Top 10 Best Indoor/Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounge Covers Reviews In 2019

The season of summer has finally arrived after the freezing winters. So, it is the time when you can enjoy the refreshing weather with your family and friends. Having an outdoor chaise is obviously the best option to achieve that goal. Usually established on your backyard or porch, the outdoor chaises help you to relax and make wonderful memories. However, the chaises can become extremely dirty since they are kept outside the house. So, you need something to keep your chaise protected from the agents of weather. That’s why you need to opt for the chaise lounge covers. The chaise covers are manufactured from high-quality materials. As a result, they are not resistant to all the weathering agents. So, they promise to keep your chaise completely protected from any damage.

To keep yourself informed about the qualities of the product, refer to the chaise lounge covers guide.

Table of the Best Chaise Lounge Covers Reviews

10. Duck Covers Ultimate Patio Chaise Lounge Cover

Chaise Lounge Covers

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An outdoor chaise in the backyard is the place where you go to relax after a hard day’s work. Or even spend fond memories with your children in their growing years. But keeping anything outdoor means exposing it to natural elements. These are mainly dust, rain, etc which eat away the build quality of your chaise and decolourises the premium wood. Duck Covers has made an amazing cover for your chaise that tackles all those problems and provides maximum protection. The cover is indeed made from a premium high-quality material that is waterproof and keeps moisture away. Even if you are living in an area rich in moisture content you don’t need to worry. To reinforce it and add more stability, it rather double-stitched.

Furthermore, it is sealed with tape so that it can shield your chaise from any damage for years. Even after it sits in the sunlight continuously it wouldn’t get faded easily. It is due to the UV resistant properties imbued in it during production.

Key features:

  • The chaise lounge cover size is 80-inches.
  • Nylon straps for indeed securing the cover to the furniture and protecting against wind.
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9. Classic Accessories Terrazzo Medium Patio Chaise Lounge Cover

Classic Accessories Terrazzo Medium Patio Chaise Lounge Cover

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Throughout the edge of this cover, a bungee cord runs which helps to maintain its shape. At corners, the bungee is exposed in form of loops. Hence, you can use to secure the fabric along the legs of your chaise. So even if it’s a windy day your cover won’t betray you. It also has air vents to facilitate smooth circulation.

Moreover, it includes Stayton elastic loops to secure the grip. As a matter of fact, it features a blend of stylishness as well as woven polyester fabric.

Key features:

  • Carcinogen-free back panel.
  • The neutral sand colour looks amazing with the outdoor.
  • Trademarked Rain-Tite fabric makes it a waterproof chaise lounge cover.

8. Duck Covers Elegant Patio Chaise Lounge Cover

Duck Covers Elegant Patio Chaise Lounge Cover

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Several natural elements are always in effect on furniture, cars and tools out in the open. Be it sun, snow, rain or anything else you always need to protect anything you have kept outside. This cover lets you shield your chaise lounge from corrosive elements. Having a construction of highly strong chaise lounge cover fabric, it also features an upper layer being made of polyester. It has a special coating which prevents UV rays from fading the colour of the fabric. Plus, it doesn’t allow water to penetrate and damage your furniture.

Sometimes when the temperature outside is falling moisture inside the cover might get condensed and accumulate on your chaise lounge. To avoid such a situation, this cover has side panels. As a result, the air to keep flowing and you don’t get surprised with mildew in the morning. All those incredible features along with the two year warranty period let you purchase this cover without any worries

Key features:

  • To avoid being blown off by strong wind the cover. It includes buckled nylon straps that you can attach to the legs of your chaise lounge.
  • Seams are reinforced with double stitching.
  • Seal tape prevents water from penetrating the seams.

7. Classic Accessories Veranda X-Large Chaise Lounge Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda X-Large Chaise Lounge Cover

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Unlike cheap covers that flood the market, it brings an amazing product with quality that you can feel and see. Instead of plain fabric loop, this cover has padded handles which would last you longer and are more easy to use. At corners, you get straps that close with a clicking mechanism. Hence, you can use these to fasten the cover to your furniture body.

Promising to function excellently in every type of weather, it won’t sip in water as is fully water repellent. The chaise lounge cover’s elastic hem along with the splash guard skirt keeps it safe during the roughest weather.

Key features:

  • Hem cords are stretchable and come with easy to use toggles.
  • Has air vents for reduced chances of condensation.
  • Fits chaise that has a length within 78-inches.
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6. SunPatio Outdoor Waterproof Chaise Lounge Cover

SunPatio Outdoor Waterproof Chaise Lounge Cover

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With a UV resistant coating, it will protect your furniture from discolouration or damage due to the sun. In case of a snowy day or a sudden downpour, you don’t need to worry either. The fabric itself is crafted out of special polyester and has appropriate backing that makes it waterproof. During windy days if air gets trapped inside it can cause a lot of stress to the fabric.

However, the cover is equipped with meshed fabric to eliminate those kinds of scenarios. An eco-friendly choice, the vinyl coating will eradicate the hassles of cracking or tearing and so on. Finally, the double-stitched material and its seams are stitched 6 times per inch.

Key features:

  • Primary materials uses are 300D polyester and hence, create a lightweight chaise lounge cover.
  • Weighs under 2 pounds.

5. ULTCOVER Waterproof Patio Lounge Cover

ULTCOVER Waterproof Patio Lounge Cover

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Ultcover brings you a deal that is hard to resist by all means. They are offering you two high-quality chaise covers at the cost of one. The top layer of these covers is made from polyester 600D fabric and double stitched. So all kinds of weather elements including water, dirt, dust and snow are kept out of reach from expensive furniture. To add to its strength, you also get seams which have double stitching.

Furthermore, this strengthens all the stress points of this fabric and makes it more stable.  Whereas reducing chances of rips and tears that might add repair costs and lower the longevity of this cover. Cheaply manufactured covers have a major flaw with the seams since the small gaps allow water to penetrate and damage your chaise. Thus making your cover worthless. But Ultcovee has ingeniously tackled this problem with tape sealing and making the seams waterproof as well. The vinyl used is also eco-friendly and free from toxic materials and heavy metals

Key features:

  • Handles that let you pop out the cover within seconds.
  • Nylon straps 2ith buckles that let you secure the cover with the furniture leg to resist windy weather.
  • Rather have UV protection leads to a much lower rate of fading.

4. Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Outdoor Chaise Lounge Cover

Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Outdoor Chaise Cover

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Patio weather has carefully designed this cover. Firstly, it retains its elegance with the minimalist and stealthy design but doesn’t lose any functionality. The fabric is highly strong and water-resistant and comes with denser which adds to its strength and stability. High-quality materials, construction and bounded seams along with edges make this a timeless patio cover. Hence, will last you for an immensely long time.

For quickly covering or revealing your furniture, you also get handles that are nice and feel quite sturdy. The inclusion of 4-strap buckles keeps the cover totally in place. It certainly features a universal design and padded handles are integrated on it.

Key features:

  • Vents lower chances of wind lofting
  • Straps for fastening has a click and close mechanism.
  • A heavy-duty material constitutes to its longevity.
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3. AmazonBasics Chaise Lounge Patio Cover

AmazonBasics Chaise Patio Cover

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This cover comes from Amazon’s own reliable brand AmazonBasics. After figuring out the best and highly efficient production procedure AmazonBasics has created it with minimal costs without compromising quality. So you get one of the best covers at an affordable price with high functionality instead of showy features. It is made from woven polyester which is durable and offers high strength. As a matter of fact, you can use this for a prolonged period of time.

Furthermore, the interlocking locking seams add to that strength and give it more stability than generic covers. Even during strong wind movement, you would be able to secure the cover to your furniture effortlessly. Plus, the straps that close with just a click. You also get handles that help you pop out the cover or slip it on your furniture. In fact, with little to no effort and in the quickest time.

Key features:

  • Water-resistant and can be used during all seasons and weather conditions.
  • Even your wide chaise lounge would fit nicely under this cover.
  • Weighs only 1.6 pounds.

2. Classic Accessories Ravenna Large Patio Chaise Lounge Cover

Classic Accessories Ravenna

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Classic Accessories has made this cover with unique features that are hard to come in others at this price point. It has the patented windlock system which lets you fasten the fabric to your chaise lounge legs with a snap. For a more defined and snug fit you also get cords which are adjustable. The handle sewn to the fabric is also very robust and has adequate padding.

UV rays can cause discolouration hence the UV-stabilized coating to keep the woven polyester fabric totally unaffected under the sun. Along with that, this heavy-duty cover comes with laminated backing.

Key features:

  • Water doesn’t stick or soak through, just slides off the fabric.
  • The inclusion of air vents keeps maintaining air circulation.
  • Compliant with Prop 65 for your safety.

1. Classic Accessories Ravenna Stackable Patio Chaise Lounge Cover

Classic Accessories Stackable Patio Chaise

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If you run a small resort or hotel business with a pool area, then you probably have a lot of stackable lounge chaise. But buying covers for each and every individual piece of furniture is not just expensive but also labour intensive. With this unique cover from Classic accessories, you can save yourself a lot of money. And the hassle of covering each chaise individually is eliminated. You can stack up to 6 chaises on top of each other and cover them up all at once.

Moreover, its fabric is made out of woven plastic which is durable and has water-repelling capabilities as a sell. During the manufacturing process, it also gets a layer of coating. As a result, gives it UV resistant features and keeps the cover from fading due to exposure to sunlight. It also has special channels with elastic hem cords going through them. This helps to keep a tight and snug fit over the stack of chaise lounges. Thus, reduces chances of moisture entry and makes it look good.

Key features:

  • Guarantees a custom fit.
  • It has a lining of mesh barriers and has air vents to allow passage of air. Indeed prevents mildew formation.

Increase the longevity of your chaise lounge, Simply cover it and minimize its exposure to natural elements.

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