Top 10 Best Car Jack Stands Reviews In 2019

Every car owner knows how important a jack stand is. A jack stand for a car is basically a hydraulic device that can be used easily to lift your car. Whether you want to change a wheel or check the underside of your car, jack stand helps you greatly. As stated earlier, the car jack stands are easy to use due to the presence of hydraulics. However, it is not easy to choose a jack stand for yourself. In order to choose the best car stand, you need to first be assured about its weight capacity. Secondly, you need to check how durable the saddle area is and whether there is any chance that your car can come crashing down while working. Read more about the floor jacks for car or truck.

Well, there is nothing you need to worry about. We have prepared a list of the best jack stands for car to help you get the best thing. Go through the list of jack stands for cars listed below and choose the best one for yourself.

Table of the Best Car Jack Stands Reviews

10. Torin 6-Ton Big Steel Jack Stand – 1 Pair

Car Jack Stands

No one knows when your car can face the unfortunate situations and thus having a Jack stand along with your everyday screw jack is extremely important. The Torin steel jack stand has a huge capacity of 6 tons to work with almost all types of vehicles. The 12,000 pounds of weight carrying capacity is what you can rely on while the jack stand itself meets ASME safety standards for even more reliability while working with it. These jack stands are used in pairs and assure the smoothest workability.

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Key features

  • Features a big saddle area that provides better support and more contact area with the load.
  • Lightweight design enhances ease of usage and portability.
  • High grade forged steel construction rewards you with more durability.

9. Torin 2-Ton Big Steel Jack Stands – Double Locking 1 Pair

Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

A similar model of a jack stand from the same trustworthy name, Torin, this also has all the amazing features you would want in a jack stand at times of dire need. It comes with a 2-ton weight carrying capacity which suits most needs while this model is made out of the top-notch and high-grade forged steel which will help it last long without damages. A smart addition to its features is the lightweight construction that allows you to use it without a sweat. Also, it comes with a double lock feature for better safety and protection against risks.

Key features

  • Comes with a single piece iron ratchet that has self-locking and multi-position feature for best adjustment.
  • Large area saddle for more contact area with the surface of the load.

8. TONDA 2-Ton Steel Jack Stands – 10.7-17 inches Lift Range

TONDA 2 TON Steel Jack Stand

An amazing model of jack stand that can meet your needs even if own SUV or truck, this 2-ton capacity jack stand from Tonda can be your savior in multiple places whenever you feel the need of raising your automobile. The pair of jack stands comes with the benefit of oversized saddles which in turn helps you in having positive contact with the load and enhances the stability of the rise. Also, this model meets ANSI/ASME safety standards for best results always.

Key features

  • Features a handle that helps in saddle lock release and portability.
  • All welded steel frame construction combined with support made of cast iron ensures durability while the rust-resistant finish adds to the long life.
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7. Pro-Lift T-6906D 6 Ton Double Pin Jack Stand – 1 Pack

Pro-Lift T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stand

It is a professional model of the floor jack stand for a car that can be used for various needs while you have to reach the underside of the car. Likewise other models this also works in a pair but this has an impressive 6 ton of weight carrying capacity for various types of cars and trucks. Also, it features stamped steel construction which is both sturdy and durable for longer use without hassles. As it satisfies the safety standards of ANSI/PALD, you can use it without any risk or fear whenever you need it.

Key features

  • Comes with height adjustment ability, thus you can rise till your ideal need.
  • The ratchet bar is made of high ductile cast iron for added reliability and workability.
  • Also, it has a double lock mechanism for added safety against accidents.

6. Alltrade Powerbuilt 640912 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Stand

Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand

One of the most standout design and construction, this jack stand from Alltrade has a patented design that combines the function of a jack stand and bottle jack in one single unit. Also, for added flexibility of customers, it has safety bars that will lock the unit at the height you want to. The highly-durable construction helps you for many years without any troubles while the 3-ton weight capacity can raise a wide range of vehicles without any challenges.

Key features

  • Portable design for ease of usage.
  • Works both on regular and unibody cars.

5. Performance Tool W41023 Heavy Duty Jack Stand Set – 6 Tons

Heavy Duty Jack Stand set

This appealing yellow color jack stand is designed to deliver amazing performances in assisting you with raising your vehicle when you need to reach the underside. Power of two, the performance tool model has two jack stands for reliable results when you own a light truck or car. With an outstanding raise till 23.5”, working under the vehicle will never be a bothering issue any further.

Key features

  • Huge 6 tons of weight capacity.
  • Wide base provides added stability and strength.
  • Sturdy steel frame construction assures great durability.

4. Milestone Tools Powerzone 380035 Steel Jack Stand

Powerzone 380035 2 Ton Steel Jack Stand

Designed with innovative technology and constructed with top-notch materials, this jack stand from Milestone tools is a great choice which you can use without any worries almost everywhere. It features a sturdy and durable steel frame in the construction thus increasing the long life and reliability of the machine. Also, the smart design has a wider base which deals with the load more easily by providing more support and stability.

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Key features

  • Comes with 2 tons of weight carrying capacity.
  • Highest lift range of 16-3/8 inches.
  • Ratchet style locking bar helps in easy height adjustment.

3. Strongway 6-Ton Double-Locking Jack Stands – 1 Pair

Strongway Double-Locking Jack Stands

With a high lifting range of 23.5” combined with a huge lift capacity of 6 tons, the Strongway jack stand is an ultimate model that has all the supreme features you would expect in a top notch stand. The body and handle of the jack stand are constructed out of high-grade steel thus you are making zero compromises on both quality and durability. Furthermore, this also has a double locking technology combined with a safety pin which adds more safety for you to work under the vehicle without any worries.

Key features

  • Body is resistant to oil, grease, and paint, thus easy cleaning is guaranteed.
  • An advanced frame has welded design for more durability.
  • The paint on the model is lead-free and has been chemically washed, thus eliminating risks of rusting as well.

2. Strongway 3-Ton Double-Locking Jack Stands – 1 Pair

Strongway Double-Locking Jack Stands

Another model of a jack stand from the same brand and manufacturers, this also comes with some pretty impressive features that are dedicated to making your working with vehicles much easier and safer. On the outside, you get a strong and reliable steel construction along with chemical washed lead-free paint which assures zero risks against rusting and corrosion. Moreover, the frame of the machine incorporates a welded design which helps in longer running without any hassles.

Key features

  • Impressive 3 tons of weight capacity.
  • Patented double locking technology assures safer and more reliable working under the vehicle.

1. Pro-Lift T-9635 Grey High Lift Jack Stand – 3.5 Ton

Pro-Lift T-9635 Grey High Lift Jack Stand - 3.5 Ton

This model from Pro-Lift sits at the top of the list because it has some highly reliable features, assures great functionality to the customers, and also understands the need for durability. The stamped steel construction on the jack stand adds to the sturdiness and stability cast ductile iron ratchet bar promises to serve you for a long time without any risks. Besides, it meets the ANSI/PALD safety standards thus you are never at risk as this model has been quality checked vigorously.

Key features

  • Features mechanism for height adjustment for smooth upward movement.
  • Has release handles to lock the jack in position.
  • 5 tons of weight capacity for a wide range of application.

Simplify your life as the sturdy automotive jack stands will not only function in an amazing way but will also get your job done easily.

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