7 Best Knee Braces For Running Reviews In 2017

Whether you’re a young athlete or you’re just getting older, your knees will certainly take the brunt of the force needed to run. The more active your lifestyle is, the higher the chances of getting a knee injury. A simple task like going down the stairs can sometimes result in pain and discomfort. When you’re going downstairs, your knees will have to support a weight that’s equal to four times your body weight because of shock. Without the right support, a knee injury can leave you with less movement, or even worse, in serious pain.

However, knee braces compress and support your knees well when running, hence preventing injuries. They also help manage the pain that comes with injuries and arthritis, hence helping you stay mobile while you’re going about your daily activities. If you’re a professional athlete and you’re looking for the best knee braces for you, the following compiled list of the top 7 best knee braces for running will act as your guide.

7- Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Knee Support

Knee Braces For Running

If you’re in search of a quality knee brace but don’t want to break the bank, this breathable knee support is perfect for you. The one-size-fits-all knee support features breathable neoprene material that retains heat for enhanced blood circulation to the muscles and also prevents skin irritation. It features an open patella design to reduce pressure on your knee cap without sacrificing the compression supplied to the muscular area.

6- McDavid 6446 Extended Compression Leg Sleeve with Hexpad Protective Pad

Knee Braces For Running

This compression leg sleeve not only helps relieve pain, but also supports the whole leg. It also helps protect your knee and enhance the healing process in case of an injury. Additionally, it helps reduce swelling greatly. The extended length helps provide a better fit and additional protection against cuts and nicks. The pad’s moisture management system helps keep you cool and dry all through your workout. Available in a variety of sizes, this compression leg sleeve fits users of all sizes and is quite comfortable.

5- CopperJoint Compression Knee Sleeve

Knee Braces For Running

Are you tired of knee sleeves that often slip down, are not effective and are very uncomfortable? Well, this particular knee sleeve not only provides great support and pain relief, but it’s also very comfortable and breathable, thanks to its proprietary non-slip solution and advanced fabric design. The copper content offer antimicrobial protection to help fight against odor and skin irritation that could infect your skin.

4- Tommie Copper Men’s Recovery Refresh Knee Sleeve

Tommie Copper Men's Recovery Refresh Knee Sleeve

This lightweight comfortable compression knee sleeve is designed to be worn under clothing. It features a non-slip band for increased mobility during any kind of activity. Its slim and unconventional moisture wicking fabric makes the sleeve easy to layer under your clothing for joint and muscle relief. It features a soft and light fabric for maximum mobility and comfort. For better patella support, simply flip the bottom band up. The sleeve also features cool Copper management technology that keeps your leg dry and refreshed all through your workout.

3- Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeve – Model 7051 Original Blue

Knee Braces For Running

Roughly 2mm thicker than the standard Rehband knee sleeve, this 7mm sleeve provides a firm and comfortable fit. The added thickness provides more warmth and a slightly different feel. Whether you’re managing injury or pain, or looking to provide added compression to warm your knee joint, this knee sleeve will encourage durability and better blood flow. This knee sleeve also reduces the pressure on your knees and improves coordination. It features a 3D design that ensures ultimate comfortable and contoured fit.

2- Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve

Knee Braces For Running

This recovery knee sleeve is ideal for compression, knee pain, swelling reduction and discreet wear. It’s designed to help relieve pains, aches and stiffness associated with arthritis, repetitive strain injuries or strained ligaments in the knee. Made of copper, this knee sleeve fits perfectly and has been the only answer to pain for some users.

1- Kunto Fitness Knee Brace Compression Support Sleeve

Knee Braces For Running

This knee support sleeve offers the knee support you need without sacrificing your mobility, thanks to the four-way knitting that allows the fabric to stretch a bit in every direction, and the horizontal knitting at the knee joint. The sleeve is made of a breathable fabric, and this helps keep your knee cool and dry during a vigorous activity.

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