Top 10 Best Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Covers for Sale In 2018

You might have dreamt for a long time to own a bike or ride. But with buying a bike, cruise etc comes the responsibility of owning a durable cover that will serve the purpose of protecting your asset very well. So, motorcycle covers have taken over the market as it promises to keep your bike or other rides safe from any sort of damages when you are not around it. From dirt and nuisances created by an animal to damage done by natural calamities, the covers will strive hard to keep your bike safe from the hazards. These covers will not split or crack easily so the risk of getting torn is minimized. Furthermore, you can make its use for covering different types of ride.

Thus, we took the time own to present only the best motorcycle covers that are available in the market so that you do not have to repent on your buying decision.

Table of the Best Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

Badass Moto Gear All Wx Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover. Heavy Duty, Night Reflective, Windshield Liner, Heat Shield, Vents, Lock Pockets, Taped Seams (97” Fits Cruisers, Touring Bikes) LARGE
Dowco Guardian 50003-02 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: Black, Large
Premium Grade Weather Resistant Motorcycle Covers. Waterproof High Grade Polyester w/Soft Screen & Heat Resistant Shield Lockable fabric, Durable & Long Lasting. Sportbikes & Cruisers (medium,red)
$47.97$62.99 (24% off)
Dowco Guardian 50006-02 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: Black, XXX-Large
Premium Weather Resistant Covers Waterproof Polyester w/Soft Screen & Heat Resistant Shields.Motorcycle Cover has Lockable fabric, Durable & Long Lasting.Sportbikes & Cruisers (XX-Large, Hunter Green)
$68.99$99.99 (31% off)
Dowco Guardian 50004-02 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: Black, X-Large
$84.90$108.99 (22% off)
Premium Weather Resistant Motorcycle Cover. Waterproof High Grade Polyester w/Soft Screen, Heat Resistant Shield. Lockable fabric, Durable & Long Lasting.Fits Sport bike, Cruiser, Touring (Lg, navy)
$52.97$67.99 (22% off)
Dowco Guardian 51614-00 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: Black, Adventure Touring
$86.65$92.10 (6% off)
Dowco Guardian 50002-02 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: Black, Medium
$73.13$88.99 (18% off)
New Generation Motorcycle cover ! XYZCTEM All Weather Black XXXL Large Waterproof Outdoor Protects Fits up to 118 inch for Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki,Yamaha and More -1 Year Warranty

10. Badass Moto Gear Heavy Duty Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle Covers

This gear is extremely tough and designed to stand the test of time and weather. The cover is made of supreme quality as the sturdy waterproof material ensures protection against rain, wind, and dust. Also, it can be used to protect everything including windshield liner, exhaust shield, elastic hems etc. Plus, it is suitable for badass rides that are made especially for cruising, touring, adventure sports and stand up to the expectations of almost all kinds of street bikes, scooters, and dirt bikes.

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Key features

  • Have night reflective-strips.
  • Durable and water-resistant.
  • Made of 300Denier polyester fabric.

9. Dowco Guardian Indoor/Outdoor Large Motorcycle Cover

 Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

A stunning cover for a motorcycle which is not only waterproof but also built with high-quality material thus is just what you need to keep your rides safe from any unwanted harm. The hardy material used promises protection in all climates while the soft cottony touch provides ample of protection to the windshield. The cover has an inbuilt Reflective Moisture-Guard vent system that stops moisture to build up inside it.

Key features

  • Grommets are sewed in and are suitable for enabling the wheel lock to pass through.
  • Offers ClimaShield Plus fabric Technology which also has an anti-bacterial coat.
  • Also suitable for giving utmost protection during storms.

8. Nuzari Premium Motorcycle Covers for Sportbikes & Cruisers

Premium Grade Weather Resistant Motorcycle Covers

Having a trendy design and meets all your requirements, when it comes to protecting your bike the Nuzari cover does it all. Supreme quality material like grade-A polyester is utilized to build this tough lockable cover that provides long-lasting protection and is well suited for cruisers and sports bikes. The cover is waterproof and has a heat-resistant shield plus the innovative icon on the cover will hint to place it properly. Also, it is sewn nicely for making it long-lasting and also has an elastic bottom.

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Key features

  • Have reflective stripes for increased visibility.
  • Comes with air vents that are breathable.
  • Wide-screen protector is made of soft cotton.

7. Dowco Guardian Waterproof xxx-Large Motorcycle Cover

Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

It is carefully designed to provide protection against all sort of climatic conditions, both indoor and outdoor. Being made of high-grade material, it assures durable protection for a long time. The soft cotton material ensures the safety of the windshield; while the inbuilt Reflective Moisture-Guard vent system does not allow the formation of moisture inside the cover. The grommets that are sewed in allow the wheel lock to go through it.

Key features

  • Has elastic shock cord at the bottom.
  • The ClimaShield Plus guarantees protection against UV rays, mildew etc.

6. Nuzari Premium Weather Resistant Large Motorcycle Cover

 Large Motorcycle Cover

Build of polyester that is waterproof, this tough cover that offers all-round protection against weather anomalies and external agents. The material used to build the cover is not only lockable but also breathable as it has air vents. It also has cotton shield windscreen protector and heat resistant shield that bears hear up to 150-degrees to maximize the protection of your cruiser and sports bikes.

Key features

  • Innovative cover design with logo available in the color hunter green.
  • Have reflective strips for better visibility.
  • Good quality elastic bottom and a luggage strap
  • Bottom of Form

5. Dowco Guardian 50004-02 Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

To obtain the best protection for your bikes both indoor and outdoor even against harshest climatic conditions, only the best quality material is utilized to make this water-resistant cover that is not only durable but also strong in nature. Apart from having breathable material, it has a cotton screen lining. The Reflective Moisture-Guard vent system of Dawco Guardian helps in moisture control thus no more of from moisture build-up inside your cover. And the locks make the way from grommets that are sewed to perfection.

Key features

  • Constructed of 300D polyester.
  • Equipped with heat-shield.
  • Has a drawstring pack.

4. Nuzari Premium Waterproof Polyester Motorcycle Cover

Premium Weather Resistant Motorcycle Cover

The lockable waterproof fabric used to make the cover has sewn cut-outs to ensure maximum protection against weather and other nuisances. Also, it is lined with soft cotton screen windscreen and heat-resistant shield to protect the windscreen. The reflective strips on the cover help to increase visibility in dark parking lots. Plus, this cover serves as a perfect fit for bikes like Harley, Ducati, Suzuki, BMW, etc.

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Key features

  • Breathable and has heat shield with a high-quality elastic bottom.
  • It has luggage straps.
  • Has a heat rating of 150-degrees.

3. Dowco 51614-00 Guardian Outdoor/Indoor Motorcycle Cover

Dowco 51614-00 Guardian Outdoor/Indoor Motorcycle Cover

One of the best in the lot offers excellent protection against the nuisance of weather conditions. Top-notch protection is ensured by the solid waterproof material that is utilized to carefully design the cover. The soft cotton on the inside promises delicate protection of the windshield. And the Reflective Moisture-Guard vent system looks after the prevention of moisture creation inside the cover.

Key features

  • Assures to be fade-resistant.
  • Appropriate for heavy-duty outdoor usage.
  • Durable aluminized coating.

2. Dowco 50002-02 Black Motorcycle Cover

Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

The cover is designed keeping in mind the turmoil of weather conditions. It is strong and the long lasting material offers solid protection. Further, the cotton material is soft around the windshield and thus, no unwanted damages are made. The feature of Reflective Moisture-Guard vent system makes sure that there is no moisture trapped inside the cover. A perfect choice for adventure touring, cruisers and sports bikes.

Key features

  • Has sew-in grommets that permit the wheel lock to penetrate
  • Available in medium size in black color
  • ClimaSheild Plus Technology makes it a long-term option

1. XYZCTEM All Weather Waterproof XXX-Large Motorcycle Cover

New Generation Motorcycle cover

With high-quality material and super chic design, the reliable motorcycle cover for the new generation made it in the top of our list. Built of waterproof fabric that will ensure the long-lasting protection of your bike, it will also protect it from dust, dirt and, the nuisance of birds and insects. Moreover, the material will not crack or split even after being exposed to rough weather conditions.

Key features

  • Comes with a bag to store the cover safely.
  • Have two windproof buckles and two aluminum lock holes.
  • Features an anti-scratch lining on the inside.
  • Serves as a perfect fit for standard size motorbikes as well as of the road models.

Keep your possession safe from the worst weather conditions or sudden turmoil by getting an outdoor motorcycle cover for acquiring utmost protection.

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