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If you have fitness goals you wish to achieve through workout and exercises, you certainly need some amazing equipment. Each equipment that is designed for your fitness sessions has a different use. And a curl bar is used for your muscles. This isolates your muscles and helps them to come in proper shape. Here, we suggest the top commercial Olympic curl bars and non-commercial ones if you plan on having for your gym arsenal.

Only the finest and most reliable products are narrowed down on the list, thus you can always trust on your choice. Also, the features, design, and construction have been explained for easier choosing.

Table of the Best Curl Bars Reviews

10. Cap Barbell Solid Steel Olympic Curl Bars

Curl Bars

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Getting better at your fitness game is the ultimate hack to becoming what you want to be. Experimenting with different types of exercises can help you get a physique you will like more. Having high-end construction, the curl bar design is such that you will always like using. You can accommodate Olympic plates that have a 2-inches hole in the centre for some amazing workout sessions.

For your biceps, triceps, and even your chest muscle groups, this bar will come in really handy. It measures 1210mm in length and the self-weight of the bar is 16.75 pounds, thereby making it even better for exercising. The 6-inches knurling on each side of the bar readily enhances workout effectiveness. As a result, providing you with muscle and fitness that you will enjoy.

Key features:

  • Innovative revolving sleeves help you put less pressure on your wrists.
  • Comes with ring collars for better workability in every situation.
  • The steel used in the construction indeed has a tensile strength of 51,000 PSI.

9. XMark XM-3675 EZ Curl Bars with Brass Bushings & Olympic Plate Weight Sets

XMark XM-3675 EZ Curl Bars with Brass Bushings & Olympic Plate Weight Sets

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Indeed a combination of a bar that weighs 65 pounds and a number of weight plates of 10 pounds, 5 pounds and 2.5 pounds. This set understands your need for better fitness and helps you get the muscle you always seek for. With a huge weight capacity of 400 pounds, almost all kinds of fitness enthusiasts can make use it.

The bar is finished with a manganese phosphate coating which greatly improves the overall strength of the bar. Moreover, owing to this construction, it is always completely protected against risks of rusting, corrosion and abrasion damage. As it uses brass bushings, it is safe to use even when you take the workouts to the next level.

Key features:

  • Features 5 curl bar grip handles that have spacious openings for better fitting on the hand.
  • Virgin and recycled rubber cover on the plates makes them tougher and safer.
  • Snap ring lock system is rather safe and completely free of maintenance hassles.

8. XMark CHISEL Pro EZ Curl Bar Weight with Preacher Curl Bench

XMark CHISEL Pro EZ Curl Bar Weight with Preacher Curl Bench

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Top of the line and amazing in every sense, this bar from X-Mark fitness is outstanding. It is designed with 4 needle bearings so that the overall spin feels much smoother and quieter always. In addition to that, the overall built quality is super-fine and never disappoints you in any sense whatsoever.

The bar uses black manganese phosphate 28mm shaft which is found in good quality curl bars like this. Furthermore, owing to this amazing construction, your bar is corrosion and abrasion-proof. It is combined with weight plates so that when you feel more pumped, you can help yourself have better sessions.

Key features:

  • Better positioning of the bar is assured as the innovative design aids in it.
  • Uses a snap ring lock system, thereby ensuring you do not require continuous adjustments. The curl bar locks also keep the process secured for you.
  • 4 needle bearing assembly makes the bar spinning smoother and quieter.

7. GOPLUS Olympic EZ Curl Bars for Strength Training – Solid Steel Barbell Weight Lifting Bar

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The quality of construction and use of premium materials makes this one of the best choices. Next, the Q235 steel used in the making increases strength and longevity. Also, it is enhanced with cold forging and quenching technology. Therefore, makes the overall quality even better. The chrome-plating on the surface promises no rust and corrosion damage which otherwise reduces the strength. As a matter of fact, the curl bar’s weight capacity of 400 pounds is pretty huge.

Given that, working out with this bar is extremely fun and hassle-free always. The innovative cambered design and knurled handles greatly improve the grip on the bar and reduces tension. Every time, you are working out with this curl bar, you can stay sure of the safety and consistency.

Key features:

  • Long 47-inches length and a 28mm grip help you have the best workout always.
  • Combination of a couple of copper sleeves and a couple of bearings improves the overall lubrication.
  • 360° rotation improves the overall workability.

6. XMark Lumberjack Curl Bars with Bicep Arm Blaster, Bar Collars & Bar Holder

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A package that can do more than what you expect, this Olympic curl bar comes along with the benefits of exercises. When you buy this bar, you get a bicep arm blaster, aluminium bar collar and even a bar holder. Now you can experiment with some other kinds of exercises as well. With the help of the arm blaster and bar holder, you can pay more attention to your body. Therefore, get in better shape faster.

Also, the bar collars aid you to try your hand in some versatile of exercise and workout routines. Finally, the brass bushings used in the design are reliable and durable for intense workouts.

Key features:

  • Designed using a 28mm black zinc shaft for more safety and security.
  • Has semi-aggressive knurling for more prominent results always.
  • Polished chrome sleeves are for improving the aesthetics of the set-up.

5. XMark XM-3677 Commercial Olympic EZ Curl Bar for Bicep Curl and Triceps Extension

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Designed and constructed by the house of X-Mark fitness, this bar is an excellent choice for fitness freaks. The durable hard chrome finish improves the strength, durability and sturdiness of the bar. Therefore, it means you can always expect more out of it.

Besides, it has some intelligent features like a snap ring lock system and brass bushing assembly for convenient usage. The shaft used on the bar has black manganese phosphate coating for more appealing results always. No matter how hard you are working out, the bar always feels comfortable and safe.

Key features:

  • Medium knurling allows you to step up the work rate without hurting your wrists or forearms.
  • User-friendly 28mm grip for safe usage and efficient results.
  • Commendable weight capacity of 400 pounds while the self-weight is 22 pounds.

4. XMark XM-3675 Olympic Curl Bar & TRI-Grip Plate Weight Sets

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Designed to perfection, the shape and features on this curl bar are seriously amazing. It has recessed tri-grip handles that have spacious openings between them. Even better, there are rounded integrated finger slots that help you in the offloading and loading during workouts. When you buy this, you get a total of 8 weight plates of different weights. Now you can set-up the fitness routines accordingly.

Just like the professional-like bars, this also uses a 28mm black manganese phosphate shaft for better results. With the long-lasting nylon bushings and a durable chrome finish, this bar will not give you any ground of complaints.

Key features:

  • Any user of a maximum weight of 400 pounds can use it.
  • The maintenance-free snap ring lock system is very effective and rewarding.
  • Premium rubber casting is provided on the iron weight plates.

3. Ivanko OBZ-30B Light Commercial-Duty Olympic EZ-Curl Bar 

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Make your workout sessions more efficient and reward yourself with results that you will love to feel and witness. With this bar, you can carry out with your fitness routines and reach your goals sooner. The 30mm width of this is convenient to handle and control while your entire concentration is on the working out.

It moreover, weighs about 30 pounds in total but never falls short of performing the way it is meant to. Perfectly designed for commercial and personal uses, incorporating this in your regime is going to benefit your fitness regime. Lastly, the bar is 5ft in length and helps you have a better session with more power, control and results.

Key features:

  • The 38.5-inches length between the collars helps in having a great balance out of the bar.
  • Very durable construction for long term usage.
  • Sleeve loading length of this bar is 9.5-inches.

2. Elevens 17-Inch EZ Curl Bar for Home Gym

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Capable of combining it with Olympic plates of 2-inches centre hole, you will now skip no routine. Measuring at 47-inches in length, there is enough space to put a number of weight plates for more commendable results. Having 300 pounds weight limit, with this single bar and weight plates you can work on your muscle groups better.

With a black phosphate on the shaft, it is not prone to rusting damage. In fact, the bar will not even lose its colour even when you are using it daily. Furthermore, it has diamond knurled handgrips that provide you with a good grip. Therefore, eliminates any hassles of slipping while using it.

Key features:

  • Snap ring closure is more convenient and is maintenance-free as well.
  • Uses bronze bushings which are safer and more durable to use.
  • Solid construction with chrome finish gives you the peace of mind while working out.

1. Body-Solid OB47B Tools Curl Bars

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Likewise, the other amazing products, this one also comes with the assurance of functionality and reliability. Designed with dual grips that are angled biochemically, helps keep yourself safe from injuries and accidents. The 300 pounds of carrying capacity will withstand even the most intense weights.

No matter how much you use it and how heavy you make it, the bar will perform perfectly.

Key features:

  • Innovative 7-inches collar length helps you have better control and handling.
  • Fully compatible with weight plates and spring collars.
  • Thoughtful 31.5-inches of the inside sleeve offers a safer and comfortable positioning always.

With a curl bar for a home gym, you can work out your curls and can follow-up your fitness routine.

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