Top 10 Best Pull-up and Dip Stations for Body Solid Reviews In 2020

In today’s modern world, you do not need to invest in bulky or complicated workout equipment in order to achieve your fitness goals. For instance, if your main goal is to work out the upper body, arms, and even legs, all you need is a sturdy and reliable pull up bar dip station. Dip stations work wonders and even better, they do not take much of your space. This popular structure in gyms and homes will give you unmatched workout versatility as you have never seen before. With a great dip station, you can target your chest, triceps, arms, and also improve your core strength. We have taken a step further and reviewed the Top 10 Best Dip Stations in the market to help those intending to work out at home. Here we go:

Table of the Best Dip Stations Reviews

10. Fuel Pureformance Bodyweight Training Dip Station

Dip Stations

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Featuring greatly designed angled dips, padded grips, and a comfortable design, Fuel Pureformance Bodyweight Dip Station could escape the first space in our list. It is a compact and sturdy workout equipment piece that won’t take much of your interior space. You can rely on this tool when doing chest flyes, chest dips, pull-ups knee raises and even hanging legs. It is pretty versatile and boasts a 14 gauge heavy duty steel construction. In order to boost durability and protect against rust, the steel tubular frame is reinforced in a powder coat finish. Overall, it is a great choice when you want to exercise your chest, legs abs, triceps, and shoulders.

Special Features

  • Built with 14 gauge steel
  • Open pass-through design
  • Versatile
  • Padded grips for comfort
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9. ProsourceFit Heavy Duty Dip Stand Station 7 Body Press Bar for Tricep Dips

ProsourceFit Heavy Duty Dip Stand Station 7 Body Press Bar for Tricep Dips

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Pretty in design yet stable in construction best describes the ProsourceFit Dip Station. Featuring a pass through open design, this unit goes an extra mile to include a stabilizing connector that extends the length of the bar to 23 ¼ inches. You can confidently perform push-ups, dips, L-sits and inverted rows. Most impressive is the fact that each bar of this station can be adjusted up to 35 inches giving you room to perform a variety of workouts.

The sturdy iron tubes are not only stable but also powder coated to resist rust. This dip station is designed to withstand anything that doesn’t go beyond the weight limit of 400lbs. In addition, you can work out your shoulders, triceps, and chest anywhere courtesy of the lightweight and portable design.

Special Features

  • Sturdy iron tubes
  • Weight capacity of 400lbs
  • Rubber feet and stabilizing connector
  • Padded grips for comfort
  • Portable and lightweight design

8. Livebest Heavy Duty Adjustable Power Tower & Strength Training Dip Stand Workout Station for Home Gym

Livebest Heavy Duty Adjustable Power Tower & Strength Training Dip Stand Workout Station for Home Gym

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This multifunctional high-strength training station is another outstanding model that is worth considering. Boasting a heavy duty steel construction, this unit has a weight capacity of 325lbs. One can always adjust the height depending on personal needs. There are four non-slip rubber foot pads that keep the entire equipment still and boosts stability on the floor. You will also appreciate the easy-to-assemble design. Kindly do not screw too tight when putting together this fitness dipping stations, otherwise, it will get wobbly. It is the perfect choice when you want to build your shoulders, arms, legs, and abdomen.

Special Features

  • Can be used at home, gym or in the office
  • Easy to put together
  • Weight capacity of 350lbs
  • Multi-functional design

7. RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Heavy Duty Dip Stands Fitness Workout/ Dip Bar Station Stabilizer/ Parallette Push Up Stand

 RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Heavy Duty Dip Stands Fitness Workout/ Dip Bar Station Stabilizer/ Parallette Push Up Stand

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Looking for dip station that will guarantee you safety during exercise? Well, the RELIFE Dip Station is a solidly built with heavy duty steel and can support up to 300lbs. Based on your height or personal needs, you can adjust the height from 31.11 to35.04 inches. This multipurpose tool is perfect for workout enthusiasts who love practising dips, pull-ups, leg raise, bar exercises and more. Another impressive are the foam-padded grip handles that optimize comfort and reduce hand fatigue.

In order to keep the station still and stable, quality and durable non-slip foot pads are included. No more spending of bucks visiting the gym, this space-saving unit is all it takes to have your own personal gym. It is a great choice for outdoor use or home gym. It will take you very little time to set up the entire dip station and sweat it out.

Special Features

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Non-slip foot pads
  • Adjustable height
  • Heavy duty steel construction
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6. Total Body Strengthener Fitness Equalizer Station By Lebert

Lebert Fitness Equalizer Bars Total Body Strengthener

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Take your workout game a notch higher with the Multipurpose Lebert Fitness Bars. This model boasts being the leading innovator in home and gym workouts. What sets these bars apart is their versatility, workouts enthusiasts have the opportunity to try out hundreds of bodyweight-exercise options owing to the included stabilizing challenger bars. Nevertheless, it is a portable and simple-to-use piece of equipment that will enable you to work out your chest, arms, back among other body core muscles. Each of the stainless bars has a solid foam grip designed to improve friction without compromising on user comfort. Plus, these bars have a whopping weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Special Features

  • Highly versatile
  • Multipurpose bodyweight training equipment
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable foam grips
  • Includes an instructional DVD

5. Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Station Workout

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Station

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Suitable for general users, athletes, and young workout enthusiasts, this unit is basically designed to ensure you make the most out of every single workout. If you are a perfectionist who wants a dip station that can target specific muscles and provide the ultimate results, look no further. It is perfect for L-Sits and Knee Raises that strengthen the lower back and reduce body aches. Even better is the adjustable levelling feet and the high-intensity foam grips that offer the ultimate traction and comfort.

Putting together this workout dip station is pretty simple given the fact that it has a simple-colour coded assembly. Anyone who is up to 6 feet 5 inches and whose weight is below the threshold of 350lbs can comfortably achieve a sculpted upper body without hitting the gym. In addition, you can expand this trainer by acquiring the Weighted Dip Belt Agility Trainer and the Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight Resistance Trainers separately.

Special Features

  • Angled grips plus adjustable width
  • Open walk-through design
  • Stylish and elegant looks
  • Includes workout guide, blog, and video support
  • Has a weight capacity of up to 350lbs

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Dip Station Body Press Parallel Bar

Sunny Health & Fitness Dip Station Body Press Parallel Bar

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To honest, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-BH6507 Dip Station makes the ultimate choice for those who want to exercise both their mid-section and upper body. This piece of equipment works like charm in working out the triceps, abs, wrists, biceps, and chest. With the safety connector, you can adjust the width to your own liking from 20” to 28” and try several workout options with confidence. Plus, it is lightweight for easy movement to any space within your home. Dig deeper into your health & fitness goals with the heavy-duty steel tubular frames that also features comfy soft foam grips. The maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds.

Special Features

  • Includes safety connector
  • Non-slip handles
  • Versatile full body workout fitness station
  • Durable steel frame
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3. Trademark Innovations Fitness Training Dip Station

Trademark Innovations Fitness Training Dip Station

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This is another excellent product from Trademark Innovations featuring several expedient features despite being budget-friendly. One aspect that sets this model apart from its competitors are the included handles and bands. Even better is the fact that users of this trainer can lift their entire body weight for better results. Rubber fits help level the station and also protect the surface. Comfortable and non-slip handles are used allowing users to work out with confidence. Assembling it together is a breeze and will take you less time. Overall, for strengthening your chest, core muscles and arms, this is a no match.

Special Features

  • Non-slip grips
  • Comfortable foam padding
  • Great for exercising the entire body
  • Easy to assemble

2. PLENY 2-in-1 Dip Station with Fitness Trampoline

PLENY 2-in-1 Dip Station with Fitness Trampoline

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Designed for use by both kids and adults, the PLENY 2-in-1 Dip Station is another station worth owning in your home. Adults can achieve their fitness goals by performing back rows, pull-ups and tricep dips. Even more impressive is the fact that this model can be used as a mini fitness trampoline. The 2-in-one dip station works great for families intending to keep busy during the weekend and saving on space. The fitness trampoline helps kids improve their balancing, agility and aerobic skills at the comfort of their homes.

Special Features

  • Measures 43.5 by 39.58 by 42.5
  • Includes fitness trampoline
  • Stylish design and great looks
  • Perfect for performing tricep dips, knee raises, leg raised and pull-ups

1. Paralletes XL Push Ups Stand By Ultimate Body Press

Paralletes XL Push Ups Stand By Ultimate Body Press

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Combining modern height with workout versatility, the New 12” Tall Steel Paralletes Makes a great choice for those who love the freedom of doing it in any style. The 12 Inch riser allows you to pass your feet and legs and concentrate on exercising your arms, chests and core muscles for better results. Plus, the u-shaped handles boast a commercial-grade construction and last a lifetime. When working out, your clothes won’t hold on anything due to the smooth round design of the handles. Moving on, the pass-through T-Bar design makes this station a perfect choice for performing CrossFit HIIT Style exercises. It is suitable for use at home or in the commercial gyms.

Special Features

  • Non-slid rubber feet
  • Versatile
  • Improved clearance for more workouts
  • Thick non-skid rubber fitting
  • Great for both domestic and commercial use

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