Best Professional Steel Cable Cutters Reviews

Household equipment is important and keeping things handy aids in carrying out day to day works with complete ease. Are you into electrical works or your profession demands you to handle works that require cutting of wires? Having quality cable cutters are very important. Now cables are designed to withstand heat and are very rugged in nature. As a result, when it comes to cutting them you need the right machinery.

However, the market is littered with several generic factory printed products that have subpar or average quality. Hence, it doesn’t really hold up to the task when it really counts. If you look into the list, you will find the top-rated cable cutters will perform all your professional and personal needs.  Find the best and for better understanding, every product has a detailed description.

Table of the Best Heavy Duty Cable Cutters Reviews

10. Channellock 911 9.5-Inch Cable Cutting Pliers

Cable Cutters

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Channellock is a brand that was established over a century ago. The 911 cable cutting plier indeed delivers you top-notch performance unlike anything else that you can get in the market. Steel is an alloy of various elements mixed with iron. It becomes stronger with more carbon. So Channellock used the C1080 high carbon steel which is ultra strong and provides great strength to cut through wires.

To protect it from corrosion and rusting it also has a special coating. So your plier will last you for years with the same level of high-class performance. Even aluminium wires up to a thickness of 4/0 and copper wires up to a thickness of 2/0 stand. Hence, no chance in front of this mighty wire cutting plier.

Key features:

  • Cutting edges have been treated with the laser for a longer lifespan.
  • Blue cable cutter handle is easy to spot and grip in a wild mix of tools.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
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9. Muzata Stainless Steel Wire Rope Aircraft Bicycle Cable Cutter

Muzata Stainless Steel Wire Rope Aircraft Bicycle Cable Cutter

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Muzata brings you one of the toughest stainless steel cable cutters that can even cut through tough steel wires. You can cut single strand steel cables without any issues and won’t have any damaged or rough ends. Even tougher steel cables which are galvanised don’t stand a chance. In fact, it doesn’t even demand force from both hands for leaving a clean cut.

If you take on any railing project or other cable problems in the house this is one product. As it weighs 11.2 ounces, it will certainly not feel heavy when in hand.

Key features:

  • Red plastic coat on handles prevent slip-ups
  • Indeed has a locking mechanism.

8. HK Porter Apex Tool HK Porter Wire Rope and Cable Cutter

HK Porter Apex Tool HK Porter Wire Rope and Cable

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Apex Tool brings you one of the most heavy-duty and versatile pliers. Firstly, it has specially crafted cutting blades which are thick and ultra-sharp. As a result, they exert a huge force in a very small linear surface. This enables you to cut through everything from thick ropes to tough cables. Cables come in two major firms with fine and coarse strands. They usually require different types of cutting tools so that the strands go through minimum distortion after you’ve cut them. But this tool would let you cut both types of cables with the least damage to the strand shape or structure.

As a matter of fact, the handles have steel tubes construction and the closed design is an intentional choice. This cable cutter’s design gives this tool an edge in terms of usability compared to other pliers. With minimal strain, you can exert maximum cutting power. Thus, your hands don’t feel the sting after the job is done.

Key features:

  • Ropes with a thickness of ⅜ inches or lower are appropriate to cut.
  • Certainly, cuts through aluminium and copper wire that have a thickness of 1-inch or lower.
  • Rather used for cutting steel cables as well.

7. Klein Tools Cable Cutters for Aluminum, Copper & Communications

Klein Tools Cable cutting for Aluminum, Copper & Communications

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Klein Tools is in the industry for over one and a half century. And their excellent craftsmanship acquired through the years shows in their product. This cable cutter machine is a reliable product that has forged steel construction. It is durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

However, it will have a longer life than most due to the bevelled edges. It protects edges of the jaw from wear and tear. If you need to carry it around, just put it in the pouch and carry it.  The inclusion of hot-riveted joints helps to make hassle-free cuts. So you can use it being worry-free.

Key features:

  • Homegrown and manufactured in the USA.
  • Doesn’t wobble while cutting wires.
  • The high leverage-design rather facilitates in make precise as well as net cuts.
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6. TMS Heavy-Duty Copper Ratchet Cable Cutter

TMS Heavy-Duty Copper Ratchet Cable

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Normal pliers and wire cutters are great for thinner wires and daily household tasks. But when it comes to something thick and heavy-duty task, they miserably fail. For those situations, you need this reliable wire cutter from TMS. Firstly, it has a fixed blade and a curved jawlike blade. Secondly, the ratchet holds the movable blade. And then you stroke it for a few times till it ratchets its way through a wire cross-section. Due to the ratcheting action, you don’t get flat wires or distorted cables. Every time you use these bad boys you get a clean and nice cut.

Furthermore, it can easily make its way through 600 MCM aluminium wires and copper wires of 300 MCM. Bigger wire cutters have an advantage in strength but can’t reach most places due to their bulky size. Finally, this cutter rather gives you the perfect balance of strength and compact size.

Key features:

  • One and a half pounds truly makes this ideal.
  • Has a maximum cutting range of 3.2 cm.
  • This certainly enables you to even reach far into tight spaces and take care of a difficult job with ease.

5. BETOOLL Heavy Duty Aluminum Copper Ratchet Cable Wire Cutters

BETOOLL Heavy Duty Aluminum Copper Ratchet Cable Wire Cutters

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Are you involved in a profession where you have to constantly work with circuit wires and other metal cables? Then this heavy-duty cable cutter will become your best partner. It has a design that saves you a lot of effort. The best part is that after you are done you won’t find the conductor cores to be damaged. You also get a protective see-through cap which prevents avoidable accidents.

Moreover, the blade has a stainless steel construction. As a result, it won’t break or get damaged in any way. The handle added to it is ergonomically design for assuring top-notch safety.

Key features:

  • Comes with its own storage bag.
  • Rather has a length of 34 cm.
  • Suitable for both aluminium and copper cable cores.

4. Stanley FatMax 89-874 8″ Curved Jaw Cable Cutter

 Stanley FatMax 89-874 8" Curved Jaw Cable Cutter

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Stanley has build-up quite a good reputation for themselves when it comes to home and outdoor tools. This Fatmax cutter isn’t like the rest since it has hand finished concave cutter which is hardened with induction technology. So you get an unbelievably strong wire cutter that does its job like it is supposed to. These pliers also have an intelligent design. It eases work since required cutting effort gets slashed in half and boosts edge life by a significant 33 percent.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need to worry about the durability since it is manufactured from top-quality materials. Stanley also backs this product with a lifetime warranty period. This factor alone is enough to increase the actual worth of this plier.

Key features:

  • Not just compliant but also exceeds standards set by ANSI.
  • Lightweight, weighing under a pound.
  • Soft cables with a diameter of a ½ inch or lower can be easily cut.
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3. Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter

Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter

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Be it housing or the cables inside them, this leaves a clean and smooth cut every time you use them. It is manufactured from steel which is hardened through heat treatment and is also cold forged. They have superior strength and massive force with sharp blades to get the job done without a hitch. If you want to reform housing ends you can also do that with the forming hole.

However, the strength of the steel handles is doubled with cold forged as well as heat treatment. Finally, it is also equipped with a metallic latch to keep the handles closed when not in use.

Key features:

  • Non-slippery high-quality plastic grip handles.
  • For further tightening or loosening, just turn the nut clockwise or anti-clockwise.

2. Southwire Compact Ratcheting Cable Cutters With Comfort Grip Handles

Compact Ratcheting Cable Cutter

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This from Southwire is probably one of the most innovatively designed wire cutters you have ever seen. It is used to cut larger cables that are made out of copper or aluminium. Larger cables are often measured in a unit called kcmils. Next, this cutter can cut copper cables up to a massive 750 kcmils which is about 0.87-inches in diameter. For aluminium, this limit is higher at 1000 kcmils which equates to around 1-inch in diameter. It uses a spring loaded ratcheting mechanism which lets you use this with a minimum amount of force. Whereas, the blades are rounded which means even less distortion for the cable strands.

Furthermore, it also implements a release mechanism which lets you move the blades easily when you aren’t cutting. Due to its ingenious ratcheting design with each cut, you use lesser strokes. Hence, it also contributes to the cables being cut in a round and distortion free manner

Key features:

  • Handles are really comfy and allow superior grip.
  • Highly durable and blades is also replaceable.
  • Includes quick-release lever for getting effective results.

1. KNIPEX 95 61 190 US Wire Rope Cutters

KNIPEX 95 61 190 US Wire Rope Cutters

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Blades of this wire cutter are induction hardened and have a distinct edge over generic cheap wire cutters. It gives a smooth cut to soft cables and doesn’t damage the strands or alter their structure in any way. With just the minimum amount of force, you can cut through tough wires with ease.

Having a locked lever facility, it also features neat and hassle-free cut. The rope cutter will not slip and fall off the hand. Hence, no tiredness will be experienced.

Key features:

  • Handles are coated with plastic for better grip.
  • Spring-loaded mechanism opens it automatically after each stroke.
  • Has a hardness rating of 64 HRC.

Always carry out every work like a professional. Be precise and reduce your workload with the professional steel cable cutter tool.

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  1. Once again, Park Tool proves its value. This cutter can trim brake housing and hard-to-cut shift housing on your bicycles. It has heat-treated and cold-forged handles, which are strong enough to snap bicycle wires. Very pleased!

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