Best Modern Folding Chaise Lounges for Indoor & Outdoor

Decorating one’s home as per one’s taste uplifts the energy of the room. However, if you are amongst those individuals who a bit of elegance in addition to comfort, then the chaise lounges are for you. Coming in both traditional as well as modern designs, it is certainly going to change the room’s overall look. Rather acting as an instant makeover, the lounge chair is a spot where you can lay and relax in your leisure time.

Having a wide range of styles as well as sizes, our chaise lounge sofa guide highlights all the important aspects of the products.

Table of the Best Chaise Lounges Reviews

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10. Best Outdoor Pool Chaise Lounge Chair with Cushion

Chaise Lounges

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It is certainly constructed to boost the outdoor experience and fill it with comfort. The combination of metal and polyester makes this outdoor chaise lounge chair strong enough. Next, the frame is completely metallic as it has a solid steel construction. As a matter of fact, it is so durable that it can withstand up to 250 pounds. It is powder coated that makes it even resistant to dust and weather. The comfortable, relaxing cushions are made from polyester material thus it is cleanable and stain resistant. Also, the cushions are easily cleaned using some mild soap with water.

Moreover, this lovely lounge chair features a dimension of 64” to 77” length, 26” width and 32” to 45” of height. It is rather designed in such a way that the chair is reclining. In fact, it supports up to 5 different comfortable reclining positions to choose from. It is easily folded down to a very small, compact size such that it is easily stored away without any hindrance.

Key features:

  • Indeed includes two extra comfortable cushions.
  • The Velcro fixes the cushions thus preventing it from slipping.
  • The chair is certainly super easy to put together and is rather done in an instant.

9. Grasby Tufted Chaise Lounge Indoor

Grasby Tufted Chaise Lounge Indoor

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Lounge chairs are a setup that one can put up anywhere whether inside or outside the house. With a purpose to give comfort, a lounge chair should look attractive too, increasing the appeal of a space. Grasby’s tufted chaise lounge is built for just this purpose. Featuring a teal hue this chair is super attractive and accentuates any indoor space it is kept in. Its tufted design indeed brings about a certain charm in this chair. Along with that, the curved shape makes sure to accommodate any body position and give the highest level of comfort.

However, the cushion sits atop hardy, durable legs that were constructed from birch wood. It is given a dark brown finish. Hence, keeping the naturalness intact and complementing the teal colour and trendy look of the cushion.

Key features:

  • The cushion cover is indeed made from new velvet which encloses 100% polyester, very comfortable foam cushion.
  • The lounge chair is dimensioned at 28.00-inches high and 77.60-inches deep with a width of 24.80-inches.
  • Certainly promises no assembly at all.

8. Rafaela Button-Tufted Velvet Indoor Chaise Lounge in Teal

Rafaela Button-Tufted Velvet Indoor Chaise Lounge in Teal

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Indeed a grand lounge chair to invest in. It tops in comfort and it is given trendy looks that adjust to modern setups and classic décor. The chair is a majestic combination of wonderful colour and naturalness. As a result, the 100% polyester cushion is covered in a lovely tufted, velvet cover that is lovely to look at. To your surprise, these are hand-tufted.

As a matter of fact, it is balanced on a sturdy chaise lounge frame with legs composed of birch wood. Lastly, the legs are given a dark finish keeping its exquisiteness intact.

Key features:

  • Comes in three different shades to suit the taste of a user, namely teal, grey and garnet.
  • The tufted lounge seat comes to one’s doorstep along with a pillow to maximize the comfort index.
  • Features ample space for maximum comfort.

7. Christopher Knight Jolie Mid Century Modern Fabric Chaise Lounge

Christopher Knight Jolie Mid Century Modern Fabric Sofa

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A classic look for the modern setup, the Jolie Mid Century lounge is a power-packed lounge chair. It is just the right product, with the best dimensions for the most comfortable time after a busy day. This chair is rather known for the use of quality materials in its construction.

Furthermore, the cushion material is a slate grey coloured fabric that is easy to set-up anywhere irrespective of the décor. The chaise lounge cushion is certainly set upon a frame constructed from rubberwood which scores very high in durability.

Key features:

  • Though the chair requires assembling before it is used, assembly is very easy and even done in a snap!
  • The wooden frame rather gives a completely natural finish keeping all nature’s pattern intact, making it very attractive.
  • 47-inches lengthwise making it appropriate for the most relaxing time.

6. Great Deal Furniture Sophia Mid Century Home Chaise Lounge

Great Deal Furniture Sophia Mid Century Home Lounge

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An exclusive modern chaise lounge for the most versatile use, the Sophia Chaise Lounge is an elegant piece of upholstery. This chair features cushion of beautiful hue which is very comfortable and soothing to look at. Next, it is made from polyester completely. However, it is not only highly durable and stain resistant but scores high on its comfort level.

In addition to that, it highlights handcrafted details in order to enhance its elegance. Its legs are made from birch wood and are given a lovely walnut finish which subtly complements the cushion.

Key features:

  • Rather needs assembly before it is used for the leisurely moments.
  • It features a 65” long seating area with a wonderful, stylish hand-rest. Certainly, being trendy yet comforting at the same time.
  • Includes a lovely cushion in the pack only.

5. MAGIC UNION Adjustable Patio Wicker Chaise Lounge with Cushions

MAGIC UNION Adjustable Patio Wicker sofa Lounge

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Comfort has magically upgraded into an eternal level in this Magic Union Patio Lounge. Firstly, the frame of this lounge is manufactured from PE having a dark complexion which matches with outdoor furnishing. Solid steel was used for the construction of legs which is very sturdy and gives a long service life.

Along with that, the base rests on a well-constructed card buckle system which is very rigid and will never falter. Cushions are indeed made from fabric that is treated in such a manner that they are water resistant. Thus the cushions are absolutely fit for outdoor uses.

Key features:

  • Adjust the backrest anywhere between 90° to 180° and give this chair the ultimate comfort level.
  • It certainly comes in a pair of two complete with two separate cushions for the two lounges.
  • Rather promises a one year warranty that looks after any problem regarding quality.

4. Divano Roma Furniture Velvet Chaise Lounge for Kids

Divano Roma Furniture Velvet Chaise Lounge for Kids

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An elegant lounge that brings in a whole new dimension of exquisiteness is what the Divano Roma Furniture product is. Coming in a soft mauve colour which is aesthetically pleasing, the lounge is built for kids use. As a result, it extravagantly beautifies the little princess’ room.

Moreover, the cushion is made plush with the softest foam and is covered in a velvet shell. The legs are cut out from the Victorian era; they are composed of wood that is given a dark finish. Finally, this beautiful lounge certainly is a strange and unique combination of brilliance and comfort for the kids.

Key features:

  • The back and armrest are given a tufted design to complete the sophisticated look.
  • There’s a clearance space of 7” underneath the lounge making it possible for easy cleaning.
  • As a matter of fact, assembly is required which includes screwing in the legs and sliding in the armrest.

3. Christopher Knight Home Garamond Chaise Lounge

Christopher Knight Home Garamond Chaise

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There are times to chill with a group and there are times to relax alone. The Garamound lounge is designed to settle one’s personal area and give a relaxing alone time. It is designed into a curved format making it easy to accommodate any position of the body. And that also certainly with the greatest comfort.

As a matter of fact, the chic lounge chair is given a lovely cobalt cover which is tufted to enhance the look. Next, this lovely cover houses a soft, 100% polyester-made cushion that is soft and comfortable. This setup sits atop a frame and legs prepared from birch wood. To complement and match with the unique colour, the legs are given a dark finish which goes with any décor.

Key features:

  • This excellent chair comes fully prepared from the house of its manufacturers. Hence, needs not a single bit of assembly upon purchase.
  • With a length of 77.60” and a width of 24.8” this wonderful lounge can fit in just about anybody.

2. Harper & Bright Chaise Lounge Sofa Chair with Lumbar Cushion

Harper & Bright Chaise Lounge Sofa with Lumbar Cushion

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Harper&Bright has prepared an innovative new chaise lounge sofa for the modern household. With the trendy pull point design; this lounge also serves as a sofa set. As a result, one can rather set it up just about anywhere- bedroom, living space, office, balcony and so on. It can even function as a bed when someone has to house an extra guest.

Its cushion is made from the softest of sponge material that is covered in a beautiful suede material. This set is not only comfortable but also keeps the user warm because of the material. The set arrives complete with two matching cushions for the greatest level of comfort.

Key features:

  • Features a backrest which is reclined into 5 preset positions to maximize comfort.
  • The backrest is fully pulled down to make a bed out of this multipurpose lounge.

1. GDF Studio Antonina Plush Tufted Traditional Chaise Lounge 

GDF Studio Antonina Plush Tufted Traditional Lounge 

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Bring in a taste of royalty with the Antonina Plush Tufted lounge chair to the home. This features an elegant, tufted design and looks like some ancient king’s lounge. It is available in a number of shades such as medium beige, blue-grey, ivory and such unique shades.

Moreover, the unique coloured cushion is held upon a birch wood constructed frame. The legs which also made from the same wood are given a natural finish, conserving the grains. This finish ensures enhanced appeal for this chaise lounge and fits into any décor most comfortably.

Key features:

  • The lounge is 65.50” in length with a width of 30” and is designed for extravagant comfort.
  • Features a tufted design with an extra plush cushion.
  • Requires minimal assembly.

Transform the overall look of your room. Buy an indoor or outdoor patio chaise lounge and experience comfort along with luxuriousness.

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