Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Masks Reviews In 2020

Love playing baseball and willing to do better with each game? Well, you certainly need to have the right set of equipment handy. Baseball is a fast-paced sport and requires for numerous safety gears to be worn by the players. The catchers masks keep any hard hit away from your face.

If you dedicatedly stand behind the plate, here is our 10 best catcher’s mask that you can buy today. Do not just buy any regular one that compromises on the quality or deceives you by the looks of it. The products featured here are the most reliable ones and built to perform the way it is supposed to. Choose any mask and read through the descriptions to know more about each mask.

Table of the Best Catchers Masks Reviews

10. Champion Sports Extended Throat Guard Catchers Masks

Catchers Masks

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Outdoor games are something almost everybody likes instantly. The adventure, thrill and fun involved in all types of indoor games are unmatched to any indoor game. Multiple sports have always got love from participants and spectators alike. Baseball is among the very best sports you can play and having the right equipment set is also very necessary in this sport. This mask is one of the most important safety gears you ought to have if you play baseball. The rugged metal catcher’s mask frame keeps you safe from injuries from the ball. As a matter of fact, it features padding that readily adds comfort.

Standing behind the plate in baseball demands concentration at its prime best. So, wearing a good quality mask rather saves you from unforeseen injuries and accidents. As the mask has a classic black colour, it will combine perfectly with all types of team uniforms.

Key features:

  • Designed with throat and ear guards for added safety.
  • A supremely secure fit is ensured with the smart harness.
  • It certainly fits all size of players.

9. Rawlings Sporting Players Series Goods Catchers Helmet

Rawlings Sporting Players Series Goods Catchers Helmet

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So you like basketball and wish to be a pro at it? Well, apart from the hitting talent you need dedication and precision of standing behind the plates as well. If you are a catcher and willing to make a serious impact on your team, have a look at this mask. Featuring a cool-flow hockey styling, this mask indeed measures between 6.5”-7”. Also, the overall protection it provides is high-end and never makes you fall prey to injuries.

Moreover, the tri-density catcher’s mask foam lining on the inside delivers the much-needed comfort for long-time wearing. Along with that, pads are provided with pro-dry plus fabric which makes it anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking in nature. Lastly, no hassles of germs or discomfort when your entire focus is on the ball.

Key features:

  • Designed with a high-strength cage for ultimate impact resistance.
  • The exterior is rather made of ABS plastic shell which takes care of the impacts.
  • Meets the safety standards of NOCSAE.

8. Easton Speed Elite Catcher’s Facemask

Easton Speed Elite Catcher's Facemask

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Love sporting old-school and classic gears while making great impacts on the game? For players who like flaunt timeless safety gears out on the field, this traditional catcher’s mask is a great choice. Coming from Easton, this looks exactly like the one’s players used to wear in those previous days. It certainly looks more like a facemask but serves the purpose of protection in the right manner always.

Furthermore, it is shaped in such a manner that players always have a maximum field of vision. No more hassles of diversion of concentration or lack of vision even if you are wearing it during intense matches. Above all, the lightweight design never makes you feel uncomfortable or causes any sprain during the matches.

Key features:

  • Has energy absorbing foam for enhanced comfort and dryness during games.
  • String cage mask indeed for supreme protection.
  • Foam is lined with moisture wicking material.

7. All-Star Traditional Steel Catchers Masks

All-Star Traditional Steel Catchers Masks

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Compromising with the quality of your catcher’s mask in a baseball game may cause you irreversible problems. Any injury to the face or head has consequences that are extremely harmful. Have a look at this extraordinary mask that is designed for top-notch protection and safety. With a hollow steel-wire construction for the cage, the weight remains low and hassle-free. However, the same smart design readily adds more strength to the cage and protects from impacts.

In addition to that, the designers have rather provided I-Bar vision creativity. Finally, this innovative design of a flat bar around the eye area improves your field of vision the right way.

Key features:

  • Designed with lightweight LUC pads for more comfort of wearing.
  • Moisture-wicking material for certainly wrapping on the pads.
  • Has an amazing DeltaFlex harness or secure holding of the mask always.

6. Wilson Dyna-Lite Steel Catchers Masks

Mizuno G4 Youth Samurai Catcher's Helmet

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Mizuno’s name in sports equipment and gear is undoubtedly extremely popular and reliable. Every single product they design and manufacture is always loved by players at professional levels as well. Likewise, their other extraordinary products, this catcher’s mask is brilliant and safe to the next level. Scoring high on both comfort and safety, the designers have used a strategic ventilation system for more benefits.

Nonetheless, this smart catcher’s mask design improves the breathability and comfort of the mask. On the inside, you have a comfortable 3 layer of EVA foam padding. No matter how intense or hard the ball strikes, the impact is well absorbed every single time.

Key features:

  • Meets the safety standards of NOCSAE.
  • Jaw pad is adjustable and readily controls the moisture and rewards you with a soft feeling.
  • The frame of the mask is made of strong steel, as a result, gives unparallel safety and durability.

5. Wilson Dyna-Lite Steel Catchers Masks

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One of the best looking and highly functional catcher’s masks, this one is ideally designed for baseball. For every intense and challenging game of baseball, the catcher needs to be well protected in every sense. A bit of compromise in the safety rather makes it dangerous and often leaves you with injuries.

In addition to that, the cage on the front side is shaped in a manner that your field of vision is never hampered. Also, it is because of the cage that the ball will never hit your head or face. As the quality of the cage, if high-end, the durability and reliability are at par excellent.

Key features:

  • Steel wire is PU coated for ultimate protection.
  • Snug and closer fit is assured with non-wrap around the pads.
  • Supreme comfort is indeed delivered by the premium quality leather lining.

4. Rawlings Ultra Lightweight Adult Catchers Masks

Rawlings Ultra Lightweight Adult Catcher's Face Mask

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An adult sized catcher’s mask to elevate your basketball gameplay and provide you with assurance. For every game you play behind the plate, you should have a catcher’s mask like this at your disposal. These masks are designed to save you from unfortunate impacts from the speeding ball.

Moreover, featuring a hollow wire mask, the balls are blocked well and the impacts are absorbed perfectly. Along with that, it is because of this hollow shape. Therefore, you will always have maximum visibility and indeed a wide field of vision.

Key features:

  • Offers top-notch comfort because there are leather interior cushions on the inner side.
  • Even in the hottest weathers, the Pro Dri Plus fabric keeps you dry.
  • Black painted cage to rather eliminate glares and distractions.

3. Worth Legit Slowpitch Softball Pitchers Masks

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Doing great justice to the name, the catcher’s mask manufactured by Worth is excellent in terms of design. Combined with the ultimate build quality, this mask feels extremely comfortable on the face every single time. However, the whole mask has a moulded design. As a result, it not only raises the bar in terms of style but also ideally absorbs the sizeable impacts.

Given that, the cage is indeed made of aluminium for the best of protection and safety during games. Also, it is due to the aluminium construction. For that reason, the mask feels really lightweight and allows you to wear it for long hours without any hesitation.

Key features:

  • Innovative as well as adjustable dial ring for a snug and secure fit always.
  • Ventilation system for good airflow during the games.
  • Appealing decals rather for more professional looks.

2. Under Armour Adult Pro Face Mask

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If you do not know about the reputation in sports equipment and accessories, then you should do some research. One of the most reliable sports brands in the world, every product from their house is perfect and very trustworthy. Blessed with classic and traditional styling, this adult catcher’s mask will never leave you in any risky situations. The timeless looks of the mask make you feel more like a pro and influences you to perform.

Weighing at 22oz, it never feels difficult even if you are continuously wearing it for long. Furthermore, the steel caging on the front side perfectly keeps out the speeding balls and absorbs all the impacts.

Key features:

  • Cage has I-Bar vision design for outstanding vision.
  • Durable leather interior coupled with the vinyl exterior for supreme workability.
  • Designed with a neoprene anti-slip harness that certainly helps in keeping the grip.

1. Easton Prowess Fast Pitch Matte Helmet

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This female catcher’s mask is certainly designed for keeping your face protected. The entire mask gets an EVA plastic shell which perfectly circulates the air and rewards you with great ventilation. Along with that, as the mask uses moulded EVA foam, top-notch impact resistance is guaranteed. However, the looks of the mask are extremely appealing to the eyes.

The matte finish exterior is perfectly complemented by the charcoal steel facemask. Above all, this facemask is perfect for keeping out impacts from an oncoming ball.

Key features:

  • Snug and secure fit are assured by the streamlined profile of the mask.
  • Exclusively designed for female athletes.
  • One size fits all design.

While playing any outdoor game, safety gears are a must. And protective catcher’s mask will don’t allow any random hits to come close to your face,

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