Best Commercial Cold Press Juicers | Masticating Juicer Machine Reviews

We all are aware of the benefits of drinking fresh juices of fruits and even some vegetables. However, to drink fresh juice, you have to prepare it at home. The ones you get in the market are processed, and they do more harm than good. Therefore, you need to opt for a cold press juicer which is also called a masticating juicer. There are so many different types of cold press juicers available to extract juice almost effortlessly. Check out the following list of the top best cold press juicers.

Table of the Best Cold Press Juicers Reviews

10. Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer Machine – Cold Press Juice Extractor

Cold Press Juicers

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Drinking fresh juice in the morning is good for your health. Preparing juice in the mixture takes a lot of time. Now, you can make juice within a few minutes in this juicer. It is one of the best cold press juicers for daily use. This juicer maintains the minerals and vitamins and, therefore, best for the kids.

This juicer is also simple to use and wash with hands and in the dishwasher. Moreover, you can get 4 elegant shades in this juicer. Easy assembly and disassembly also make this juicer an ideal kitchen appliance for every housewife. Furthermore, you can also store this juicer anywhere in the kitchen or keep it on the tabletop.


  • Multi-functional design for comfort.
  • Customize control functions for performance.
  • Detachable parts for effortless cleaning.

9. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor – Cold Press Juicer for Vegetables and Fruits

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This is the durable juicer for kitchen use. It is crafted using high-quality materials that never rust due to use or moisture. This cold press juicer extracts the most nutritious juices of different flavors. Moreover, it retains the enzymes and minerals of the juice without changing the natural taste.

This juicer does not cause clogging of the fruit extracts and, therefore, can be used daily. You can also prepare healthy juices for your babies. It does not make a loud noise like other juicers. The parts of this juicer are also easy to wash with plain water or in the dishwasher. Furthermore, the solid base gives you comfort and relaxation while preparing juice every day.


  • Firm rubberized base for enhanced stability.
  • Advanced design functions for comfort.
  • Easy weight and transferable design for satisfaction.

8. AMZCHEF Professional Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Machine

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Easy to start, this is a good juicer for kitchen use. It prepares juices slowly without removing the original taste. You can make various fruit juices in this mixture with the help of a single button. This machine does not remove minerals and vitamins of the juice and, therefore, good for the whole family. You can also place this machine on the tabletop or in the cabinet.

Available in 3 different colors, this cold press juicer suits every type of kitchen décor. Moreover, it separates pulp and juice perfectly. Apart from that, it is also easy to assemble the parts of this juicer. Furthermore, it includes protection chips that stop the machine automatically after preparing different fruit juices.


  • The noise-free mechanism for consumer comfort.
  • Enhanced safety design for overall satisfaction.
  • User-friendly operation design for a comfortable experience.

7. Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor – Cold Press Juicer Machine

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This is one of the smartest juicers for large and small families. It has a stylish design and beautiful colors. You can also extract vegetable and fruit juices using this juicer. Moreover, it does not cause spillage or any other damage. You can also extract the juice without making your hands dirty or sticky.

Additionally, this juicer maintains the minerals and vitamins of the juices. It is compact in size and, therefore, easy to store. The taste of the juice remains original, and your babies will also love drinking it. The washing of this machine is extremely easy with hands or in the dishwasher. Furthermore, you can gift this juicer on birthdays, Christmas or weddings, or any other occasion.


  • The environment-friendly mechanism for comfort.
  • Easily maintainable design for user satisfaction.
  • Temperature-friendly design for enhanced safety.

6. Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain Cold

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Made from cold spin technology, this juicer is good for your health. It prepares healthy and tasty juices every day. There are also 2-speed controls in this juicer for soft and hard vegetables and fruits. Moreover, the premium quality stainless steel does not rust even after long use. It delivers the speed of 1300 rpm for denser fruits and 6500 rpm for soft fruits.

The large pulp bin container can collect about 3.4 liters of juice and therefore used for family functions. Using this juicer will also bring down your electricity bills. Furthermore, it is easy to operate this juicer with the help of a single button. You can also wash the parts of the machine with water and liquid soap.


  • Ergonomic capacious design for satisfaction.
  • Multi-application design for comfort.
  • Superior quality material for a long-lasting experience.

5. AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

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Do you want to upgrade your kitchen look? Then you can purchase this durable juicer. It is designed from fine quality materials that do not rust or corrode due to use. This juicer comes in 4 stunning colors that match your kitchen interior. It is also easy to store this juicer maker in any cabinet or cupboard.

This juicer has 2-speed modes for extracting tasty juices and, therefore, good for your health. Moreover, the slow masticating design takes out about 95% of juice from the fruits. It is also easy to assemble the parts of the juicer as well as disassemble them. Furthermore, you can view the full juice making process on the LED display of this juicer.


  • Personalized control features for performance.
  • Multi-color construction for consumer comfort.
  • The high-power mechanism for superior satisfaction.

4. Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

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This is the beautiful cold press juicer for modern homes. It has an elegant silver finish that suits your kitchen interior. This juicer also has an amazing design and nice craftsmanship. Moreover, it prepares juices slowly and accurately without removing the taste. Like other juicers, this juice maker does not use much heat while preparing juices and therefore reduces power bills.

The speed of this juicer is 80 RPMs, and it gives you healthy and tasty juices. It also prepares immunity boosting juices containing antioxidants and enzymes. You can also prepare soups and vegetable juices in this compact juicer. Furthermore, it is easy to wash the parts of this juicer with the hands or in the dishwasher by adding some powder.


  • Modifiable control setup for performance.
  • Versatile usage design for satisfaction.
  • Advanced noise cancellation technology for comfort.

3. Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus Countertop Centrifugal Juicer

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Now, you can make juices within a few seconds. This is the speedy juicer for juice lovers. It has an elegant finish and stylish body.  It is made from cold spin technology that maintains the temperature of the juice. Moreover, this machine does not remove the original taste or minerals from the juice.

This juicer can blend fruits and veggies perfectly and therefore used in every home. It also contains a huge jar to store the juice for the full day. You can keep this juicer on the countertop space or tabletop or any cabinet. It is also a good gift for Christmas and birthday and other occasions. Furthermore, this juicer is easy to clean and maintain as well.


  • The advanced non-slip base design for stability.
  • Enhanced spacious construction for comfort.
  • Finest quality material for enhanced durability.

2. Homever Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor – Cold Press Juicer for Fruit and Vegetable

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This juicer is beautiful as well as small in size. You can now enjoy preparing different juices for your kids, parents, and husband. This juicer also has a powerful motor of 150 watts that extracts healthy juices. It has a low speed of 80 rpm and grinds the fruit and veggies perfectly. Moreover, the juicer does not make noise while extracting the juice.

It brings down your power bills and, therefore, good for daily use. The easy cleaning and maintenance of the machine make it the right tool for the kitchen. This juicer is also free of chemicals and parabens. It is safe for long term use and does not cause health hazards. Furthermore, this juicer is a nice gift for different occasions.


  • Easy transferable and maintainable design for longevity.
  • Advanced functional design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Non-toxic material for enhanced safety.

1. CIRAGO Cold Press Juicer Machine for Vegetables and Fruits

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Now, you will enjoy preparing an array of fruit juices for your family members. This is the modern juicer for a smart kitchen. It is also one of the best juice extractors with good features. The juicer is crafted from fine quality materials and, therefore, does not cause health hazards. It does not lose its shine or color even after a long time.

Whether it is vegetable or fruit, you can prepare any juice in this juicer. Moreover, it preserves the taste of the juicer and minerals within the juice. You can also make different juices in the morning for your family in the morning or evening. Furthermore, it is simple to store this juice maker in any kitchen cabinet or cupboard.


  • Dynamically adaptable features for a comfortable experience.
  • Effortlessly maintainable design for satisfaction.
  • Advanced-grade technology for superior performance.


There are few factors to consider while purchasing a cold press juicer. First of all, technical factors like RPM are quite crucial, and you should compare the products before purchasing them. Besides, the width of the chute, the ejection method, and ease of cleaning are some other points to keep in mind.

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