Best Hunting Blind Bags & Backpacks Reviews

A sturdy bag is what you need whenever you are visiting the woods for an adventurous ride. The heavy equipment and rough use might damage any normal bag. However, the specially-made bags are capable enough to endure these tortures. So, the blind bags are all you need to carry every essential in an organized manner. The bags are tough and water can cause no harm to them. Moreover, it defines durability in a new way.

So what are the safest options? Our blind bags buying guide will lead you in the right direction and none of the important points is left behind.

Table of the Best Blind Bags Reviews

10. Rig Em Right Lock & Load Blind Bags

Blind Bags

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Compared to most other bags in the market, Rig Em Right offers a slim design with this bag having a slim form factor. You don’t have to keep most of your space occupied with the traditional square-shaped bulky bags anymore. To some, a compact bag may mean less quality and space. However, it’s far from the truth when it comes to this blind bag. This bag has paracord handles which have been riveted on the bag. As a result, you can lift heavy loads without worrying about the handle getting snapped.

At the front, you also get a hard case for your glasses. It features major storage which is accessed via the durable zippers. And it provides plenty of space for all your gear. In the main storage compartment, you get space for your essentials. Plus, two clear internal zipper pockets to hold your valuables like phone or hunting licenses.

Key features:

  • At the bottom blind pocket, you can store full boxes of shotshells or other types of ammo.
  • Pop-out pocket on the right side gives extra storage space.
  • On the left side, you get a water bottle holder with drawcord.
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9. Lifetime Decoys Old School Blind Bags

Lifetime Decoys Old School Blind Bags

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Lifetime Decoys offers you an innovative waterproof blind bag that has a genius design. It is nothing like the rest of the cheap alternatives you would find on the market. This bag has connection points and two straps at the hard bottom. It allows you to readily transform the bag into a backpack. So, you can focus on stealth and usability while you are carrying it on your hands.

On the other hand, the backpack conversion helps you carry it with less fatigue. Given that, the zippers are waterproof as it will provide equally good performance if used after fully submerging in water. Finally, the outer shell easily repels water.

Key features:

  • Buckles allow you to quickly connect or disconnect the straps.
  • Large and deep inner compartment allows storage of multiple boxes of shots.
  • One pocket on each side and two at the front allows extra room for packing more gear.

8. Drake 2.0 – X-Large Floating Blind BagsDrake 2.0 - X-Large Floating Blind Bags

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This new floating blind bag from Drake sets the standards quite high for organizational capabilities. With most other bags, you just get to dump your gear on large open storage and don’t get to keep them organized. This bag solves that problem. It has a construction from the rugged HD2 accessory fabric. It is highly durable and blocks out water and other elements due to the PVC backing. The main storage is where you keep most of your valuable content. So, this bag has two protective liners to keep them dry and away from damage.

Moreover, the internal liner is light tan which enhances visibility by reflecting light from your torch in dark conditions. The main compartment doesn’t lack organizational pockets. So, you get to store smaller items like multi-tools, GPS devices, flashlight and more for quick and easy access.

Key features:

  •  A lot of D-rings and clips inside the main compartment lets you store keys, electronics and remotes.
  • Extra choke tubes are stashed in the elastic sleeves.
  • Vinyl zipper pocket lets you store things that require a bit more protection, like matches or medicines.

7. ALPS OutdoorZ Deluxe Floating Blind Bag

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Are all your accessories getting wet and you have missed your shot at the perfect game? Then this bag is perfect for you. It has a sealed membrane around the large main compartment that keeps water out. On the other hand, your gear and ammo stay dry for use. You can also carry this bag using either the handles or the shoulder strap, whatever feels more comfortable.

As you open the bag you would see clear vinyl pockets on the inner lid. It can store your wallet, phone, keys, licenses and more.

Key features:

  • The blind bag weighs less than 3 pounds by itself but carries multiple times more than that.
  • Having the inner thermos pocket, your drinks would stay at the temperature you want.
  • With closed-cell foam construction, the fabric doesn’t water.
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6. BANDED 900D Fabric Air II Blind Bag

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Banded has probably made one of the toughest bags on the market at its price range. It has an extra thick and resilient 900D fabric construction. As a result, it is resistant to tear as well as rain or dust. It can take a whole lot of beating without much deterioration in its quality or functionality. On the side, you get a zippered pouch which lets you keep frequent use gears within quick reach.

Even the camouflage has the classic patterns so that it doesn’t stick out in the dense hardwood hunting grounds.

Key features:

  • Has a massive storage capacity of over 700-cubic inches.
  • Armoured bottom lets you rest the bag on any terrain.
  • Flotation foam helps to keep it afloat over water.

5. Tanglefree Flight Series Optifade Marsh Blind Bag

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With this bag from TangleFree, you can go for multiple hunting trips season after season without worrying about anything. The bag is from 600D polyester material which is extremely rugged and can stand the test of time. The camouflage blind bag design doesn’t just make it look good but also keeps it functional while you are out in the wild.

Inside the bag, you will also get two mesh pockets. Therefore, it lets you keep your gear sorted instead of cluttering the bottom.

Key features:

  • The handgrip is velcro secured and also helps to keep the main compartment closed.
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable to suit your build for a comfy carrying position.
  • The dual-layer cover will resist rough use.

4. Banded Arc Welded Large Blind Bag

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Another marvellous bag that would give you a smoother experience in the upcoming hunting season. It features Quick-seal air bladder that facilitates floatation even in marshes. You don’t have to worry about your gear getting lost in the marsh when you are trying to have a perfect aim. It has a 600D fabric construction which is armour coated. Plus, it keeps the bag from getting ripped even after it accompanies you on numerous trips.

The zippers given are fully water-resistant so that even under extreme conditions, it won’t get rust.

Key features:

  • Hard plastic moulded zipper pullers are easy to use even with gloves.
  • Compared to other mags of this size, it is lightweight at around 2 pounds.
  • Mesh pockets under the lid secure your valuables.
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3. Rig’Em Right Shell Shocker Blind Bag Mossy Oak Bottomland

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Rig’Em Right never fails to impress with its innovative hunting gear and this bag is one of the numerous proofs. It has a durable construction that won’t give way to rips even after you have put it through abuse. The main compartment in this bag is quite large. It certainly has a length of 12-inches and measuring 8-inches both in width and depth.

With such a large volume, you won’t have to resort to taking extra bags for your ammo shells. It even has padded sides which allow the nag to float on water.

Key features:

  • Phone pocket has zippers with weather-resistant liners to keep water from damaging your phone.
  • The shoulder strap has adequate padding to give you a comfortable carrying experience.

2. Rig’Em Right Shell Shocker XLT Blind Bag

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Rig’Em Right has brought another incredible feature-rich bag. It lets you keep yourself prepared and ready to strike at the perfect moment. This has high-quality and tough PVC canvas construction. Well, it isn’t just durable but also gives you a bit of water resistance. You can carry all your gear and keep them dry in this bag while you are changing terrains.

It has an integrated pocket that can store a water bottle or energy drink. Finally, with the drawcord, you can fit in bottles of various sizes.

Key features:

  • Wide shoulder strap lets you carry the bag with minimum muscle fatigue.
  • You have multiple pockets outside for easy access to your gear.
  • Paracord handle looks and feels super tough.

1. Final Approach Layout Blind Bag

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Final Approach is a renowned name amongst hunters and for all the right reasons. This bag from the brand has a simple design which is easy to use and comes at an affordable price. It has high quality and rugged carrying straps. As a result, extends from two sides on the top and comes together with a padded velcro cover. You won’t have any problem carrying this with one hand.

To get access to the main compartment, you have to take off the top. It is large and extends to the front of the bag and uses velcro for staying safe and secure in place. Inside, you get segmented pockets.

It has room for just about everything you might want to carry along with you in the next Waterfowl season. There is a large pocket that can hold 2 or three boxes of shells. Adjacent to that, you get a pocket with more organization for your flashlights, dog treats and of course more shells.

Key features:

  • A clear transparent zipper pocket on the inside can hold your hunting license or wallet.
  • Large adjustable shoulder strap lets you carry the bag without suffering from.
  • Conventional hooks let you change or replace the shoulder straps.

With the help of these heavy-duty blind bags, you can keep all the essentials when on the wilds fully organized. So pack your bags and leave for the journey.

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