Top 10 Best Chain Saw Helmets Reviews In 2020

When you take extra-protection measures at work, your chances of suffering from serious injuries are greatly reduced. One such protective equipment that is widely used in most jobs is a helmet. The same applies when using a chainsaw. Wearing your helmet at all times when using a chainsaw ensures your head is well-protected in case of accidents. Accidents to the head can be deadly hence the need to have the best chain saw helmets.

In this post, we are helping you choose the best chainsaw helmets on the market. We’ve gone through hundreds of top-rated chainsaws on the market and picked ten that we think are the best. Read on and make sure you choose one that will offer you the best protection.

Table of the Best Chain Saw Helmets Reviews

10. TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet & Hearing Protection System

Chain Saw Helmets

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The TR Safety Helmet is a 5-in-1 selection plastic visor, earmuffs, helmet and mesh visor to provide you with maximum protection at all times.  The helmet will offer you excellent protection when using chainsaws, trimmers, brush cutters and other forestry jobs. It fits firmly on the head and features an adjustable knob ranging from 20-24.5 inches for that perfect fit.  The plastic visors are lightweight while the mesh is interchangeable. Overall, this is an ANSI and CE approved helmet.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable dial knob for a firm fit on the head
  • 5-1 safety helmet
  • Interchangeable mesh
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9. Oregon Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet – 563474

Oregon Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet

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Oregon is a leading helmet brand that you can order with confidence. It is a quality selection with six ventilation holes for excellent airflow. It is an impact resistant helmet with six points of easy harness adjustment to give a snug fit.  There is a further detachable sun peak and an articulating cup on the ear cups. Overall, the design of this helmet is of the durable stainless steel with a mesh visor.


  • Easy on/off by simple flipping
  • Six harness point for a precise snug fit
  • Impact resistant
  • Six ventilation holes

8. Husqvarna ProForest Chainsaw Helmet System

Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System

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These Husqvarna chainsaw helmets are among the best on the market with this one coming in one size that will fit most people. It is a quality helmet with unique features for easy fit and comfort. The helmet features a UV protection hard hat, rain neck protector, NRR hearing protectors, face screen and a six-point adjustable suspension for a snug fit. It comes in a visible orange colour and meets all the ANSI regulations.


  • New Hi-Viz orange colour for visibility
  • UV-protected hard hat
  • Adjustable six-point suspension
  • Face screen and rain neck protector
  • NRR hearing protectors

7. Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet System Visor / Hearing Protection

Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet System Visor

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This is another UV protected chainsaw helmet coming in a single size that fits most people.  The helmet features a six-point adjustment suspension system for a snug fit. The helmet also features a neck rain protection, NRR hearing earmuffs, and a face visor. It is a quality choice made to the highest quality standards. It also features the Hi-Viz orange colour for improved visibility.


  • Adjustable six-point harness
  • Rain shield and neck rain protector
  • UV protected the orange hard hat
  • One size fits most
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6. Redneck Convent Forestry Safety Helmet – Vented Hard Hat

Forestry Safety Helmet

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 The Forestry Safety helmet is a 4-in-1 design helping protect your ears, face, neck, and head when using a chainsaw, welding or using any power tool. It is a durably constructed helmet with six vents at the top for excellent airflow.  The helmet further features a six-point harness suspension system for an easy snug fit. It is a pretty lightweight helmet that feels comfortable to wear but still protects your head well.  The cap is a high-density impact with a durable PP shell. You get full face protection and PVC ear cushions.


  • Full head protection
  • PVC ear protection with a 23-decibel NRR earmuff
  • High-density PP shell for impact resistance
  • Six point harness suspension

5. ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit

ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit

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The ERB chainsaw helmet is another full-face protection helmet with anti-fog goggles for use in fog weather. This is a quality choice on our list featuring a steel mesh face screen to keep any danger out.  The helmet also features NRR earmuffs for protection of the ears from loud noise and a visor carrier attachment. It is a highly rated Omega II helmet coming in the visible orange colour.


  • Highly visible orange colour
  • Sound shield earmuff
  • Steel mesh face screen
  • Visor carrier attachment

4. Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet with Ratchet

Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet with Ratchet

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The Husqvarna technical Forest Helmet is a quality selection that perfectly fits on the head for a comfortable feel. It easily adjusts to give a snug fit so that you can work without any worries.  The helmet offers excellent head and face shield without obscuring your vision. It features a steel mesh screen face for added protection and earmuffs to keep the ears safe from the loud sounds. You can also see it from a distance due to the bright orange colour.


  • Bright orange colour for enhanced visibility
  • Steel mesh face screen
  • Earmuffs for ear protection from loud sounds
  • Adjustable head fit
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3. Husqvarna Forest Helmet Head Protection – 592752601

Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Helmet Head Protection

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This is another highly protective Husqvarna chainsaw helmet with an Egyptian cotton core to absorb any sweat and leave you feeling comfortable.  The size fits most and features a UV protected head hat.  A six-point adjustable suspension system allows for an easy and secure fit on the head with a further sip ratchet adjustment. Overall, the helmet meets the highest ANSI standards and is highly visible with the new Hi-Viz orange colour.


  • New Hi-Viz orange colour for enhanced visibility
  • UV protected the orange hard hat
  • Adjustable six-point suspension
  • Cotton core sweatband

2. Neiko Safety Helmet with Hearing and Face Protection

Neiko 53880A 4-in-1 Safety Helmet with Hearing and Face Protection

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The Neiko safety helmet comes with face and hearing protection as additional features for maximum protection when using power tools. It is a sturdy helmet heavily constructed to the highest standards. It features a heavy duty hard hat for the highest performance and quality.  This helmet is impact resistant and can withstand heavy impacts. It is also highly cushioned to reduce vibrations and feel comfortable.  The construction is lightweight with a polycarbonate steel and visor mesh.  A further convenient dial knob allows for easy head adjustment.


  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty hard hat
  • Convenient dial knob for head adjustment
  • NRR earmuffs and mesh steel ear face screen

1. Echo OEM Chainsaw Safety Head Ear Protection Helmet

Echo OEM Chainsaw Safety Head Ear Protection Helmet

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The ECHO OEM brings us to an end of the best chainsaw helmets on the market currently. It is another exceptional choice with full-head protection. The helmet features a mesh steel face screen, NRR hearing muffs and an adjustable fit for a snug fit. It is a quality pick coming in the highly visible orange colours.


  • Steel mesh facial screen
  • Highly visible orange colour
  • Hearing NRR muffs


Make sure you select one of the fantastic chainsaw helmets to protect your head when using a chainsaw or any other power tool. These are the best chainsaw helmets on the market currently with a wide range of features. You’re guaranteed of quality when buying from our carefully selected list above.

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