Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

Bike rides are fun and come in really handy when you need to cover large distances in a short period of time. No matter how powerful your bike is, if you do not have a great quality helmet, risks of accidents and injuries are extremely high. If the Bluetooth is integrated with the helmet, it offers much more effective to communicate with others. Thus, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have been invented.

Thus, you can have a look at the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet review that not only assure your safety against injuries but also let you have more fun while you are riding. The Bluetooth feature makes it easy to take and reject calls, listen to music, and even stay connected with your friends. These helmets make no compromise with their build quality for the sake of the Bluetooth feature, thus you can rely on them without a second thought. Have a look at the list down below to have a clear idea on which motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth you need to choose:

Table of the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

10. ILM Face Full Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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Accidents are very uncertain. Thus, the primary motive of this helmet remains the same that is protecting your head and your life from unforeseen accidents that can occur on the road at any time. But with the inbuilt Bluetooth, it can give you the utmost protection while making your ride truly wonderful. The Bluetooth 3.0 technology used on this helmet gives you the benefit of 8 hours talk-time and a huge 110 hours of standby. For the convenience of your ride, everything related to calls can be performed with one single touch.

Key features

  • Designed with two built-in speakers that produce high-quality stereo sound.
  • Uses DSP Echo cancellation and Noise Suppression technology, thereby giving premium quality sound even at higher speeds.
  • The helmet meets as well as exceeds safety standards of both ECE and DOT. Thus, it offers maximum reliability.
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9. Torc T14B Large Full Face Helmet for Motorcycle with Flag Graphic 

 Torc T14B Large Full Face Bluetooth Helmets with Flag Graphic 

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It becomes almost necessary to choose a helmet that can provide you with complete protection and still stay light on the head for longer journeys. This DOT and ECE certified helmet ensure you with protection against unforeseen damages. In terms of technology, you get a Bluetooth integrated shell, aimed at making your rides much more comfortable and hassle-free. The overall oval shape of the helmet fits very well onto any face and the dual-density EPS is given for reliability.

Key features

  • Advanced thermal polymer alloy has been used in the construction of the outer shell.
  • The inner liner is comfortable, removable, and washable.
  • Dropdown visor system with a smooth lock.

8. Freedconn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet – Intercom Communication System

 Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets,FreedConn Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Helmet

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Are you amongst them who like rides with their buddies and stay connected with them during the journey? Well, this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet will let you stay in touch with 2 other persons. However, they are in the 500m range of the helmet. As it has got Bluetooth 3.0, staying connected with your phone, motorcycle GPS, and music player makes your journey more enduring. When it comes to protection, the helmet has an outstanding ABS shell which is both light in weight and strong. Also, there is an advanced ventilation system for more comfort.

Key features

  • One button control for every feature.
  • Liner and cheek-pad have deodorant, and it is washable completely to maintain the cleanliness.

7. Freedconn Large Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Integrated Modular Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Built-in Bluetooth

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Freedconn has designed this amazing motorcycle helmet with precision and care. While it takes care of your head and protects it from damages, the use of advanced Bluetooth 3.10 allows for multiple connections on the move. On the outside, you get an ABS shell for high-end protection and the lightweight construction makes it easier to keep on the head for long. Furthermore, the Bluetooth allows riders to take the benefit of a full-duplex mode and have group conversation along with the comfort of hands-free call, music, and GPS connectivity.

Key features

  • Bluetooth connectivity can go up to a distance of 500m.
  • Advanced ventilation system enhances air inflow for more comfort.
  • The removable, washable, and absorbent liner keeps the helmet new.

6. HJC CL-MAXBT II Medium Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

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One of the best-designed helmets, the HJC CL-MAXBT II has paid more attention towards the fit and comfort. It uses advanced CAD technology that enhances the fit for added comfort. Also, the injection moulded polycarbonate shell on the outside of the helmet is very safe and reliable. The Bluetooth ready feature accounts offer easy connectivity on the move and the helmet even comes with cavities for placing speakers.

Key features

  • Face-shield is designed to keep out 95% of UV rays.
  • Comes with ACS advanced channelling ventilation system, which eliminates hot and humid air forming inside the helmet. Thus, makes the helmet more breathable.

5. Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Black Bluetooth Modular Helmet 

Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Modular Helmet - SM - Matte Black

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Helmets are important and when it comes with connectivity features, the journey becomes really convenient in every way possible. In terms of design, this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet Bilt is outstanding and very safe. The hi-tech injection polycarbonate shell protects you from risks of accidents and injuries. Also, the Bluetooth 2.0 can be connected to any given device just out of the box. The liner on the helmet is removable and washable. Hence, keeping it fresh inside the helmet is never a challenge.

Key features

  • Airflow ventilation is mounted on the chin, making the flow of air better.
  • The clear shield can be locked and has a quick-release function.

4. TORC Unisex-Adult Full-face T28B Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet 

TORC Unisex-Adult Full-face Style T28B

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Extremely amazing in terms of looks, wearing comfort and features, the Torc Unisex Bluetooth helmet is a perfect solution for riders who always want to stay connected on the go. Apart from being very lightweight, the modular frame enhances comfort and even comes with a drop-down sun visor for various riding situation. Furthermore, it has the inbuilt Blinc Bluetooth technology, which is by far one of the bests in the business. The one-button latch system improves accessibility for rapid opening and wearing.

Key features

  • A controlled ventilation system for airflow.
  • The inner padding is cool max comfort padding which is also removable and washable.
  • Shield has anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.
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3. Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Evolution Modular Helmet – Matte White

Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Evolution Modular Helmet

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The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that takes care of your communication on road, this helmet has got an unmatched 8 hours of talking time and standby time that can go up to 7 days. Designed with a universal Intercom protocol, it is very easy to get connected with riders wearing helmets from other brands as well. Besides, the riding comfort is ensured by an airflow ventilation system that is multi-point surface mounted.

Key features

  • Impressive 400 m of intercom distance.
  • Gives you the benefit of hands-free communication.

2. Freedconn Dual Visor Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle Helmets

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Promises to make your journey more exciting as now you can stay connected with 2 other riders and talk to them constantly without having to reach out for your phone. The inbuilt Bluetooth intercom system enables riders to get connected up to a distance of 500 meters. It is easy to use and has one-button control for all features like FM radio, responding to calls, and intercom. As it has got the certification from DOT and ECE, you are never compromising with the safety and reliability.

Key features

  • ABS lightweight shell on the outside for ultimate protection against injuries.
  • Great airflow is guaranteed with the advanced ventilation system.
  • Dual visor lets you ride with comfort at different times of the day.

1. ILM flip Up Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip Helmet

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Undoubtedly, the ILM flip-up Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is supremely designed which has Bluetooth 3.0 for a feature-rich performance on the move. It gives you the ability of 8 hours talk-time alongwith110 hours of standby time. With a one-touch control system, it offers the ease of use while you are riding is always guaranteed. Furthermore, the inner liner is made of microfiber for a plush feeling and is washable, letting you keep it new. With two in-built stereo speakers, this helmet makes your journeys astonishing and allows connectivity with 2 other riders within a distance of 1000 feet.

Key features

  • ECS and DOT certification ensure safety and reliability.
  • Uses Noise Suppression Technology and DSP Echo cancellation technology for great quality sound even at higher speeds.
  • Has adjustable air vents for more comfort.

With the compatible motorcycle Bluetooth helmet, you can surely pick up calls or carry out necessary functions without facing any trouble.

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