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While reading a book, you need to be in the right position to prevent fatigue and strain. Plus, the reading height must be at a comfortable level to provide additional comfort to your eyes. However, this is not possible to do without any extra support. Hence, the book stands! The stands allow you to be in your comfort zone while reading. They keep your book at a comfortable height such that you do not strain your eyes. Plus, they allow hands-free operation. So, if you like to read a book after a long tiring day, the stands are must for you. They use premium quality materials in their construction. So, they are quite durable and serve you for a long time

To save you from the dilemma of selecting, we list the top-rated book stands available in the market. Read the reviews of each product that we are listing for you to make an intelligent choice.

Table of the Best Book Stands Reviews

10. Wishacc Adjustable Bamboo Book Stands for Reading Desk

Book Stands

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Reading a nice book at the end of the day for leisure or gathering knowledge is a relaxing or learning experience. This adjustable bookstand lets you read everything from a thin picture book for kids to thick and heavy novels. It has been crafted from premium quality bamboo which is super stable and has a premium feel that you won’t get from cold metal or cheap plastic stands.

Due to its rugged build quality, you would be able to use it for an extended period of time. Moreover, wooden construction also makes it very light, which lets you carry it on your trips easily. But reading is not the only thing that is done with this stand. It is also perfect for holding your music scores and recipe booklets. So you can use it for your music practice or for cooking.

Key features:

  • Its has sprung pegs which are strong enough to bear the weight of heavy tablets or books
  • Allows you customised inclination up to 5 different levels
  • When you aren’t using the product it is folded flat to take up less space

9. ETTU Kitchen Foldable Bamboo Book Holder Stand with Page Holder Clips

ETTU Kitchen Foldable Bamboo Book Holder Stand with Page Holder Clips

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ETTU Kitchen presents to you a bamboo boo stand that has a length over 15-inches and 11-inches of width. Its extra-large form factor allows you to use books of various sizes and thickness without any problems. So indeed great for students, home cooks or professional who wants to go through their study material or cooking method.

The style of this stand also looks amazing since it isn’t just constructed out of bamboo, but has an attractive bamboo texture on the surface. You also get this fully unmarked so that you customized it as needed.

Key features:

  • At the rear, you get 5 notches for tilting the stand at different angles
  • Metal arms keep the page you are reading in place.
  • Indeed a better and safer alternative when compared to cheap plastic products.

8. Reodoeer BamBoo Reading Book Stands & Holders

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If you are looking for a stand which can accompany you on your literary journey throughout the years, then this one from Reodoeer is one of the best models that money can buy. Usually, other competitors offer 5 levels of adjustment, but this stand has 6 notches that increase the tilting range. No need to worry if you are living in a small apartment.

Like your book, it can fold flat after you are done using it. The foldable book stand is indeed stable and has a bamboo construction to make it environmental-safe. Given the springed pegs, you can easily put in the thickest books as well.

Key features:

  • Page holding arms at the front have soft tips to prevent damage on the pages.
  • The rugged look a sturdy approach and looks good.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy since it is wiped clean in most situations

7. SYITCUN Height and Angle Adjustable Ergonomic Book Holder Stand

SYITCUN Height and Angle Adjustable Ergonomic Book Holder Stand

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Syitcun has created a stand which has been made from top quality materials and provides you adjustability like no other product. Instead of iron, this stand has been created from an aluminium alloy which is heavy-duty in nature. So, it is superior in comparison to iron due to its lightweight and being rustproof. Even when it comes to other agents of corrosion, aluminium stands stronger than iron. You get a product which will last you for years and assist you during study time.

The bookstand frame is sturdy enough to hold books of various kinds and can even serve as your laptop or tablet stand. At the price of one, you get a bookstand and a work desk. It can also rotate to full 360-degrees and can be fixed at any position you like. No need to worry about your books slipping off either since they are held by adjustable bookends that hold the book and prevent pages being turned by the air current.

Key features:

  • It has rounded off corners so that you aren’t injured while using it.
  • You can adjust the angle with increments or decrements of 15-degrees.
  • Press button has an intuitive design that lets you adjust the angle on push and locks in place when you release the button.

6. Superior Essentials Portable Stand for Book and Document

Superior Essentials Portable Stand for Book and Document

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Superior Essentials has crafted its portable bookstand with a T-base at the back. As a result, it works great for distributing weight and keeps the stand stable even with a heavy load. It also has a back surface with depressions and crevices that prevents books with slippery covers or tablets from sliding off. Other brands offer you metal clips which let you keep the page you are reading in place.

But they may damage the page as well. For that softly rounded clips have been provided in this model to gently hold the pages of your book. Weighing just 1.01 pounds, you just have the right product that poses no threat in transporting it.

Key features:

  • An integrated LED light with adjustable neck lets you read during the dark.
  • You can remove and attach the light as needed.
  • Your desk won’t be damaged since the stand makes soft contact on any flat surface.

5. Love Book LS Hands Foldable and Adjustable Book Stands

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Love Book has attributed this stand with a passionate design that adds a lot of functionality and gives you the best bang for your buck. This stand has multiple adjustment options from changing the reading height to adjusting the reading angle.

Let your book stand do most of the labour, you don’t need to slouch over and hurt your back for reading a good book. You can also freely rotate it around the pole that is really useful during group projects. One can certainly protect them from worsening their eyesight and also the body posture can improve

Key features:

  • Wide circular and heavy-duty base add to the stability of this product.
  • Raised dots increase the grip between the plastic surface and your book.

4. ZZWS Adjustable Reading Book Stands – Plastic Book Holder

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ZZWS has brought to you a stand with rich features, but aesthetics impressive enough to become the sole factor affecting your judgement. It has a cat-like design and comes in three different colour choices. But the best part is that due to its plastic construction, it is also translucent in nature. Using it is also hassle-free since it takes little to no time for setting it up with your choice of book or tablet computer. And then it is operated with just one hand. No need to take out the book every time for turning pages.

For its construction, ABS plastic has been used, which is environmentally friendly than most other types of plastic and doesn’t soak up water like wood or get rusted by metal. Even if gets splashed with water or dirt for long durations, you can clean it effortlessly in a minimal amount of time.

Key features:

  • Is certainly adjusted to accommodate books or flat electronic devices with a width of 4.3 to 20.8-inches.
  • The large clamp has a thickness of 1.2-inches and can accommodate up to 400 pages.
  • Triangular bracket keeps the structure stable.

3. Uncaged Ergonomics Adjustable Height & Angle Ergonomic Book Holder for Reading

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True to its name Uncaged Ergonomics has created a book stand that is ergonomically superior to most other models in the market. It is super convenient since it lets you read your book in multiple positions, whether you are sitting or simply lying on your bed or a mattress against the wall.

The foldable legs are opened partially when you want to use the stand on your desk. And one can fully extend it when you want to read something in a relaxed and laid-back position.

Key features:

  • The bottom provides plenty of open space for taking down notes.
  • Made from light and strong aluminium frame.
  • Can tolerate the weight of books, tablets or laptops as long as they weigh under 12 pounds.

2. Camino Folding & “Transforming” Stand for Book

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Camino brings to you a revolutionary stand that will change the way you read your books in the future. It won’t just be beneficial when you are reading your favourite book or kids are doing their homework, but also act as a laptop stand for getting some work done or watching a movie. It has a unique collapsible design which makes it’s super compact and fit in your hands when not in use.

You can pack it inside your bag and bring it out at the library, work or at your home any time you want for the most comfortable viewing or reading angle. Remember the tablet stands you bought for each tablet you own. With this stand, you don’t even need to make so many wasted investments. This one stand is enough for thin, heavy or large tablets, whatever size they come in.

Key features:

  • With a thickness of 14mm, it gives you an easy grip and can fit inside most bags
  • When closed it has a length of 3-inches, which extends to 14-inches when fully extended.
  • Has streamlined clips which help to hold the page you are reading.

1. Wiztem WIZ-JAS Jasmine Book Stand

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Wiztem has made a stand from high-grade MDF wood which is known for its durability and long-lasting attributes. You get a large surface area which is suitable for books of all sizes. For adjustability, you get highly dense plastic adjusters that can bear the weight of heavy books. It certainly keeps them in a firm position without any instability.

As a matter of fact, the whole board promises to be heavy-duty as it can accommodate heaviest books.  And you get the liberty to have an eye-level reading.

Key features:

  • You don’t even need to waste time assembling this product, it comes ready to use right out of the factory.
  • MDF has resistance to humidity, so a quick wipe on small splashes would be more than enough.

For holding all your books and giving ease of reading, the lightweight bookstands are not something to underestimate. So, never step backwards from exploring more.

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