Top 10 Best Commercial Beverage Coolers Reviews In 2019

It’s true that we need food to survive but just like food, beverages had occupied an important position in our life. Be it wine and beer bottles or juice and canned beverages, one likes to enjoy chilled beverages every now and then. But these beverages occupy a lot of space of your normal refrigerator. Thus, beverage coolers are specially invented for holding only your beverages and saving up some space of your regular fridge. These coolers can fit in any short space and also elevates the beauty of your room. Also, it allows you to acquire perfectly chilled drinks every single time.

Both the online and offline market has many coolers to offer but not every product is trustworthy. Thus, we have put down only the commercial beverage coolers that aid you to keep your drinks chilled and fresh.

Table of the Best Beverage Coolers Reviews

10. Danby DBC120BLS Stainless Steel  Beverage Center – 120 Cans

Beverage Coolers

A 3.3 cubic feet beverage center for holding beverages, it is an appropriate choice that has 3 wire shelves. It is equipped with a mechanical thermostat and has a temperature range between 43F to 57F. Further, the tempered glass door is durable and the stainless steel body along with a black body makes it look appealing. And it has recessed door that is mounted at the side as well as an integrated lock that opens with a key.

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Key features

  • The interior is lit with blue LED lights.
  • Can accommodate 120 cans.
  • Energy Saver.

9. EdgeStar BWC120SSLT Freestanding Beverage Cooler – 103 Cans

commercial beverage cooler

The unique feature of the EdgeStar cooler is that it offers low temperatures of 32-degrees F because of the ultra-powered compressor. Having a front of the stainless steel and chrome shelving, the blue lighting adds to the stylish look of the beverage center. You can adjust the shelves accordingly as one can store wine bottles, cans, beverages and other tall bottles inside this machine.

Key features

  • Has an integrated lock for keeping your beverages safe.
  • Have extra large capacity as you can fit in 103 cans of standard size and 5 bottles of 750 ml.

8. NewAir  Wine and Beverage Cooler with Glass Door – 126 Cans

edgestar beverage cooler

This mini refrigerator from NewAir goes down to chilly temperatures of 34-degree F and helps you to obtain frosty drinks any time. It is of the size 3.4 cubic foot thus quiet spacious for fitting up to 126 cans. Further, the racks are constructed out of metal that guarantees durability. Include this stylish, sleek black component that is also built of stainless steel to your home and elevate the coolness of your room.

Key features

  • The 5 chrome racks can be removed as per will.
  • Features freestanding design.
  • Produces noise of just 35 dB.
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7. Whynter BR-130SB Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator with Fan

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator

A freestanding refrigerator having a reversible door, it has a soft LED lighting in the interior along with an on/off switch. Apart from accommodating 120 cans, the black cabinet has a stainless steel door that enhances the overall look. Plus, the mechanical temperature control allows you to adjust temperature anywhere between 30-degrees F to 60-degrees F. The wire shelves can be removed and it has a trimmed glass door.

Key Features

  • Comes with 5 shelves for placing your beverages and a free-space at the bottom.
  • Has a sleek design.
  • Internal air-cooled system.

6. EdgeStar BWC70SS Undercounter Beverage Cooler

undercounter beverage cooler

This excellent beverage cooler from EdgeStar is fit to store as high as 62 standard sized cans and undoubtedly becomes a great choice. It is the manual temperature control knob that makes it different from others and the temperature ranges between 30-degrees F to 50-degrees F. Also, the black cabinet has a glass door which is trimmed by stainless steel. Finally, it features chrome shelves that are removable and the glass door is double-paned as well as reversible.

Key features

  • Has compressor-based cooling.
  • Certified by ETL.
  • Warranty of the parts for 1 year.

5. NewAir Wine and Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator

Wine and Beverage Cooler

Another product from NewAir with a freestanding design, it promises to chill your beverages at a temperature of 34-degree F which is usually lower than the temperature any other cooler offers. There are 5 chrome racks that are removable and can hold bottles or cans of varied sizes and shapes. Plus, the sleek black design of the stainless steel component gives it a stylish appearance.

Key features

  • The beverage center is of 2.2 cubic foot.
  • You can put a max of 90 cans.
  • Has a user-friendly design.

4. Avallon ABR241SGRH Built-in Beverage Cooler – 152 Cans

Built-in Beverage Cooler

Avallon has played it right to create a single-zone unit that operates in a temperature range between 34F to 50F. Decorated with internal LED lights, you can choose the color blue or white as per your preference. Besides having compressor-powered cooling, it also has a front exhaust that is fan forced. And it has 3 sanded glass shelves as well as 2 lights on each side respectively. Have a firm grip on the stainless steel handle and start your day with a cool beverage.

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Key features

  • Features true-key lock.
  • Installed with a carbon filter.
  • It can be both freestanding as well as a built-in unit.

3. Phiestina PH-CBR100 Compressor Beverage Cooler with Glass Window

Compressor Beverage Cooler with Handle

For enjoying a frosty drink and to save up your space both in your fridge as well as room, this beverage refrigerator is what you need. Get the perfect amount of chill according to your choice as the refrigerator functions at a temperature ranging from 38 F to 50 F. With 6 removable wire shelves and LED lighting of blue color in the interior, it is also an energy-saving solution.

Key features

  • The compressor cooling system facilitates in carrying out quiet operations.
  • Appropriate for keeping beverages up to 106 cans.
  • Has a slim design.

2. Kalamera Built-in Beverage Cooler – 96 Cans

Built-in Beverage Cooler

Besides having an elegant sleek design, it is constructed of stainless steel and the unit is made of transparent glass which is installed with blue LED lights. It comes with 6 racks that can be removed and compressor functions silently along with maintaining a temperature between 38-degrees F and 50-degrees F. However, if there is a sudden power cut, you can restore back to the set temperature without any hassle.

Key features

  • Has a compact size with enough space to put 96 cans.
  • The temperature memory function is exclusive to this cooler.

1. EdgeStar BWC120SS Beverage Cooler – 103 Cans

EdgeStar BWC120SS Beverage Cooler

The best is saved for the last and this undercounter beverage cooler from EdgeStar will stand up to your expectations truly. Apart from having a temperature range of 30-degrees F to 50-degrees F, it is equipped with a powerful cooling compressor that helps you to obtain chilled beverages every time. Plus, it has a reversible glass door and 6 chrome shelves that slide out. Get this freestanding unit for keeping up to 103 cans in it.

Key features

  • Also fits 5 bottles of 750 ml.
  • A flexible option.
  • Has interior lighting.

Store your beverages properly by keeping the cans or bottles of wine, beer, juice etc inside a durable beverage cooler.

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