold in more stuff!

Further, the extended table can comfortably house up to 4 persons at a time. Having wood placed over a metal framework, this is indeed an innovative table. However, it deftly blends in the charm of natural wood with the strength of sturdy metals.

Key features:

  • With a convenient height, this table finds multi-faceted uses in homes, dormitories, offices or anywhere else.
  • Assembly is required.
  • Cleaning it is certainly not an issue.

It indeed assures some extra conventional feel to your home. The best drop leaf tables will enhance the beauty of your home.

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