Top 10 Best Deer Carts Reviews In 2020

Do not let your passion go to waste cause of the troubles you might face while taking it further. To complement the passion for hunting and make things easier for you in the woods, the deer carts are a trustworthy option which will help you carry what you have hunted. The carts come with wheels that eliminate added efforts you would require to drag it back while the design of these carts will keep your downed game in the right order. Each of the carts is built with premium quality materials meant to last a lifetime while the wheels are constructed in a fashion that will run smoothly even in the most undulating and rocky terrains without any damages.

But you definitely do not want to feel cheated by owning low-quality products. Hence, we present to you the best deer carts that bring convenience at your doorstep and are models on which you can put your trust without worrying.

Table of the Best Deer Carts Reviews

10. Goplus Large Folding Deer Game Cart – 500lbs

Deer Carts

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When you have spent your time in the wild efficiently and caught your trophy, the Goplus large deer cart will help you in transportation even for a big deer. Constructed out of steel, this haulier cart has a huge 500 pounds of weight capacity while the heavy-duty steel axle wheels of 17” diameter and 1.5” thickened rubber over them for unrestricted movement even in the woods. Besides, it has a 69.3” X 18.1” of storage area that gives you ample space to work with.

Key features

  • Easy to assemble design even in the woods.
  • Foldable frame aids in easier storage and transport.
  • Impressive durability.

9. Guide Gear Deer Cart

Guide Gear Deer Cart

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Designed to perfection, the Guide Gear cart is an example of highly-reliable construction blended with a smart design. The balanced frame is designed to centre the weight right over the axle so that you don’t face trouble while carrying it the weight through the forest. Besides, it has puncture proof 16” diameter of wheels made of solid rubber and spoke body. These wheels can handle roughest of the terrains and even run over streams.

Key features

  • Folds down to a flat frame to easily carry it around and store when not in use.
  • Have three lashing straps for keeping in place.
  • The heavy-duty steel construction can carry 300 lbs.

8. XtremepowerUS Deer Cart Game Hauler Utility Hunting Dolly Cart 500lb

XtremepowerUS Deer Cart Game Hauler Utility Hunting Accessories Gear Dolly Cart 500lb

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The carts for deer may not help you with your hunting abilities but will certainly help you do the rest of the work after hunting is done. With this cart from Xtremepower US, you have a durable steel constructed cart that will stay with you for a longer number of years without any damages. Also, it can support up to 500 pounds of weight with ease while the heavy-duty steel axle assures you do not face any unfortunate trouble while moving it through the forest trails.

Key features

  • Wheels can be removed when you need to store or transport it.
  • Solid rubber wheels will not fall prey to puncture and rapid tear.

7. Summit Treestands Game Cart

Summit Treestands Game Cart

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This lightweight deer cart brings forward a very simplistic design that maintains the integrity and strength even when dealing with larger trophies. After your hunting is done, you can easily transport your downed game on this cart as it comes with 350 lbs of weight capacity and reliability of solid steel axle that keeps it going in all conditions. The heavy-duty construction eliminates risks of a sudden breakdown in the middle of the expedition.

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Key features

  • Have 3 utility straps that keep the load attached securely.
  • The hardened rubber wheels are of 16” that help to muster any type of ground or trail.
  • For extra traction, the bottom is provided with edged teeth.

6. Best Deer Game Hauler Cart for Game – 500lb Capacity

Deer Game Hauler Cart for Game

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One of the best-designed carts in the market, this cart is what you can rely on various purposes. From hauling of tree strand to transporting of hunted deer, this can do it allowing to the huge 500 pounds of weight capacity and the large solid rubber wheels it has. The wheels ensure that you will never face troubles of puncture while you are on the move. Furthermore, the durable steel construction with brown coated finish keeps it away from rusting and corrosion damage risks in the long run.

Key features

  • The axle is made out of heavy-duty steel.
  • Have two buckle straps for secure keeping of the load.
  • Wheels can be removed for easier transportation.

5. Leader Super Mag Hauler Steel Hunting Deer Cart – 550lb 

Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler Steel Hunting Deer Game Cart

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A different approach towards the design of the cart, it has a heavy-duty platform in the middle that is built purely out of polyester thus rewarding the cart with a huge hauling weight capacity of 550 pounds. Moreover, it has the benefit of two buckle straps that will keep the hunted animal in place even when you are moving through the rough roads. Now you have more room for hauling your game easily and heavy-duty steel constructed a frame to ensure that it stays safe and new for longer years.

Key features

  • 20” wheels that are made of solid rubber along with steel rims and spokes for reliability.
  • Tubular steel constructed frame is easy to fold, thus easy transport every single time.

4. Rage Powersports Hunting Deer & Game Hauler Cart 50- 0 lb.

Hunting Deer and Game Hauler Cart

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After you have given enough efforts in hunting the deer, you can’t make things even tougher by try dragging it through the entire trail. The Rage Powersports deer cart for sale is here to your rescue as it has 18.5” of solid rubber wheels combined with steel rims and spokes for enhanced stability. Plus, it is equipped with a 3/4” steel axle for aiding in performing the task better.

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Key features

  • Immense 500 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Includes the convenience of two buckle straps.
  • Wire spring assembly is both quick and easy to work with.

3. Sherpa Game Cart – Summit Viper Classic Model

Sherpa Game Cart - Summit Viper Classic Model

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 The summit viper classic model of deer cart is designed to deliver a smooth and reliable performance when you will be taking your hunted game through the woods. The wheels on the cart are airless and make sure that the sharp edges of the rocks do not lead to puncture or damage. Also, it has a low 10 pounds of self-weight making it easy move around even when nothing is loaded.

Key features

  • Compact and durable construction for long years of service.
  • Weight carrying capacity of 250 pounds.
  • 16” massive wheels.

2. Allen Meat Wagon Game Deer Cart Deer

Meat Wagon Game Cart, Olive Elk, Deer, Antelope Game Cart

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Gone are the days of using traditional methods to carry your hunted game, this excellent deer cart will take away your extra efforts even when you choose to walk through unconventional places in the woods. With tie down straps, your trophy will stay at the place even on a bumpy ride and the shoulder straps that can be adjusted acts as an added benefit for improved transportation.

Key features

  • Can be folded to a flat frame for easy storage and transport.
  • Sturdy construction enhances durability.
  • Tires are resisted against puncture.

1. TMS Deer Cart Game Hauler Utility Hunting – 500lb

TMS 500lb Deer Cart Game Hauler Utility Hunting Accessories Gear Dolly Cart

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Undoubtedly the best, the TMS cart is constructed out of solid steel which is durable and adds strength to the dolly. The brown powder coating adds to the looks and functionality as well. Besides, the reliable construction makes it safe to use for various applications like transport of tree strands and animals as well. At a low self-weight of 30 pounds, carrying it around is never a challenge.

Key features

  • Have two buckle straps for secure attachment of load.
  • Will withstand a weight of up to 500 lbs.
  • Solid rubber wheels keep away puncture and can even be removed when the unit needed to be transported.

Using a deer cart will be easier as these carts are designed thinking about the manoeuvrability and efficiency.

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