Top 10 Best Motocross Neck Braces for Adult Reviews In 2020

Challenging other riders on asphalt or terrain can be as exciting as you can think of but it involves numerous risks that can lead to incurable accidents and injuries. When you are taking on the trail on your bike, having safety gears handy is very important. With motocross neck braces, overall protection of your neck, spine and shoulders is guaranteed even in the worse case scenarios. These braces are built with supreme quality materials that do not compromise on the safety factor but remain lightweight for comfortable wearing and riding.

So, for making your ride full of safety, these best value motocross neck braces are the ones you can trust for secured riding and fun. Strong protection is always guaranteed with each of the neck braces.

Table of the Best Adult Motocross Neck Braces Reviews

10. EVS R4K Race Collar for Adult

Motocross Neck Braces

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Racing adventures are fun-filled but take a toll on your neck and shoulders by huge margins. With the use of best youth motocross neck braces and racing braces, you can save yourself from the horror of sore necks after an intense racing expedition. The race collars can be a perfect addition to your arsenal of racing gears as they are designed for protection and comfort even after the fastest of the rides. It has a Koroyd engineered core that efficiently minimizes weight for enhanced comfort.

Key features

  • High-grade energy absorption is guaranteed.
  • Unlike most braces, this dissipates the energy across the shoulders and not the spine.
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9. EVS Sports R4 Black Race Collar for Adult

EVS Sports R4 Black Race Collar for Adult

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When you feel this top-rated motocross neck race collar on your neck, the snug fit and lightweight of the race collar will make you feel much compact and confident to take on the adventures. For extra protection against risks of unfortunate injuries, it has an upgraded the upper surface by hard moulding it which also efficiently transfers all the impact energy into the PU core. Also, it has an adjustable strut on the back that allows you to have a fit of your need and choice.

Key features

  • Closed cell PU construction for efficient absorption of energy produced from impacts.
  • Excess energy is absorbed by the Bio-foam liner.
  • Smooth functioning is guaranteed by the rapid lock closure system.

8. Ridbiker Adult Motocross Neck Brace for Body Protection

 Motocross Neck Brace For Adult Motorcycle Cycling Protector

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Taking care of your safety is extremely important when you are engaged in thrilling adventures. The neck brace plays a very important role in providing your neck with the support and safety you might require at times of accidents. It features a carbon fibre back plate and a polymer frame that resists impact from high strength, safety and also assures risk-free riding. Besides, it has a very unique design that will also support your helmet, thereby reducing risks of hyper-flexion injuries.

Key features

  • Has supremely light EVA foam for better comfort and safety against impacts.
  • The liner is removable to keep it fresh and clean always.
  • Designed with a stabilizer on the back and closure system for quick wearing and opening.

7. EVS RC2 Adult Race Collar for Dirt Bike Motorcycle Body Armor

EVS RC2 Adult Race Collar

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A simplistic and efficient designed motocross brace that assures upgraded protection against any unforeseen injuries, EVS RC2 is a model you can put your trust on. Being extremely easy to use and wear, you will always like to keep it handy and wear it before starting with your ride. Moreover, when you wear it there is actually no need of strapping it to the chest protectors.

Key features

  • Aerodynamic design brace with injected moulding for high-end protection.
  • Fits your form and has a low profile frame for ease of usage.
  • Takes care of most collarbone and neck injuries.

6. Motocross Neck Brace For Off-road Riding Protection Gears

Motocross Neck Brace For Adult Motorcycle Cycling Protector Guard Off-road Riding Body Protection

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When it comes to the safest motocross neck braces, it is very important that you choose the right model that understands your need for safety and also hassle-free usage. Getting hold of this brace means you are getting one that has a closure system which allows you to open it instantaneously during emergencies. Also, the rear stabilizer system guides energy away from the spine, thus reducing risks of injuries. Besides, when you wear it, the brace supports your helmet so that you don’t encounter hyper-flexion injuries.

Key features

  • Injection moulded polymer frame combined with a carbon fibre back plate for superior protection.
  • EVA foam is ultra-light and comfortable to wear.
  • Removable and washable liner to keep it fresh and new always.

5. Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Neck Motocross Brace – Small/Medium

Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Adult Neck Brace

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Neck and spine injuries are a matter of huge concern during your bike racing sessions. Engineered to prevent these injuries, this motocross brace is an extremely reliable model as it is designed with premium quality materials that reward every rider with high-end shock absorption. The carbon-polymer construction is hugely helpful in absorption of the impact energy and channelling it away from the spine. To make your ride safer and comfortable, the lightweight but strong frame is amazing.

Key features

  • Quick release lock system ensures risk-free wearing.
  • Rear stabilizer for safeguarding you.

4. Leatt SNX 5.5 Snow Neck Brace – Small / Medium

Leatt SNX 5.5 Snow Neck Brace

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Equipped with features to keep you safe and sound even in the wildest of the biking adventures, the motocross brace is one of the best-designed ones. To make it extremely portable and easy to carry, it gets a foldable thoracic rear strut and even comes with a chest strap for better protection. You can be sure with the fit of the brace owing to the three-way adjustability feature for a very snug and secure fit.

Key features

  • The front is split and sculpted for a comfortable fit.
  • Ribbed body padding that facilitates better airflow and ventilation.
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3. Leatt DBX 5.5 Black Neck Brace – Large/X-Large

Leatt DBX 5.5 Neck Brace

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Motocross neck braces need to meet the safety requirements of riders when racing. With this neck brace, you get injected foam which understands the need for strength and durability while keeping the option of cleaning open. For the safety of injured riders, the emergency release mechanism is a really healthy and lifesaving feature. It is a must have product if you love speed.

Key features

  • Open/closure system can be accessed with a low profile push button.
  • Upgraded collarbone design keeps away brace and helmet from fragile bones.

2. Scoyco N02B Motorcycle Neck Brace

Scoyco N02B Motorcycle Neck Brace Support

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The Scoyco neck brace comes packed with a very appealing design and you will even get a complimentary sports cap with the package. It is designed in a way so that you do not face various injuries like hyper-extension, hyper-flexion etc. As it is a professional grade brace, total safety is assured while you are going on with your motocross adventures and thrills.

Key features

  • Amazing both in terms of looks and safety.
  • Guarantees zero deformation risks.
  • A washable and environment-friendly material used in the construction.

1. EVS Sports R4 Pro Carbon Fiber Race Collar for Youth

EVS Sports R4 Pro Race Collar

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Made its way to the top of the list, the professional motocross neck brace from EVS Sports is undoubtedly one of the best in the business owing to the features dedicated to providing you with utmost safety while riding. The advanced design of the brace reduces risks regarding hyper-flexion, hyper-compression and hyperextension, making it extremely reliable. Furthermore, it gets an integrated shock absorbing air bladder to provide you with that much-needed cushion during accidents.

Key features

  • A top cap is made of carbon fibre.
  • Rear strut gets an adjustable feature.
  • Low profile and lightweight design.

If you are wondering which motocross neck brace is best, then get any of these for being safe all the time.

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