Top 10 Best Homemade Double Boilers & Pots Reviews In 2020

Melting cheese, chocolate or preparing sauces is actually a very delicate task. It requires proper control of heat since you do not want to burn the ingredients. Thus, performing these tasks on an ordinary saucepan is very difficult. Hence, you need to go for double boilers. The boilers are special cooking tools that are designed for delicate culinary tasks. They are excellently built and often come with the double boiler insets to help you with the job.

However, keeping up with the best available products are really difficult for a common user. Therefore, our double boiler list will keep you on track with the best inclusions.

Table of the Best Double Boilers Reviews

10. All-Clad Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe Sauce Pan with Porcelain Double Boiler and Cookware Lid

Double Boilers

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All-Clad has become a brand that is synonymous with chefs for quality and American ingenuity. This brand just goes further to improve the brand’s reputation with its high-quality and reliability. It has two major components, the porcelain insert of 1.5 quarts. And the saucepan made from high-grade stainless steel with a capacity of 2 quarts. Some ingredients or dishes like chocolate, custards or sauces that are very delicate require gentle indirect heating.

Next, the porcelain insert comes into play here. As a matter of fact, it lets you make dishes or melt chocolate with good heat control and prevents burning. The boiler boasts high-quality aluminium core construction with 3 ply bonding. So, two layers of stainless steel sandwich one layer of aluminium in the middle. Hence, it gives you equal heat distribution throughout the surface devoid of any heat spots. Now your steaks wouldn’t certainly get charred at one place

Key features:

  • Natural non-stick double boiler features due to starburst finish in the interior surface.
  • Food doesn’t get imbued with metallic flavours.
  • You can rather use it without the lid in ovens and broilers till 600-degrees Fahrenheit.
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9. T-fal Specialty Stainless Steel Double Boiler with Phenolic Handle Cookware

T-fal Specialty Stainless Steel Double Boiler with Phenolic Handle Cookware

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T-fal has crafted its stainless steel double boiler from lightweight and durable aluminium with stainless steel inserts. Due to this, they don’t rust and have high resistance to corrosion. The polished finish on both inner and outer surface rather makes them highly-resistant to sticking. Therefore, when you are cooking ingredients, don’t stick to the surface and come off when you want them to.

Moreover, the outer surface also doesn’t catch a lot of condensed oil which makes cleanups hassle-free and effortless. Well, the lifetime warranty period that you certainly get with this product basically and worth every penny of your investment.

Key features:

  • For cleaning just put them into the dishwasher, add cleaning fluid and press the button.
  • Weighing at 2 pounds it is probably one of the lightest boilers on this list.
  • Glass lead indeed gives you an inside peek for monitoring the cooking process.

8. Farberware Classic Covered Double Boilers

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Farberware is always a reliable brand that is delivering high-quality and durable kitchenware for its customers for over a century. It also continues its legacy and brings you a classic style with modern technology. Firstly, it has a curved phenolic double boiler handle that gives you an amazing grip and control for making your dishes. Even when the utensil has reached high temperatures it will remain cool to touch. In fact, it is indeed safe for use up to 350-degrees Fahrenheit.

At the base, you get aluminium core between dual layers of 18/10 stainless steel that is thoroughly polished. This gives you quicker cooking time due to the rapid heating that is evenly distributed throughout the cooking surface. Furthermore, the lid also has a beautiful bell shape. It looks amazing in the kitchen and has a stay-cool knob at the top for protecting hands from being burned. If you want, you can also use the saucepan individually without using the insert. Above all, t serves you best for slow cooking ingredients and simmering delicious gravies.

Key features:

  • The capacity of 2-quarts is more than enough for most homes with moderately sized families
  • You can use it on different styles of stovetops and even on an induction oven.
  • Clean-ups are certainly easy since it’s safe for dishwasher use.

7. Purelife Double Boiler and Steam Pots for Melting Chocolate & Candle Making

Purelife Double Pots

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You can use this four-piece boiler for cooking various dishes and not just for melting chocolate or simmering sauces. The clear glass double boiler lid allows you to monitor and act on the cooking progress of ingredients. With three pans, you can indeed cook three ingredients simultaneously over one cooktop. No need to waste fuel.

As a matter of fact, the base of each has an aluminium disc sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. So heat would be spread evenly through the pot and won’t lead to partial burns on the ingredients.

Key features:

  • Riveted handles are extra firm. For that reason, it will rather last longer.
  • The flat double boiler base allows you to use it over various kinds of cooktops as well as ovens.
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6. Cook N Home NC-00313 Double Boiler Steamer

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This 4 piece boiler from Cook N Home allows a lot of versatility in your cooking. Plus, its innovative design extends the list of different ingredients and dishes that you can cook in it. One of the pots has drilled holes distributed evenly and allows you to have healthy steamed food including, dumplings, fish or veggies.

However, it also has a glass lid that lets you supervise cooking progress in detail. And a small hole that allows steam to pass for avoiding accidents

Key features:

  • Strong curved stainless steel handles that are indeed riveted to the cookware.
  • Thick curved rims that avoid spills while dripping sauce.

5. BLOSSOMZ Tramontina Stainless Steel Steamer/Double-Boiler

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Unlike other manufacturers, Blossomz has confidence in their great craftsmanship. Also, it has incredible quality to offer you a lifetime warranty on their double boiler. So you don’t need to have any reservations before making the purchase.

Handles have heavy gauge stainless steel construction and have been attached to the cookware with strong rivets. That is why this gives you a decent level of sturdiness and rather a lot of manoeuvrability while cooking. Nonetheless, the food grade 304 stainless steel construction that has high durability and corrosion resistance.

Key features:

  • Compatible with various types of cooktops including ceramic, induction, electricity, gas and more.
  • Sturdy handles have a mould with low heat conductivity. So they will stay cool and won’t burn your hands.

4. Pyrex Vintage Flameware Glass Double Boilers

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You can buy this double boiler from Pyrex for its rarity, uniqueness. Since it is made from thick tough glass unlike most modern boilers that have stainless steel construction, your boiler will stand out from the rest. The glass used for the construction of this boiler is thick, tough and has high-temperature resistance. For that reason, it allows you to use this for various dishes like egg-based sauces, fillings, pudding, custard and more.

Moreover, since it isn’t in production any longer it has a level of rarity. Hence, it might make it prized kitchen equipment in the future. You can certainly have it for its rarity and boast among your friends during a party.

Key features:

  • Stainless steel surrounds the boiler around the rim.
  • Handles have steel hooks at the end for indeed hanging them.
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3. Beeiee 3-Tier Stainless Steel Double Boilers and Steamer Cookware Pot

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Beeiee has created innovative design with this boiler by incorporating 3 separate pots into one. Due to this design, you can use it at three different levels depending on the ingredients you need to cook and heat settings. However, you also get 2 streaming grids for placing in between the pots. As a result, that increases the types of dish you can make.

Other than delicate sauces, you can also steam various types of dumplings in these pots. In conclusion, the stainless steel finish is rather pretty satisfying to look at.

Key features:

  • The lid is large enough to allow better steam circulation.
  • Even with this comprehensive and big design, it certainly weighs just near 5 pounds.
  • Two steaming films have different diameters, with one exceeding 11-inches while the other one is under 11-inches,

2. Thunder Group Double Boilers with Cover

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Fine dining restaurants and bistros often need to caramelize delicate ingredients for garnishing or as a base in some dishes. With regular kitchen equipment, it is a bit tough due to the lack of temperature control they offer. This helps you achieve good caramelization of sugars, chocolates and onions without burning them. Therefore, leaving a mess for you to clean.

The base is quite thick and strong due to aluminium core and layers of 18/8 stainless steel surrounding it. As a matter of fact, you get fast even heating when required. Next, the insert gives you slow simmering and caramelization. These features make it a versatile kitchen equipment set that would become a chef’s favourite. It also has a flat base. Finally, if you want to cook ingredients over an induction oven you can easily do so.

Key features:

  • Has certification from both the National Safety Foundation and Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Large solid stainless steel handles on the side that can indeed bear a lot of weight.
  • Cover fits well onto the boiler and has a curved handle that dissipates heat quickly.

1. Pinch DBC-8  Induction Stainless Steel Double Boilers with Cover

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Recipes like egg-based Hollandaise sauce or chocolate sauce made from molten chocolate require gentle heating. And it isn’t possible on a regular utensil. This is excellent for that purpose and is constructed out of 18/8 stainless steel to provide you durability and sturdiness.

But even though it has a sturdy design, you wouldn’t find any problem in moving it to and fro from the cooktop or manoeuvring it over the same. If you use environment-friendly kitchen technology like the induction oven, using the Pinch double boiler isn’t an issue. It indeed has a thick flat base for making it possible.

Key features:

  • Has a thickness of around 0.8 mm
  • Even though it has a 2-gallon capacity, it rather weighs just around 7 and a half pounds

Cook all the delicacies like a professional. The double boiler utensils aid in attaining precision and lip-smacking food.

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