Best Tree Climbing Sticks | Tree Steps Reviews In 2021

If you are into hunting or want to climb up a tree, you know that getting into tree stands is very troublesome. That is the reason why it is very important to opt for tree climbing stands. The climbing sticks come with reversible steps. Thus, they offer you proper support and help. Furthermore, they use high-quality materials. So, you can always be sure about its durability and there won’t be any chances of sudden slips.

However, the never-ending list can keep going but that will not point out the best one. So, we took the time out to research the climbing sticks online and present you with the most reliable ones.

Table of the Best Climbing Sticks Reviews

10. Millennium Treestands M210 Stick Climber

Climbing Sticks

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The M210 from Millenium Treestands is as rugged and capable as the hunter in you. This stick allows you to get on or off of your tree stand effortlessly. And even silently without spooking out a nearby game. It has a height of 20-feet and has extensions at the correct places for a safe footing while you are using it.

Nonetheless, the tough but lightweight steel material that is more than capable enough to handle your weight. Plus, it will last you for a really long time. For resistance against the elements, it also boasts a thick layer of powder coating.

Key features:

  • For secure hold on extra-large trees, this tall climbing stick has a 7-feet long cam buckle.
  • Even though it weighs just around 17 pounds, it can tolerate around 300 pounds of weight.
  • Ribbed edges on the extended arms for a better grip with your hunting boots.
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9. Lone Wolf 4 – Pc. Climbing Sticks

Lone Wolf 4 - Pc. Climbing Sticks

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Lone Wolf has created a unique climbing stick design that would allow you to hunt in complete stealth. And that also without cutting branches or making any disturbance to the environment. This set of 4 climbing sticks has a patented V-bracket unlike any other stand on the market. So, when you get a tree with a bit of lean or undulation these brackets are going to force itself between two solid points of contact for a rock-solid and sturdy bite on the tree.

Even if the tree of your choice is leaning forward or backwards, the stick is going to remain straight. Therefore, you will not miss your aim.

Key features:

  • Fits a wide variety of trees with a diameter of 4-inches to 22-inches.
  • Reversible steps make the design even more versatile.
  • Doesn’t take up too much vertical space like traditional sticks.

8. XOP Climbing Sticks for Treestands

XOP Climbing Sticks for Treestands

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XOP has brought to you a set of 4 sticks that are unlike anything else you have come across in the hunting industry. A robust build-quality and a single tube climbing stick design can hold its own due to the aluminium construction.

Since they are from aluminium, these sticks aren’t really susceptible to rusting or corrosion that easily. Next, it adds less bulk so that you can carry other gears or your favourite accessories.

Moreover, the sticks maintain a large distance out of the tree they are pivoted on. This gives you excellent foot clearance for climbing up without hitting against the tree. But the greatest advantage of these sticks is that they don’t require straps for carrying together. They have an innovative clamping system which allows you to stack them up and carry them effortlessly. No need to worry about the strap getting undone.

Key features:

  • Since they stack up without a strap there is no rattling noise to scare away the prey.
  • Deep V-brackets on either end of the stick brings convenience.
  • You can also change the direction of the climbing bars and can never attach the stick in the wrong way.

7. Guide Gear Quick Climbing Sticks

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Guide Gear offers you one of the most value for money quick climbing sticks available on the market. The sticks have the superior build quality and can handle most trees without any problem. They are tough enough to tolerate your weight. In fact, it gives you stable footing while you climb up for a better vantage point.

It really excels at its primary feature, climbing. Set them up against the tree, secure the grip with the provided cam buckle and you can gain elevation in no time.

Key features:

  • Comes with all the necessary hardware and is easy to assemble.
  • Ships with a peeling stick tape to go over the top of your sticks.
  • Welded nicely so that arms can bear plenty of strain without snapping off the main tube.
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6. Big Dog Hunting Hotfoot Climbing stick

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Big Dog provides you with a stick for climbing that allows you to swiftly gain elevation without making much noise. As a result, you are always ahead of the rest of the competition. In public hunting grounds when you are competing with too many hunters during the hunting season, this stick would give you a solid edge due to its massive height of 24-feet.

You can spot an approaching deer long before your peers and be ready to strike at a moment’s notice. They have sturdy steel construction which doesn’t make the stick light, but extremely stable.

Key features:

  • Climbing becomes fun instead of an obligation due to the angled double steps.
  • Steps have been welded perfectly on either side for rugged performance.
  • Comes with straps so that you can carry them with ease.

5. Rivers Edge Grip Stick Climbing Aid

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Rivers Edge offers you a no-nonsense climbing grip stick that relies on superior build quality instead of flashy design. It has a superb finish with the steps welded together at the correct angles. Next, the tubes smoothed out without sharp edges sticking out. It grabs on to the tree quite well. Plus, the steps on both sides of the main tube let you climb it like a regular ladder.

Given that, you individually use this to set up the ladder as you are willing to. Add this to your gear to improve your hunting game.

Key features:

  • You can choose from three different options to buy one pack, 3 packs or 12 packs depending on your needs.
  • No velcros used means minimum noise.
  • Designed to stack together easily to give you a compact form.

4. Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks for Treestand Fold Up Steps with Boot Grabbing Grooves

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Hawk has gone a different route from the rest. It has chosen to offer you a climbing stick with the perfect blend of strength and lightweight dress. This stick from the brand is from aircraft-grade aluminium that doesn’t make your journey with this stick tiresome. Instead, it gives you a stable and sturdy footing while you are climbing up a tree without getting snapped.

It has also been designed to be as silent as possible. It has hooks with a softer moulded material over top. This reduces noise during setup.

Key features:

  • Step grooves improve foot grip irrespective of the boots you are wearing.
  • Ree Digger Teeth bite into the contours of the tree with a strong force.
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3. Hurricane Safety Systems Climbing Stick

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Hurricane Safety Systems has created a marvellous product that would not just help in hunting, but many other industries. These include farming and woodcutting. It has an all-steel construction. Therefore, makes it tough enough to be stable even under wind currents or while climbing very tall trees.

To protect the body of this stick from rusting or other forms of corrosion it has a thick layer of coating that keeps the elements from coming in direct contact with the metal. For each section, you also get ratchet straps that make the final integrated structure highly stable. Therefore, you can climb without any worries. In total, you get a combined height gain of 20-feet. Thus, you can get an eagle eye vision from the top.

Key features:

  • Is assembled anywhere without the need for any tools.
  • D-rings have rubber coating so that you don’t create any sound disturbance.
  •  Base plate digs into the ground for extra stability.

2. Ameristep 20-Feet Climbing Stick

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Ameristep presents to you sticks that would enhance your hunting experience. It lets you spot your game earlier while giving you an elevation advantage. These sticks are easily broken down so that they are compact. Therefore, carry it or store it easily in your truck or at your garage.

They have an interlocking section with tubes connecting to each other. So, as you climb up you keep making a continuous ladder with a straight path. This makes getting down from the highest height easy as well.

Key features:

  • It has a 12 month warranty period from Ameristep so that you can make this purchase with confidence.
  • Is Tma certified to be capable enough of bearing 300 pounds of weight.
  • Angled steps allow you to get good footing without slipping towards the sides as you climb up.

1. Guide Gear Single Quick Stick

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Another set of amazing sticks from Guide gear that offers massive bang for the buck. Even though they are affordable, that doesn’t mean that they lack in quality. These sticks are made from premium but lightweight steel construction. So they give you reliable performance without giving you a back pain at the end of the day.

The steps are double sides as well so that even amateurs can climb on it without any issues. Since the double sides steps are welded together, you don’t need to worry about attaching the climbers upside down.

Key features:

  • In total this set of climbing sticks gives you an impressive elevation of 32-feet.
  • Can bear your weight combined with the weight of your hunting gear as long as the sum doesn’t exceed 300 pounds.
  • Weighs just around 6 pounds, so they aren’t difficult to carry around all day.

So, take the gears and start climbing the trees in full safety. The climbing stick strap will help you keep the grip and you will certainly stay safe from falling down.

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