Top 10 Best Pen Rotary Tattoo Machines / Guns Reviews In 2018

The world is filled with creative minds, minds that value the importance of artwork in many different ways. And in the modern era, the percentage of customers wanting to inscribe a tattoo has increased exponentially. This demand has led to the rise of tattoo artists and tattoo parlours in a great way but do you have the right machinery to carry out the work without any hiccups? Well, the tattoo machines are created for carrying out your art with precision, however, its features must be checked before proceeding to buy.

But how can one be sure that the machine is properly sterilized and safe to use on a skin? Thus, we have created the list of best tattoo machines which you can buy from the online world. Each of these 10 models comes with some brilliant features and design, aimed at delivering smooth performance for the shining careers of the creative minds. Go through the article to know which one suits your need the best way.

Table of the Best Tattoo Machines Reviews

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun 10 Color Inks Power Supply
Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2pcs Coil Tattoo Machine Tattoo Guns Color Immortal Inks Power Supply 20 Needles Tips Grips Travel Case Tattoo Supplies for Tattoo Artists 2-2YMX
GRINDER Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo / 4 Tattoo Machine Guns - Power Supply / 7 Ink by Radiant Colors - Made in the USA / LCD Power Supply / 50 Needles / PLUS Accessories
$89.99$114.99 (22% off)
Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Cartridge Needles Power Supply for Tattoo Artists 1013-7 (Atom)
Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Power Supply Sea Cartridges Foot Pedal Gift Box 1013-10
Tattoo Coil Machine 10 Wraps Coils Black Tattoo Machine Selflock Tattoo Grip 25mm Silicone Grips Cover 28mm Tattooing Tips 5F 5R Tattoo Kit for Liner Shader 2 Styles (Liner Kit)
$21.59$33.99 (36% off)
Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Pro Machines Rotary Gun Power Supply Needles Foot Pedal Grips Tips 2-1YMX
Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine Guns 54 Inks Power Supply Foot Pedal Needles Grips Tips Carry Case TK453
$59.95$79.95 (25% off)
Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Standard Tunings Tattoo Machines Power Supply 10 Color Immortal Tattoo Inks 50 Needles Tips Grips with Case D139GD
Solong Tattoo Complete Starter Beginner Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine Guns 54 Inks Power Supply Foot Pedal Needles Grips Tips TK459
$60.95$79.95 (24% off)

10. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Machine Gun

Tattoo Machines

A complete set of Tattoo kit for the enthusiastic tattoo artists of this generation, the Dragonhawk comprises of all the necessary items you need for an effortless working with the ink. It comes with two machines for both lining and shading and the machines are made of cast iron with 10 wrap coils. Top-notch quality materials are used in the construction and the advanced high elastic spring assures you of an anti-fatigue experience. Along with this, you get a total of 10 permanent inks that will let your creative mind fly.

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Key features

  • Power supply with foot pedal and clip cord.
  • Provides fast and accurate activation.
  • Tattoo needles, accessories, and tips are EO sterilized or safety.

9. Dragonhawk Coil Tattoo Machine Guns for Tattoo Artists

Tattoo Machine Guns for Tattoo Artists

Yet another complete set of tattoo accessories and machines from Dragonhawk, this also comprises of all the important things you need for your creative hands. Dragonhawk delivers you a complete package of two professional-grade tattoo machines that are constructed out of cast iron. These two machines will help you with everything like shading and lining while the high elastic spring eliminates fatigue due to the long hours of work. Furthermore, the immortal inks you get with this set have the quality of USA and are quite bright as well.

Key features

  • Dragonhawk power box offers stable and consistent power, thus more reliable and efficient.
  • LED digital tattoo.
  • Comes with sterilized disposable tips and needles.

8. Grinder Tattoo Machine Gun by Pirate Face Tattoo

Grinder Tattoo Machine Gun by Pirate Face Tattoo

A set of tattoo kit that can serve anyone from an amateur to a professional and everyone in between, the complete tattoo kit from Grinder comes with a total of four machine guns that have 10 coils for consistent working without any stoppages. The LCD power supply assures you with a stable output while the package includes everything like gloves, needles, power, ink cup, carrying case and even directions of use. Imaginations and creativity will never be at rest with the tattoo kit from Grinder.

Key features

  • 7 bottles of vibrant colours of ink from the USA.
  • Comes with DVD combo and tattoo instruction book.
  • Warranty of 6 months.

7. Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

This edition of the machine from Dragonhawk comes with accessories designed to deliver an effortless and smooth performance so that you can do all the creative part with proper peace and comfort. It comes with the comfort of the precision DC motor that will make things easier for you with continuous operation along with long lasting stability and the comfort of low noise. Moreover, working with this machine will allow you to switch frequencies between 55Hz to 165 Hz so that you can work as per your need. The machine is also compatible with all cartridge needles and the package comes with 20 pieces of tattoo needle cartridges.

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Key features

  • Lightweight and unibody construction.
  • Comes fitted with the rotary machine
  • 5 mm of stroke length.

6. Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

A machine for creating tattoos made of the highest order materials, Dragonhawk’s Mast Pen Rotary machine is certainly a standout in this segment. Constructed out of space aluminium frame and Japan Motor, the use of advanced technology and gear assures you of a trouble free working devoid of vibration and noise. Furthermore, you get cartridges that are 100% EO sterilized of gas and the curved tip of the Mag at the end offers delicate and enhanced cornering. Have better visibility and better ink flow with this machine.

Key features

  • It sports a pen-style so it’s light in weight.
  • Compatible to go with any type of cartridge needles.
  • 316 stainless steel construction of needles that are medical grade.

5. York Tattoo, Tattoo Coil Machine

Tattoo Coil Machine 10 Wraps Coils Black Tattoo Machine

This black and amazing tattoo machine from York tattoo can be a very great choice for professional tattoo artists wanting to make a mark in the market. It comes with self-lock grip silicone cover and the machine is an appropriate device for the lining. Along with sporting amazing looks, the high-quality iron construction of the machine frame and special surface treatment makes this highly-durable and easy to use. Besides, this tattoo machine also has been made durable by using 10 coil wraps that are of premium quality. Work as much as you want without feeling the pain as it has knurling non-slip design and silicone grip cover.

Key features

  • Lightweight construction.
  • Will easily fit in needles and grips of any kind.
  • Low vibration technology.
  • The tattoo tips have stainless tips.

4. Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit 2 Pro Machines Rotary Gun

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Pro Machines Rotary Gun

Dragonhawk has made a name for themselves by manufacturing supreme quality machines for the ambitious tattoo artists. This is another complete kit from the same brand that features a total of two professional machines, one alloy rotary for perfect shading while the other ensures best of lining always. The cast iron tattoo machines come with 10 wrap coils, rewarding you with efficient working of both rotary and coil machines. Along with the kit, you get silicone practice skins for the best results always and tattoo grips as well.

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Key features

  • The USA made immortal tattoo ink.
  • One of a kind spring design that eliminates damage to the skin.
  • An even and hassle-free running speed that does not get hot.

3. Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine Guns

Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine Guns

One of the most complete and reliable machine kits for making tattoos, this model from Solong comes with equipment and accessories that can run the tattoo business for you effortlessly. To start with, you have the strength of four tattoo machine guns which you can use both for shading and lining. There is also the convenience of LCD display power supply thus you know how much power you want. Along with all these, you get 100 ink cups and a complimentary 1oz bottle of pure black tattoo ink among the others.

Key features

  • 54 bottles of bright and best tattoo ink colours.
  • 50 tattoo needles.
  • Colourful Aluminium alloy grips.

2. Dragonhawk Complete Standard Tuning’s Tattoo Machines

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Standard Tunings Tattoo Machines

The most trustworthy kit from Dragonhawk, this model comes with features and machines that will never make you run out of business. The kit is available in four standard tunings which can be used for lining, fine lining, shading, and even colouring purposes. Furthermore, the machines have copper coils and feature a steel frame for enhanced durability. With practice skins and four steel machine grips, you will always know the right pattern and pace.

Key features

  • A total of 50 tattoo needles that are sterilized.
  • Comes with one set of tools that can be adjusted.
  • The USA made tattoo inks and is completely vegan.

1. Solong Tattoo Complete Starter Beginner Tattoo Machine Guns

Solong Tattoo Complete Starter Beginner Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine Guns

The Solong professional tattoo kit machine features at the very top of the list owing to their brilliant features and equipment that comes in the package. With the Solong kit, you can have better control over the voltage and rhythm as it comes with foot pedal and clip cord along with the easy to read LCD display. Moreover, you get the trust and reliability of CE certification, thus working efficiently without any doubts is guaranteed with this model. You also get a total of 54 different inks for your creative hands.

Key features

  • Has an aluminium alloy case and paper kit manual.
  • 60 tattoo tips and 100 ink cups.
  • Colourful aluminium alloy tattoo grips.

Let your inner artist come out and tell the designs itself speak for your artistry. These amazing tattoo machines are just what you need at your tattoo parlour.

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