Best Electric Car Charging Stations Reviews

Electric cars are obviously the future of the automobile industry. In a world, where pollution and global warming is a great problem, Electric cars eliminate the need to use vehicles running on fuels. They do not release harmful gases to the atmosphere and helps to make the transportation completely eco-friendly. Furthermore, it is easy to use as all you will need is to just charge your car. However, if you are an owner of an electric car, you might know the hassles of finding a charging station. Thus, it is wise to install the car charging stations in your garage.

Having the liberty to choose from many, we end up going for the wrong one. In our car charging station review, we have put down all the features that make these products all better. Read it to know the critical differences.

Table of the Best Car Charging Stations Reviews

10. Siemens US2 Universal VC30GRYU Charging Station with Easy Installation & Flexible Control

Car Charging Stations

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Siemens is more than one and a half centuries old. With all those years of research and innovation, they have brought products which increase your quality of life. This universal unit is certainly used outside or inside your garage. It comes with a mounting bracket that helps you to attach the charger to most types of surfaces. Next, it is compatible with most electric vehicles that comply with J1772 code and even work on your Tesla.

For installing it outside, you get a NEMA 4 enclosure which is mostly constructed of recycled car charging station materials. Moreover, this shields your charger from any and all sorts of external elements like wind, rain or dust.

Key features:

  • Operates within the temperature range of -30 degrees Celsius all the way up to 50-degrees Celsius.
  • Covered by a warranty period of 3 years and manufactured in the state of California
  • Charging cable is rather 20 ft long. Thus, can cover a long distance.

9. ChargePoint WiFi Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger – Electric Car Charger for All EVs, UL

ChargePoint WiFi Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

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With the ChargePoint charger, you get access to the exclusive ChargePoint app. As a result, it lets you track electricity consumption and manage it properly. ChargePoint also has a network of thousands of public charger which you can find on the app. Pair it up with Amazon Alexa and you can indeed control some of its smart features through your voice. Since it has Wi-Fi transceiver built into it, connecting it to home’s Wi-Fi network is just a few taps away.

As a matter of fact, the Wi-Fi car charging station guarantees to charge up 6 times faster even when using standard outlets. Now charge your charge wherever you are going without making any sacrifices.

Key features:

  • Compatible with a huge range of electric vehicles from various brands.
  • Certainly, makes it capable of giving 25 miles per hour.
  • Certification of UL puts trust in this.

8. JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Station with WiFi 

JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Station with WiFi 

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JuiceBox Pro 40 is a really innovative, smart and versatile charger. Firstly, it works with most of the EVs that have come out in recent years. It would work with your Teslas, Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf and many more. Next, you get a charging station that uses 1000 watts and 40 amps of electrical current to power your car. You can install it indoors or if you have an open parking space, then you can get it installed outside. It is rather weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about the onslaught of natural elements.

However, you can control this charger via an app called JuiceNet which is available for both Android and iOS. One of the features that you can access with the app is charge scheduling. So if you live in an area where you have off-peak hours, you can schedule it accordingly. Finally, your car would be charged during the period when electricity is cheap. Hence, you get to save significantly on your energy bill.

Key features:

  • The car charging station for indoor as well as outdoor easily plugs into a 14-50R outlet.
  • You can control the charging. Just pair it up with Amazon Alexa and it’s certainly done.
  • Smartly adjusts its output to the acceptable level of your EV.

7. Blink HQ 30-Amp Home Electric Vehicle Charger

Blink HQ 30-Amp Home Electric Vehicle Charger

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Unlike most charging stations that are connected to the internet, Blink HQ comes with a lot fewer complications. Just push a few buttons to charge your car at the time you want. You can delay it a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum limit of 8 hours. So if you implement the delay for charging after peak hours are over, you would find savings on utility bills.

Furthermore, it isn’t bulky and doesn’t hog up the useful wall space of your garage. Hence, you can have to worry less about making space in with this space-saving car charging station. Above all, it offers a 300 dollar charging credit on Blink Network and has a validity period of 1 year.

Key features:

  • Level 2 charging at 30 amperes.
  • Compatible with most Tesla models, EVs from Nissan, Chevrolet and more.

6. Bosch EL-51254-A Level 2 EV Charger

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Bosch is an industry leader in many fields and their products have never failed their customers throughout the world. This charger from Bosch continues that legacy and reaches a much higher level in terms of longevity and functionality. Next, this level 2 charger for electric vehicles connects to your EV and supplies only the power that your vehicle can take.

Plus, it has a universal pin which is compatible with most electric cars in that have the J1772 connector. Compared to the common wall outlet, it will give you up to 5 times charging speed. Thus, quickly gives your car an amazing range. In addition, you can easily manage the large cord by wrapping it around at the back of the charging station. Hence, keeps it clear from debris and dirt.

Just like your smartphone or any other smart device, the car charging station has LED lights. These indeed changes colour to indicate if the battery has reached full capacity or if it’s being charged.

Key features:

  • You get a large 25 ft cable which is more than enough for connecting to your car.
  • Uses around 6600 watts of power.
  • A functional design combined with sleek looks.

5. ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle Charger

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Since it is Wi-Fi enabled you can readily connect it to your home Wi-Fi. Thus, control it via Amazon Alexa or the ChargePoint app. The app is available on both the App Store and the Play store. This is certainly a hardwired station a claims to provide a range of 25 miles per hour.

Gaining approval of Energy Star, you can surely see some savings. Moreover, it is a universally compatible product that can totally charge your electric vehicles. Along with that, the 3 year warranty period just makes this purchase a steal deal for you. Finally, it weighs only 19 pounds, hence, will not feel bulky.

Key features:

  • Cable length of 25 ft can reach even the hard-to-reach places.
  • Charging speed is 6 times faster than the wall outlet.

4. Morec EV Charging Station – Electric Car Charging Station

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If you want a charging station that is robust, strong and would outlast your electric vehicle, then this is the product. It rather has an outer casing made out of aluminium alloy and a PC alloy panel. This gives your charging station superior strength with the IK having an anti-collision rating which reaches close to 10. So even the weight of your car isn’t going to be an issue.

However, it can easily withstand that weight without any damage. If you have kids at home you know they would make the garage their den of imagination. The charging station has a curved frame so that curious little hands don’t get injured by sharp corners. It has an intelligent chip that rectifies any minor problems that might occur during charging. Finally, compared to generic stations, it has at least a 3 times faster-charging speed and installation process is even smoother.

Key features:

  • You get a charging cable that is 7.5m long and leaves adequate space between the charging station and your car.
  • Has certification from CE and also the German TUV.
  • Features a large LCD for rather displaying the necessary information.

3. BougeRV Portable EVSE Car Charging Stations for Chevy Volt, BMW, Nissan Leaf

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Just like your smartphone’s charger EV chargers also experience significant improvements with every generation upgrade. This level 2 charger from BougeRV will give you massive charging speed boost compared to your old Level 1 charger. It certainly complies with the J1772 2010 standard and is compatible with a huge range of EVs. BougeRV also provides you with a free 5-15 adaptor for backwards compatibility.

As a matter of fact, it is integrated with LED indicators that keep the users informed about the charging status. Above all, it has a 25ft cord for easily reaching cars that are parked at quite a distance.

Key features:

  • Assures safety against leakages as well as overload.
  • Has IP55 rating which makes it highly water resistant.
  • Can rather smoothly operate at a temperature of -22-degrees F to 122-degrees F.

2. Zencar Level 2 EV Charger Portable EVSE Home Electric Car Charging Stations

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You don’t need to worry about outside elements like dust or water damaging your car since it has a rating of IP55. It also has inbuilt overheat protection which will shut down the system beyond safe temperature levels. Next, it has 4 LED indicator lights which tell you various information through certain combinations. Beings compatible with SAE J1772 codes it will easily charge most electric vehicles without an issue.

It has a wide range of compatibility with several EVs from major brands like BMW, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Honda and more. Yes, it’s certainly compatible with your Tesla too.

Key features:

  • The vehicles will be charged at a rate of 11 miles per hour.
  • 3 times the faster-charging speed and doesn’t damage battery health.

1. Jekayla Portable Electric Vehicle Charger for Home, RV Park and Travel

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Instead of common 16A chargers, this model from Jekayla uses 32 Amps to power your car with twice the speed. So you can drive your car more instead of waiting for it to charge. This is a portable charger. As a result, it gives you more mobility that hard-wired chargers. And you can charge your car even when you are at a friend’s place.

Furthermore, it easily plugs into any NEMA 14-50R socket that provides power at a voltage of 240V. It indeed facilitates in QuickCharge and it won’t take much of your time in charging.

Key features:

  • You don’t need an expensive licensed electrician for installation.
  • Cable reaches a length of 25 ft.
  • Works effortlessly with almost all plug-in EVs.

Charge your electrical vehicles right at your home with the use of charging stations. Hit the streets with all the power and makes memories.

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