Best Small C Side Tables for Small Spaces Reviews

There a different ways to give a makeover to one’s home. Some prefer elaborate design while others may go for a simplistic design. Whatever your choice and theme may be, the C side tables will fully match any decor. The simplistic design with a touch of elegance does look high-end. Plus, it is pretty sleek and compact. Therefore, can fit anywhere.

What more can you expect? Well, long service life and the capability to tolerate sufficient weight. So, the best of the class are sorted here in the review on the best C side table.

Table of the Best C Side Tables Reviews

10. Homemaxs Wood Finish Steel C Side Tables for Small Space

C Side Tables

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Every day cities are becoming more populated and real estate price is skyrocketing. So you need to make every penny count and get the most out of each square foot. Homemaxs has brought to you a product that lets you save more space with its C table. The C side table frame which takes three faces instead of four. This certainly lets you slide the table at the side of your sofa, bed, lounge and more.

You can use this for both your work and recreational activities. Furthermore, it is a great platform for holding small items like snacks, remote while you are watching TV and can also accommodate your laptop without any issues. It has a small form factor but its strength can’t be underestimated. Made from square tubes of rugged carbon steel it can stand a lot of abuse and wouldn’t be deformed even after years of use.

Key features:

  • Four adjustable feet that prevent direct contact of the frame with the floor.
  • The top surface is made from a material that has high resistance to water and regular wear and tear.
  • It indeed has an optimum height that puts everything within arm’s reach.

9. Simpli Home 3AXCSKY-09 Modern Wood and Metal C Shaped Table

Simpli Home 3AXCSKY-09 Modern Wood and Metal C Shaped Table

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Simpli Home has brought to you a minimalist no-nonsense c table that does what you need and would definitely fit your budget. No need to compromise quality and go for cheaper manufacturers, since this high-quality side table does not require you to break the bank. It is made from solid mango hardwood instead of some processed wood alternative and has a clean overall design that goes well with the existing furnishing you have.

Even the metal frame is rather made with a lot of considerations. You won’t find a lot of sharp points on this table that might lead to cuts and bruises. For long-lasting performance, the frame moreover, has a layer of black powder coating. As a result, prevents direct contact with elements of nature like water or dust. Finally, it is shielded from rusting and becomes a reliable small table that would benefit you for years

Key features:

  • NC lacquer on the mango wood doesn’t just protect but also highlights the top.
  • Each and every Simpli Home industrial C side table is unique since it is carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen.
  • Covered by a warranty period of one year so that you can make this purchase without any worries
  • Certainly, compatible with a wide variety of home decor

8. SRIWATANA Sofa End Tables Living Room – Vintage Accent C Table for Coffee Laptop

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Sriwatana brings to you a C table that has a vintage look and gives you a warm feeling of antiquity. It has a unique look that stands out from the rest of the furniture in your house and adds a whole different dimension to your home decor. Unlike most other tables that have a metal frame, this one avoids direct contact with the floor with its four feet. So when you slide it under your sofa or take it to another room, it doesn’t leave any scratches or stains on the floor.

Since it has a curved design, you indeed get more room for sliding it in between other furniture. The metal tube frame, however, can take a lot of weight, so you can make this your laptop table as well. But best of all is the magazine rack attached to the side of this table.

Key features:

  • The table has rounded off corners that prevents you from getting injured
  • The rustic C side table rather has a dark walnut finish. Its own bold look and elegance
  • You can make custom adjustments to its feet so that you can place it on any uneven surface without any shaking or instability

7. eHomeProducts Reclaimed Wood Look Finish Chrome Snack Side End Table

eHomeProducts Reclaimed Wood Look Finish Chrome Snack Side End Table

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For ultimate strength and stability, this C side table has a frame made out of strong heavy-duty metal tubes. It certainly can take a lot of impacts and wouldn’t deform under pressure.

Besides, being over 24-inches high, this has just the right height to be within arm level. Therefore, you don’t need to put too much effort and have a relaxing time accessing whatever you decide to put on the table

Key features:

  • Space-saving C side table design is awesome for studio apartment owners and those who are tight on space.
  • The top has the look of reclaimed wood that indeed adds a vintage charm to the table.

6. eHomeProducts Reclaimed Slim End Table

eHomeProducts Reclaimed Slim End Table

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Along with a C base that allows you to easily slide this table under your couch and bring the top closer, this one also features a metal frame that uses geometry to its full advantage. The frame is rather reinforced by curved metal tubes for extra strength.

As a matter of fact, this also increases the total weight that is tolerated by this tabletop. You can use it for having your afternoon tea or morning coffee, reading the newspaper, as a lamp desk, for your productivity electronic devices and a lot more.

Key features:

  • The magazine C side table has the look of reclaimed wood. That’s why makes it super attractive and adds a classic style element.
  • Being 24-inches high and 6-inches wide, it certainly has a lot of space for leisure and work.
  • Has high-quality metal and sturdy hardwood construction for long use.

5. C-Hopetree Modern Industrial Wood C Side Tables for Small Space

C-Hopetree Modern Industrial Wood C Side Tables for Small Space

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C-Hopetree lets you have a lot of convenience without filling up your living space with unnecessary clutter. This C-shaped table can be used for various purposes and it comes with a reasonable price tag despite its contemporary look. With a smooth melamine top, snacking on this table does not require you to always think about messy cleanups.

If drinks are spilt and crumbs are left, they are indeed cleaned effortlessly. The melamine top surface prevents any liquid to seep into the wood and stain or damage your useful furniture

Key features:

  • Transporting this while moving home or just shifting it to another room is easy. It weighs just a bit over 9 pounds
  • Glider feet won’t rather leave any marks on your expensive flooring

4. Versanora Faux Marble /Brass Marmo C Side Tables

Versanora Faux Marble /Brass Marmo C Side Tables

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Versanora always tries to blend in classic and modern designs to give you the best of both worlds. It provides you with versatile use and is created with the utmost care. Plus, offers the best craftsmanship to provide you with a work of art that is functional.

In this table, you certainly get more reinforcement on the frame with thicker and more legs supporting the top. This also attributes to high load-bearing capacity which means you can use your surface tablets and Chromebooks without the table tipping over. The top moreover brings a whole different charm to your room. Lastly, its faux marble construction looks like marble and is highly durable.

Key features:

  • Maintenance is easy and hassle-free, just a bit of dusting and wiping is all it takes.
  • Assembly is so easy that it takes less than 20 minutes of your time.
  • The frame is indeed made from sturdy metal that won’t bend easily.

3. VASAGLE Industrial Couch Side Table – Wood Look Furniture for Small Space

Wood Look Furniture for Small Space

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Vasagle gives you a very practical side table that doesn’t compromise on the aesthetics. Other than the adjuster feet that shield your floor from damage, this one also comes with caster wheels that let you move the table freely within your home. When you don’t need the wheels you can also detach them easily.

Furthermore, the vintage look appeals to the users of every age and every decade. The iron frame rather has a matte black finish and even features warm wood tones.

Key features:

  • Unlike most manufacturers, Vasagle believes in their product and gives you after-sales assistance for answering any of your queries.
  • It certainly has unmatched durability and despite its small form can handle around 55 pounds of weight.

2. Homemaxs Sofa C Side Tables for Small Space

 Homemaxs Sofa C Side Tables for Small Space

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HOomemaxs is offering you an affordable side table that has a high price to performance ratio and wouldn’t disappoint you in any way. It has a surface which is smooth and has a nice texture, but highly resistant to wear and tear.

Even if you spill some coffee by accident, the tabletop won’t be damaged if there is a quick wipe. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to worry about keeping mildly sharp objects like keys on the table. It indeed can hold its own against scratches.

Key features:

  • It is rather used for multiple purposes like having snacks, for laptops, for breakfast in bed and more.
  • The compact furniture will hardly consume any space.
  • Cleaning is mess-free and very easy.

1. FIVEGIVEN Tall Under Couch Sofa C-Shaped End Table

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Some people might enjoy the hour-long process of assembling, but it is a hassle to most. Fivegiven ships to you your side table with a pre-assembled tabletop that is assembled with the frame in no time. No need to waste time and labour on an arduous assembling task. The frame, however, has double legs which add extra strength.

Next, it is coated properly to prevent problems like rusting and corrosion that might decrease its lifetime. All in all, you get an incredible table which lets you manage your space well and doesn’t burn a hole through your wallet

Key features:

  • The tabletop is made from superior quality medium density fibreboard that can stand the test of time.
  • A brown walnut melamine veneer is indeed used for appealing aesthetics.

With the inclusion of a C side end table, complement the overall looks of your home. It’s beautiful and will certainly match your taste.

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