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We know how every profession is equally demanding and tiring to do daily. If you have been working too hard lately but unhappy the way you are doing, now is the best time for a change. Well, for every profession the change is different but if you are a craftsman and handle a lot of drawings, we have a solution for you. Go through the drawing tables that you can buy today that help in the process of art-making.

These tables are fun and very helpful when it comes to providing you with support and comfort. Now have the right set of equipment, storage and space to perfect your art.

Table of the Best Drawing Tables Reviews

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10. Southern Enterprises Knightley Tilt-Top Wood Drawing Tables

Drawing Tables

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A great tilt top drawing table that you will love to have at your home or workplace for more fun during the tiring works. With anti-slip hinges, it is effortless to transform this from a writing table to a drawing table. For all your drafting and drawing projects, you can just shift to working on this.

And you will certainly feel much better while doing the works. Weighing at just 84 pounds, it is fairly easy to move the table around. Even better, it has an impressive weight limit of 60 pounds.

Key features:

  • Very reliable construction, the table uses a combination of MDF, fir, ash veneer, metal tube and metal sheet.
  • You can tilt it up to an angle of 30-degrees for more flexibility and better workability.
  • Very appealing design, the brass antique looks timeless and industrial.

9. SD Studio Designs Drawing, Drafting & Craft Table

SD Studio Designs Drawing, Drafting & Craft Table

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If drawing is your passion and somehow you find yourself sitting on the table drawing or drafting important things, you need this drawing table. With perfect craftsmanship, this table is certainly something you can use on a regular basis without tiring of drawing again. Architects, civil engineers, craftsmen, all are into drawing project layouts and this practice is never-ending.

This certainly provides you with that adequate space to arrange the big papers. In the drawing table storage drawer, you can keep the tools and pencils you use during the drawing. The 24-inches slide-up pencil ledge is an extra benefit makes it more convenient for you to keep the pencil close. Often, we see people losing track of where they have kept their pen or pencil but, on this table, you will not have to struggle with that. With floor 6 levellers, it is fairly easy to keep the table stable always. Also, you will get a 20.5-inches high padded stool to sit and work easily.

Key features:

  • The laminate finish is smooth and elegant for the perfect drawing experience always.
  • Top of the table is adjustable to 20-degrees for more convenience during drawing.
  • Having very reliable and durable construction heavy gauge stainless steel for superior durability.

8. ZENY Glass Top Drawing Desk – Tempered Glass Top Art Drafting Desk

ZENY Glass Top Drawing Desk - Tempered Glass Top Art Drafting Desk

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Are you willing to upscale your performance when you are drafting or drawing your project? Well, it is obviously based on the skill-set you possess. But with a top adjustable drawing table like this, you can certainly enhance the convenience. It becomes very difficult for anyone to concentrate and improve productivity when the workstation is not comfortable enough. In order to transform that once and for all, this drawing table will be an amazing addition.

Blessed with a solid structure constructed out of iron frame, the table is extremely stable and sturdy for everyday applications. The adjustable height of 31.5-inches to 49.5-inches helps you in better management of how you like doing the work. On both sides of the table, you will get 4 removable single-slot supply trays where you can keep the pens and do the work.

Key features:

  • Always guarantees a more organized workplace with a couple of easy-to-slide drawers.
  • Very easy to move and relocate with the 4 durable casters at the bottom.
  • Large and spacious work surface made of safe and durable tempered glass.

7. Nova Adjustable Height Drafting Table for Reading & Writing Art Craft

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Give your creativity new wings with this amazing and well-designed table that can serve all your needs the right way. Constructed out of a sturdy and strong steel frame, you will not have any issues with the quality even when used daily. The MDF tabletop has a powder-coated finish to it, thereby saving the surface from damage due to drafting.

Combined with that, at the bottom, there are large rubber footpads that efficiently enhance the stability of the table. Also, the same design assures that the floor does not get scratches when you are moving the table here and there.

Key features:

  • Designed with a slide-up pencil ledge for keeping important things like pens, pencils, brushes etc.
  • Pull out slide table gives you that extra space for keeping laptop or tablets.
  • Extremely adjustable is you can set it anywhere between 0 and 45-degrees and even has 6 different adjustable heights.

6. Yaheetech Adjustable Folding Drafting Table for Art Studio Design 

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Made out of P2 certified MDF, this is one of the most amazingly built foldable drawing tables in the market. Apart from being extremely elegant in terms of the look, the table is very functional and helps you with drawing perfectly. The height-adjustable feature makes it more suitable for all kinds of people and you can easily change the height between 29.9-inches and 45.1-inches. Also, you can even tilt the tabletop and do your work if you do not enjoy stressing your back. There is an adjustable pencil ledge that makes the tilting even more feasible.

Now you can keep your pen/pencil, tilt the table, and make sure the pencil stays on the table. The innovative X-shaped legs provide you with stability that you will thoroughly enjoy and can rely on. Coupled with anti-skid leg pads as the bottom, it will be safer for your floor when you move the table around.

Key features:

  • Designed with an auxiliary table for safe-keeping of often-used tools and papers.
  • A great amount of storage space is provided by the 3-drawer assembly combined with a bottom shelf.
  • Comes along with a matching tool that has PU leather for superior comfort.

5. LITTLE TREE Multi-Function Drawing Table with Adjustable Tiltable Stand

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If you like innovation and enjoy having furniture that looks and function in the most modern way possible, this is the table you need. This is one table that can function in multiple ways. From a very amazing computer desk to a useful workstation, this is one of the most useful tables by all means. The thickened and heavy-duty solid metal frame rewards you with unquestionable sturdiness for long term usage.

Equipped with a stand that has 12 different height settings, now you can work on with an impressive lean angle of 60-degrees. No more of those aching backs and neck sprain even when you are sitting for long hours. The two-tier shelving on the bottom provides you with that much-needed space for keeping important files and utilities.

Key features:

  • The entire drawing table’s frame is made of metal and has been powder-coated for added strength and durability.
  • The tabletop is made of Oak and offers an impressive working experience and great weight-bearing capacity.
  • Innovative anti-pinch design for safe adjusting of the stand board always.

4. SD Studio Design Deluxe Table for Drafting, Drawing and Craft

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No matter how enjoyable and fun your work looks, when you are sitting and doing it for long hours, it becomes tiring. Drawing and drafting is an amazing work but without the right workspace, the workflow gets damaged by great margins. Now you can work comfortably on the large working surface of this drawing table.

For more convenience, you can even adjust it to 40-degrees lean and improve the efficiency of whatsoever you are doing. The smart 24-inches pencil ledge is where you can keep the pen and pencil and ensure they are at your closest reach always.

Key features:

  • Either side mountable plastic moulded slide-out drawers for better storage and space management.
  • Designed with 4 side trays for keeping various types of accessories and tools during working.
  • Equipped with a metal frame holder and cup holder for keeping all sorts of things you might need during drawing.

3. SD Studio Design Vintage Drawing Table

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Reliability and dependability at its very best, from the house of SD studio design this is the ideal table that you can set up anywhere. The most fascinating thing about this table is how it has preserved its authenticity and classic looks while being ultra-modern and functional. The antique finish and design look timeless in any space but when you look deeper, you will know why it is one of the best options.

Adjustable to an impressive 80° angle, the table understands your needs and adjusts accordingly. When you are not drawing you can use it as a regular table for keeping things.

Key features:

  • Solid wood frame construction provides great peace of mind in terms of durability and strength.
  • Comes along with tools and instructions you will need for assembling.
  • 24 pencil ledge and pencil groove make working easy and more convenient.

2. SD Studio Designs Modern Table for Drawing, Craft and Drafting

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Bring home this extraordinary table and transform how you have been working for the better. Equipped with an elegant looking blue tempered glass top, the table offers good working comfort even for the busiest souls. When needed, it is adjusted from being flat to a good 70 degrees of an angle so that you can relax when working on the drawings.

The big working surface will never make you feel short of space when you have big sheets to handle. Furthermore, you will get a height-adjustable stool where you can sit and work with the table in front.

Key features:

  • Left or right side mountable 3 plastic slides out drawers will keep all your things well-organized.
  • High-end level durability assured by the powder-coated heavy-gauge steel construction.
  • The innovative combination of caster wheels and floor-levellers for easy assembling.

1. Artist’s Loft Arts and Crafts Creative Center

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Sitting at the top of the list, this table from the house of Artists loft is designed for passionate artists and professional needs. With a tiltable tabletop from 0-degrees to 45-degrees, you will face no challenges when you are extremely focussed on your work. Also, it is constructed with some premium quality materials like an MDF board for the tabletop.

For superior support and stability, the legs of the table are made of iron and enhanced with powder coating. Moreover, there are four levellers at the bottom that improves the overall working comfort and stability of the drawing table.

Key features:

  • Height adjustable frame between 27-inches to 37-inches for wider flexibility.
  • Smart 24-inches slide-up pencil ledge is quite brilliant and makes working easier.
  • Good storage space is assured by the built-in art tray and cup holder.

Explore your creative side and let your art speak to people. The intelligent drawing table design will provide you with space to store and also store.

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