Top 7 Best Medical Overbed Tables to Buy Reviews

In a market flooded with medical overbed tables, settling for that particular table that will bring a real bargain and a variety of features may be a nerve-wracking affair. After all, not every table offers what its manufacturers say it will. When shopping for medical overbed tables look for the unit that best serves your interests. Remember that expensive tables do not necessarily translate to high quality and vice versa.

To make sure that your quest for a medical table that fulfils your needs is smooth sailing, we’ve done a comprehensive review of the best units the market has to offer and what to expect with each of them.

Below are the top 7 bets medical overbed tables reviews so that selecting a unit that perfectly meets your requirement becomes relatively easier. Click here to read more about the bed rails.

Table of the Best Medical Overbed Tables Reviews

7. Drive Medical Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table

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Offering immense value for money, the Drive Medical is dependable, high quality and comes with everything you’d possibly want in mobile bed table. The table rises and lowers with comparative ease with minimum pressure thus usable by people of all ages. The swivel casters add on to the bed’s comfort and mobility. The Drive Medical also features a textured surface that minimizes the sliding of items off the table once a certain height is reached. If you’re looking for stability accompanied by increased safety and value, this the overbed table to spend your money on.

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6. Invacare Tilt Top Overbed Table – Tilt-Top Over Bed Table 6418

nvacare Tilt Top Overbed Table - Tilt-Top Over Bed Table 6418

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The Invacare Tilt comes with an adjustable tilt-top that allows up to 3adjustement angles by use of the release lever. The table also boasts a sturdy construction thanks to the tubular chrome steel used to weld it. The light-upward-touch feature lets you raise the table with minimum effort while the downward touch located on the tabletop effectively secures the Invacare Tilt into position when in use.

5. Invacare 6417 Overbed Table with Auto-Touch

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The Over Bed Table is easy to assemble and features a large wood grain laminated top for an extended working space. The table’s base is highly adjustable and can be raised with the slightest pressure. Besides, the base locks into place once you have released the adjustment handle. The Over Bed Table also boasts a chrome “H” base and swivel casters for easy manoeuvrability.

4. Carex Overbed Table

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The Carex Overbed Table brings to the fore a sturdy platform to write, eat and read as well as complete projects from the comfort of your bed. It is lightweight and easy to assemble. The Carex Overbed Table also boasts a table top made using the long lasting ABS plastic material not to mention that it adjusts easily to the right or left-hand use. This overbed table has a sturdy base made using polypropylene and 4 swivel casters that move quickly on an assortment of floor surfaces.

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3. EasyComforts Rolling Tray Table

EasyComforts Rolling Tray Table

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The EasyComforts is designed to help you manoeuvre from one point to the other with meals or reading books easily. The table has a smooth, stable, integrated tray that securely locks into place to give you a flat or angled surface depending on your needs. To ensure stability, the EasyComforts comes with an H base and casters that can roll smoothly under sofas, recliners, and beds. With an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this overbed table deserves to be on the top 7 best medical overbed tables.

2. SHARPER IMAGE Best Over Bed TableTM

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Made by KIST, the SHARPER IMAGE can tilt at 50 degrees in either direction meaning that you can use it on the left or right side of the bed. It also comes with an exclusive patent-pending control feature that allows vertical and up-and-down movement by simply turning a wheel. The heavy-duty materials used to make this overbed table enables it to handle between 12 and 14 pounds of weight. This table’s large surface area lets you perform a number of activities ranging from working on your laptop to serving meals. The SHARPER IMAGE comes with a lifetime guarantee.

1. Medline Overbed Table, Composite Top

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With a moulded composite top that is coated with a hard-wearing hammertone powder, the Medline Overbed combines impressive performance and unmatched durability. Its tabletop is easy to clean and water resistant. Unlike the conventional wood over bed tables, the top neither cracks nor peels. The Medline Overbed can hold an incredible 50 pounds of weight and can be easily adjustable with one hand up to a height of 47 inches. In short, everything about this overbed spells excellence and value for money, and it’s not surprising that it ranks as the best overbed you can lay your hands on.

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