Top 9 Best Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns for Home Use In 2019

LED camping lanterns are designed to ensure that you have sufficient lighting when going out camping as well as other outdoor activities. There are several brands and models out on the market pushing for this product. They come with different features and dimensions to allow for portability as well as easy storage. It can, therefore, be time-consuming and tiring as you search for the ideal camping lantern. To help you narrow down your search, the following are the best rechargeable camping lanterns reviews to consider. They have gained popularity in the market and for all the right reasons.

Table of the Best LED Camping Lanterns Reviews

9. Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns with 6 AA Batteries

LED Camping Lanterns

This LED camping lantern is ultra-bright to allow visibility over a larger ground. Its design ensures that it is appropriate to withstand the harsh outdoor environment and in addition to its strong material, it ensures durability. Due to its dimensions and lightweight, it is efficient as you can carry it along without adding bulk to your luggage. In addition, it has strong metallic handles for support and after use; you can easily fold the handles. In reference to storage, it is small enough to fit into small bags thus promoting convenience.

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8. Ultra Bright LED Camping Lanterns for Hiking

LED Camping Lanterns

If you are looking for a camping lantern that is durable, this LED lantern features military-grade water resistant plastic. This also makes it ideal for the outdoors. It features a collapsible design such that it will come down to a compact design when not in use. This also makes it easier to pack away as it requires very little space. The handles allow for easy carriage when in use. Because it is designed for the outdoors as well, the light is powerful to allow you proper vision over larger areas without damaging the battery life.

7. SUBOOS Ultra Bright Portable Outdoor LED Light

LED Camping Lanterns

This LED camping lantern allows for diversity as it has three brightness levels to suit different light needs and environments (super bright, bright, as well as dim). This also enhances your ability to save on energy, as it will rarely go to waste. It comes with a hanging clip so you can place it in position with ease. Its dimensions make it your ideal travel companion with very little space required for storage. Despite its size, it is very bright to boost its functionality. Looking at it, it is safe, sturdy, as well as environmentally friendly.

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6. Etekcity Portable Rechargeable Outdoor USB & Solar LED Camping Lantern

LED Camping Lanterns

This lantern features a compact design that makes it easy to handle. In addition, it is easily portable thanks to its lightweight nature as well as it is centrally placed for easy handling. It is environmentally friendly as it allows for solar charging. When in use out in the dark, you can use its glow-in-in-the-dark button to allow for easy and efficient lighting. It is made of PC and ABS material that is durable to serve you in the long-term. Though its handles are made of a metal material, it is rustproof to ensure it is protected from moisture as well as dust.

5. Surborder Portable LED Camping Lanterns

LED Camping Lanterns

This outdoor camping light is efficient and convenient not only due to its dimensions but also due to the materials it is made from. It is designed to serve you in the long-term. In addition, you will find its energy-saving and environmentally friendly features interesting giving you the reason to consider it. Once you hang it up, it ensures safety, stability, as well as reliability. Installation is easy and fast.

4. Streamlight 44931 The Siege Camping Lanterns

LED Camping Lanterns

In reference to functionality, this lantern features four white C4 LEDs and one red C4 LED, which play an important role in preserving night vision. You can choose to stand it upright when in use or hang it upright with the help of its ergonomic handle. You can also choose to hang it upright or in an inverted position as it also features D-rings positioned at the top and bottom of the lantern. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of this LED camping lantern.

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3. Supernova 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Camping

LED Camping Lanterns

This is your ideal lantern if you are into camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities. It is durable not only because it is made of strong material but also because it will light more several days before the need to recharge it. It features a slow-pulse indicator light that makes it easy for you to find it in emergencies. While it is designed with a compact size, it also features a sturdy rubber and plastic molding that boosts durability. In addition, it is water resistant so you can adequately use it in the outdoors.

2. Suaoki Led Camping Lantern Lights Rechargeable Battery

LED Camping Lanterns

This lantern is environmentally friendly as you can solar charge it with ease. This is not the only recharging option as you can also charge it through its micro USB port. Its versatility allows you to use it anywhere in the outdoors despite the different activities such as camping and hiking. It is not only durable but also portable, and foldable for convenience. This is in addition to its three different lighting mode. It ensures safety due to its smart protection chip that ensures it does not overcharge or develop a short circuit.

1. Image Bright Portable LED Camping Lanterns


This lantern is versatile, features a dependable build, a convenient design, as well as a foldable handle. In addition, it has a fan that you can choose between its high or low settings. It is light in weight and features relatively small dimensions that promote portability as well as makes it easy to store away when not in use. The handles make it easy to handle when moving from one point to another.

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