Top 10 Best Aluminum Scoop Shovels with Handle Reviews In 2020

One of the very important equipments that you would want to have for your gardening needs is the scoop shovels. These are shovels which can be used to transport soil, small rocks and other gardening things from one place to another. Furthermore, the durable shovel also works as a perfect companion for chipping up snow and moving it to another place. The shovels are constructed with durable materials so that they do not break when subjected to pressure and weight. Even the blade comprises of top notch-materials to avoid damage, corrosion and breaking while using.

And so to help you in making the right decision, we are presenting to you the best products. The small details on the shovels ensure that you get tired less and work more at a faster rate. The top 10 scoop shovels are what you should refer to before buying any product from the market.

Table of the Best Scoop Shovels Reviews

10. True Temper Aluminum Scoop with Hardwood Handle

Scoop Shovels

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To make your excavation works much more convenient and easier, the scoop shovel from the Ames Company is the one you can rely upon without any doubts. From featuring a wide 15-inches and 8-inches deep aluminium blade to having a D-shaped grip for comfortable working, this is designed to deliver great performances. Moreover, the 26” long handle is made of hardwood that helps in a stable operation while adding to the durability.

Key features

  • Lightweight and durable construction.
  • Can be used for lifting and transporting of various materials and earthwork as well as removing snow.
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9. Forest Hill Straight Edge Aluminum Scoop Shovel

Forest Hill Straight Edge Aluminum Scoop Shovel

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The Forest Hill shovel is designed with precision to reward you with optimal results when it comes to gardening and earthwork. From gardening to snow picking, this can do everything without any hassles. To add to the comfort of working, this comes with a Poly D grip handle that eliminates risks of slipping and breaking. Also, you get a curved top edge on the shovel that adds to the strength of the equipment.

Key features

  • 8 times more heel area for added comfort.
  • Reliability of being the USA made.
  • Shaft constructed of solid ash from reforested wood, adds to the durability.
  • Features a patented design.

8. Harris Farms Poly Barn Shovel

Harris Farms Poly Barn Shovel

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Known as the Poly Shovel, the Harris Farms model is something that understands the need of strength and durability. Constructed out of one piece injection moulded polypropylene, this promises not to break even when subjected to huge pressure and also eliminates risks against corrosion. Also, the smart design assures no scratching of metal or paint for rough work surfaces. Now, you can carry out your intense works without having to worry about damage to the equipment.

Key features

  • Features a deep bucket for the extra load.
  • Comfortable grip delivers convenient working.
  • Solid 30” shaft for enhanced functionality.

7. Bully Tools Mulch/Snow Scoop with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle

Bully Tools 92400 Mulch/Snow Scoop with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle

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Made completely in the USA, the shovel from Bully Tools has a very intuitive design which can be sued for various purposes and works amazingly well when it comes to scooping of snow. The non-slip texture on the surface of the shovel assures you a hassle-free operation while the commercial grade construction ensures no matter how tough the work is, it will hold up.

Key features

  • Has a plastic D grip for easy handling.
  • Polypropylene construction assures no break scenario.
  • The handle is made out of high strength fibreglass.
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6. Bosse Tools Ergonomic Aluminum Scoop Shovel

Ergonomic Aluminum Scoop Shovel

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When an intelligent designed is combined with well-performing functionality, you are sure to get a product that you would love to work with. This scoop shovels from Bosse Tools features a rotational grip that can be rotated about 360-degrees, thus aiding in highly flexible positions. It is an innovative design that takes out the fatigue and rewards you with more comfort every single time. Moreover, the aluminium head and grip housing are what you can bank on for great durability.

Key features

  • Helps in reducing power and deliver a faster approach.
  • Shaft built out of fibreglass that is meant to last.
  • Can be used for various purposes with ease.

5. Nupla WS10D-E Ergo Power Steel Western Scoop with D Grip

Ergo Power Steel Western Scoop

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An ergonomic scoop shovel model from Nupla, this is designed to reward you with great comfort and safety while working. The smart design of the shovel also eradicates fatigue amazingly well while the D grip with closed structure allows to give a comfortable push and pull technique. Plus, you get an impressive 18” of height and 14.5” width of the blade that works fine for almost any works.

Key features

  • Handle constructed out of Nupla glass core combined with a contoured jacket for supreme durability.
  • The height of the blade is 18”.

4. Forest Hill General-Purpose Poly Gardener Scoop Shovel

FOREST HILL Manufacturing General Purpose Poly Gardener Scoop Shovel

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Another model from the house of Forest Hill, this multiple purpose scoop shovel can be used without any second thoughts when it comes to working in the backyard or dealing with snow. Being light in weight, this shovel can be used without any challenges while the reinforced back ribbing of the shovel adds to the durability. Also, with this model, you get the trust of equipment that is made in the USA.

Key features

  • Speciality blend material used in the construction of Poly Shovel that adds to the durability and rigidity.
  • Will break easily.
  • Shaft made of solid ash from reforested woods, thus guaranteeing a longer life.
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3. Ames Company D-Handle Poly Scoop

D-Handle Poly Scoop

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One of the most appealing looking scoop shovels in the list, the Ames company model has combined looks with functionality at its best. It comes with the benefit of a large poly D grip that aids in better control and manoeuvrability of the shovel while working. Furthermore, the durable construction along with strength provides you with the ability to use it for various purposes from lifting of earth to stone. Being constructed out of polypropylene, this saves it from corrosion and rusting in the long run.

Key features

  • Handle constructed of hardwood, assures you with long life and no risk against breaking.
  • Can be used in the garden as well as agricultural needs.

2. A.M. Leonard Aluminum Scoop Shovel with Handle

A.M. Leonard Long Handled Aluminum Scoop Shovel

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It is a professional grade scoop shovel which can be used in versatile applications without any doubts or risks of breaking. On this shovel, you get a ribbed design combined with a 10-gauge thick tempered blade for added comfort. The handle is made out of northern ash which makes it a long-lasting one while the riveted connection with the blade keeps it sturdy and stable for long.

Key features

  • Lightweight shovel helps you in better movement and working.
  • Aluminium blade prevents rusting and corrosion.

1. Seymour 49068 Scoop Shovel

 Seymour 49068 Aluminum Grain Scoop

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At the very top of the list, you get this amazing scoop shovel from Seymour that has a very user-friendly design which delivers great workability, great comfort of working and also lasts long. The lightweight construction of the shovel helps in easy movement and working even when you are planning to lift heavier materials from your garden or backyard.

Key features

  • Features a cushioned grip which helps in easier working.
  • Corrosion resistant material lasts long without damage.

Be it cleaning the snow from your backyard or lifting the stones, all the works can be done if you own an excellent scoop shovel.

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