Best Ultralight Bivy Sacks for Camping Reviews

If you are going for an adventure, then you need the bivy sacks which can shield you in that area. In a warm tropical region, sweat and soot will form faster. So going long distances with a lot of bulk is impractical. Bivies are usually lightweight for enhancing portability and doesn’t consume much of your space. Only premium quality sacks must be used in order to avoid any sort of risks or uncertainties. However, choices are many and so, confusion arises.

Hence, we have shortlisted the best in our best bivy sacks review that will keep the user informed fully.

Table of the Best Bivy Sacks Reviews

10. S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Heat Reflective Durable Lightweight Emergency Bivvy

Bivy Sacks

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The S.O.L Escape bivy is a revolution in backcountry emergency bivies as the most full-featured shelter in the line-up. This will offer you body heat reflectivity, high resistance to water, complete blockage of fierce wind and even breathability. It rather lets your body’s condensation escape through micropores in the fabric. So with the Escape bivy even in an emergency shelter, you will always stay warm and dry.

Gone would be the days where you would find yourself soaked inside the bivy in cold mornings. When the weather turns bad the reinforced and specially stitched waterproof seams would work tirelessly to keep the moisture outside. Moreover, you can even seal up the bivy completely to keep all the harsh elements of nature outside. You just need to close the quarter length side zip. And now cinch the hood closer tightly with the stretchable pull cord to wait out the passing of any kind of storm.

Key features:

  • Can reflect as much as 70 to 90 per cent of your body heat.
  • Compact bivy sack design allows for easy portability.
  • Highly durable and indeed tough.

9. Survival Frog Compact Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Tact Bivvy

Survival Frog Compact Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Tact Bivvy

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During any sort of disaster or perilous situations, it is always good to be prepared. Survival frog brings you one of the best bivvies that money can buy on the market. Firstly, it has a greenish hue which will blend into the natural surroundings and keep you safe and hidden. Next, it is crafted out of ultra high-quality material. As a result, the light bivy sack is indeed tough and highly resistant to wear and tear in the wild countryside. The material has high heat reflectivity. It would send back most of your body heat back to keep you warm even in poor, cold conditions.

Your sleeping bag has a lot of stuffing. However, that isn’t always enough when you are in a wet or cold region where sharp temperature drops are common. This gives you the option of using it as a liner for your sleeping bag to increase the temperature significantly.

Key features:

  • Covered by a 6 month guarantee period.
  • Foldable into such a compact form that it will fit right in your palm.
  • Has high resistance to water and wind. Can certainly keep you dry.

8. Slumberjack Kryptek Highlander Contour Bivy Sacks

Slumberjack Kryptek Highlander Contour Bivy

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Contour Bivy is your perfect high country for overnight adventures. Due to its compact form factor, it is a great alternative to not bringing a full tent. But you still get the required protection. It rather works great if you use it with a Slumberjack sleeping bag due to its unique arm ports. So you can still get up, cook food, invest some time in literature in the wild without shedding the protection.

Furthermore, it also boasts a hoop construction which gives it some structure that lifts it off of your face. With other manufacturers, you have to compromise for poor design. Plus, you are always inconvenienced with the bivy constantly coming close to your face. For promoting airflow without the invasion of bugs and insects it has a meshed panel. You also don’t feel so claustrophobic that comes with other completely sealed bivies. If the weather goes bad, you can use the integrated flap to create a tunnel to maintain the airflow

Key features:

  • Packs up to an incredibly small size.
  • Extremely light, weighing around one and a half ounces.
  • Dual bivy sack zippers indeed let you unzip from either the bottom or the top.

7. Outdoor Research Helium Bivy

Outdoor Research Helium Bivy

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With the sleeping pad straps that are integrated into this bivy, your sleeping bag wouldn’t ruin your sleep. It won’t certainly skid-off to the side. Do you have to struggle to keep the bivvy of your face with other manufacturers? You would face no such problems with this. It has the Delrin Single Pole system which always lifts the upper surface and creates plenty of room. As a matter of fact, wet grounds would become a non-issue with the Hydroseal coating applied on the floor.

Having a nylon construction that guarantees a long life, the waterproof bivy sack makes it ideal for any situation. Finally, it is totally breathable so there won’t be any signs of uneasiness.

Key features:

  • Seams are taped to fully make the bivy resistant.
  • Features no-see-um mesh for enhancing the breathability factor.

6. Aqua Quest Mummy Waterproof Lightweight Bivy Bags for Outdoor Survival

Waterproof Lightweight Bivy Bags

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The Mummy Bivy Bag has a great build quality and made from top quality materials like 70D nylon. This makes your bag durable and a coating of laminated PU gives it waterproof capabilities. Hence, you would really appreciate on your adventures. The seams are reinforced and heat taped so that they don’t allow any water to seep through tiny gaps.

Even under a column of 66ft of water this bag will hold its own and give you ultimate performance. It is rather made extra wide for keeping it comfortable for the sure.

Key features:

  • The bivy sack weighs around 1.26 pounds.
  • Includes zippers on both sides for convenience.
  • Can certainly accommodate one person.

5. Outdoor Research Bug Bivy Sacks

Outdoor Research Bug Bivy Sack

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Outdoor Research is in the business of outdoor gear and apparel for over three decades. With all that experience, they have made a bivy sack which wouldn’t burn a hole through your wallet. The floor is coated with Hydroseal-200 which keeps which shields you from rough, rocky debris and damp ground. In fact, it has a strong mesh material as the upper surface. It keeps this bivy breathable while keeping pollen and insects out.

Furthermore, it features one-shock-corded poles that rather have a derlin construction. Lastly, it is extremely lightweight and carrying it is no big deal.

Key features:

  • A zipper seals the while bivy with little to no effort.
  • The door facilitates in one full-zip opening.
  • Poles that doesn’t let the mesh touch your face

4. Snugpak Jungle Bag

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This jungle bag from Snugpak offers you a lightweight and durable solution to those problems. It has a micro diamond fabric built which has high-water repellent properties and keeps you dry even in damp surroundings. Life thrives at warm regions and so this bag has an outer lining which has received antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment. So you won’t have to deal with foul odour causing bacteria and have a more comfortable sleep.

As a matter of fact, high loft fine fibres of this bag are the secret that makes it highly compressible. You can just rather pack it and compress this bag into an ultra-small size for easy travelling.

Key features:

  • The bivy sack mosquito net is certainly zipped over your face to repel bugs and mosquitoes. Hence, letting you breathe easier.
  • Packed into a super small size and built-in straps hold it together

3. Outdoor Research Molecule Bivy Regular Bag

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Irrespective of the weather conditions you will be able to enjoy a good sleep in this bivy from Outdoor Research. The floor of this bivy is made out of 70D fabric material that is light yet strong. As a result, can take a lot of abuse. Rainfall or wet ground wouldn’t be a concern for you since the bivy is waterproof. And even has a vented foot box which keeps the area around your feet breathable and comfortable.

However, cleaning it is as simple as it can get. Just use your hands to wash it and its done.

Key features:

  • The unique coating which prevents the fungal formation.
  • Super lightweight and boasts high-durability.
  • Spans 60inches in width and is 4-inches high.

2. Tennier Military Modular Bivy Sacks with Goretex Bivy Cover & Carry Sack

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Now you can appreciate the technological marvel created by the US military. Experience the same level of shielding during sleep at unforgiving places like the soldiers. It has a camouflage pattern on the outside that lets you blend into your surroundings in the tropical jungles. Due to its modular design, you can use all of the components together or use them according to the situation.

Moreover, the sleeping bag is super comfy with nice cushioning material. Above all, it keeps you warm even in cold and wet conditions.

Key features:

  • Waterproof design with a zipper.
  • Includes as many as 4 pieces.

1. Hyke & Byke Bivy Sacks for Backpacking

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Hyke & Byke offer you a streamlined designed with horizontal baffles to stimulate even distribution of heat and temperature from one side to the other. The bag is constructed out of highly durable and lightweight materials. Hence, it will keep you comfy in any situation, be it camping or in a hostel. Next, the 20D nylon shell fabric has high water resistance and a cushy, silky texture. As a result, it feels cozy and is very gentle to your skin. It is one of the lightest textiles that are used.

For the bag design, the amount of down is optimised in each chamber for maximizing the loft. Plus, it reduces the weight and size. It even accomplishes and delivers this to you by making use of a differential cut. It means that you get a smaller bag wrapped in a larger outer shell. You will also find a small channel on the left side of this bag. Now, you can transfer fill from one end to another. Lastly, you can even customize the down insulation where you need it the most

Key features:

  • Covered by a lifetime warranty period.
  • Great durability and high warmth.
  • Indeed a space-saving design for your needs.

Confused about what to carry for your outdoor trips? The durable bivy sacks will surely keep you safe in all instances.

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