Best Knee Braces for Running & Sports Reviews

If you are suffering from arthritis or happen to participate in high-impact sports, you definitely are familiar with injury, discomfort, and inflammation around your knee. When we participate in certain activities, there is a lot of pressure exerted around the knee region. The best non-invasive way to deal with this situation is by use of a knee brace. Knee braces are uniquely designed to minimize movement and prevent complicated medical conditions. Well, with so many brands of knee braces being invented out there, narrowing down to the best models in the market today can prove to be a tiresome task.

Fortunately, we have done our research, tested several top-rated products and finally put together a Comprehensive List of The Best Knee Braces worth your time and money. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Table of the Best Knee Braces Reviews

10. UFlex Athletics Compression Knee Brace for Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis and Injury Recovery 

Knee Braces

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Whether you are an athlete, weight lifter or just a casual runner, you will find the UFlex Athletics Elastic Knee Compression Sleeve handy. It is the ultimate solution to all your knee problems and boasts several exquisite features. Apart from limiting patella movement, this knee sleeve is designed to increase proprioception and add some warmth to your knee. Using optimal compression technology, this sleeve prevents blood pooling, promote smooth blood flow and protects your knee against injury, inflammation, and swelling. Plus, it also has a heating effect that plays a very crucial role during muscle recovery. It is a great brace for active participants in games like football, volleyball, tennis, golf and much more.

Special Features

  • Great pain reliever
  • Features anti-slip silicone for stable compression
  • Can be used for several sports
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Has heating effect for quick muscular recovery
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9. Bauerfeind Knee Support for Pain Relief and Stabilization of the Knee

Bauerfeind Knee Support for Pain Relief and Stabilization of the Knee

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If you are looking for a solution to your swollen knee or hurting knee, look no further than Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain Knee Braces. Correct fitting is crucial to how effective knee braces can be, and it is for this reason a sizing chart & video are including to help users. Users should ensure the fitting is not too tight or too loose. For intermittent compression, this knee brace is integrated with silicone omega pad. Plus, it helps prevent inflammation and other advanced medical conditions by aiding in reabsorption of swelling and edema.

By keeping pressure off your knees, these braces provide the best knee protection. Most impressive is the soft knit fabric that is elastic, stretchy and comfortable. It is also breathable providing the perfect environment for knee protection. For a knee brace that will prevent and treat several knee ailments, this makes a perfect choice.

Special Features

  • Breathable fabric
  • Medical-grade compression
  • Silicone omega pad
  • High manufacturing standards

8. Hinged Shock Doctor Knee Brace for ACL/PCL Injuries, Patella, Sprains & Hypertension

Hinged Compression Knee Brace for ACL/PCL Injuries, Patella, Sprains & Hypertension

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Walk into any exercise session, gym or sports with confidence with the 875 Ultra Knee Support Brace. It boasts bilateral support hinges that provide unmatched protection, stability, and reliable performance. Regardless of how vigorous you want to get, this knee brace is designed to offer excellent patella support and comfort. Unlike other models, the material used employs a special antimicrobial and airflow vented technology so as to prevent odour, enhance breathability and comfort.

Moving on, this knee brace features four-way stretch spandex mesh and an anatomical design enabling both left and right fitting. Quality and latex-free stitching ensure the brace stays in place no matter how vigorous one gets. The compression provides therapeutic effects for quick muscular recovery, improves blood flow and provides support for soft tissues.

Special Features

  • Premium stitching
  • Antimicrobial and airflow vent technology
  • Heavy duty bilateral dual hinges
  • Prevents and helps heal lateral instability
  • Added knee support and protection

7. Neo G Adjustable Compression Knee Brace for Arthritis, Joint Pain, Meniscus Pain & Knee Injuries

 Neo G Adjustable Compression Knee Brace for Arthritis, Joint Pain, Meniscus Pain & Knee Injuries

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If being active is your lifestyle, you will definitely appreciate the difference that comes with owning the Neo G Closed Knee Brace. It is a class 1 medical device that offers perfect protection and comfort to athletes, footballers, basketballers, hikers and many more. Apart from being helping relieve pain, discomfort and body aches, this knee brace is designed to boost muscular recovery during injuries. Another impressive aspect is the closed patella design that offers support to soft tissues aiding in the prevention of injury and improving recovery. The premium-grade therapeutic heat helps warm tissues around the knee for quick recovery. Even better is the fact that this is a one-size fit all type of knee brace. It can also be used by both men and women. Overall, it is a great aid when dealing with injuries, strains or rehabilitation.

Special Features

  • Class 1 Medical device
  • Manufactured by qualified orthopaedic designers
  • Universal size
  • Premium grade Neoprene
  • Compatible with Neo G Hot & Cold Therapy
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6. TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support for ACL, LCL, MCL, Meniscus Tear, Arthritis & Tendonitis Pain

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This is one of the best knee braces out there that can tackle ACL, MCL, LCL, Arthritis and tendonitis pain. It is very therapeutic with adjustable bidirectional support. It offers adequate patella support so as to aid in relieving knee pain. The unique open patella design employs four flexible spring stabilizers for optimal knee protection and stability. With the premium neoprene and non-slip silicone strips, this brace stays in place and is also lightweight keeping your skin cool and dry.

Regardless of the physical activity, you are involved in, this knee brace will feel comfortable while offering reliable pain relief from bursitis, tendonitis, tears, arthritis and much more. You shouldn’t be looking anywhere else if you play football, basketball, volleyball, yoga, hiking among other sports, TechWare offers maximum knee support.

Special Features

  • Lightweight and moisture-wicking neoprene
  • Open patella design
  • Adjustable BiDirectional Support
  • Consistent pain relief
  • Excellent compression and support

5. Vive Hinged Knee Brace for Running and Arthritic Joint Problems

Vive Hinged Knee Brace for Running and Arthritic Joint Problems

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Whether you are a sportsman or just an active individual, you will find the Hinged Knee Brace by Vive works to be one of the best units out there. By offering both lateral and medial support on both sides of the knee, this brace reduces joint pain, injury, and aids in recovery. The unique compression material provides unmatched injury support. It is for this reason, the Hinged Knee Brace by Vive provides the required support to joints, ligaments, muscles, MCL, ACL among other knee instabilities.

Plus, the lightweight and neoprene material provides the perfect patella design and is breathable for all-day wear. For optimal comfort, this knee brace has fasteners that allow you to customize the brace fitting rather than keep readjusting all times.

Special Features

  • Breathable material
  • Features extra strength fasteners
  • Aluminium hinges for lateral stability
  • Injury support
  • Customizable fit

4. CAMBIVO Compression Knee Brace for Arthritis, ACL, Meniscus Tear & Sports

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If you are into sports, you definitely need a knee sleeve that can perfectly tackle ACL and Meniscus tear. Well, you may want to consider the Cambivo NS10 Knee Compression Sleeves, especially for those that participate in running, sports, and those that require help with arthritis, ACL, Meniscus tear and much more. These sleeves are loaded with several benefits all designed to help you manage your knee pain. You can comfortably use these sleeves in almost all sports that exert pressure around the knee.

You will find these knee sleeves to be thicker compared to average models, thanks to the double-lined anti-slip silicone. Overall, this makes a great choice for those suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, sore muscles & joints, nagging knee injuries among other complications.

Special Features

  • Double-lined anti-slip silicone
  • Suitable for all sports activities
  • Effective at managing knee pain
  • Elastic and breathable fabric
  • A great choice for ACL and Meniscus Tear
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3. Arctic Flex Vive Cold/Hot Gel Compression Brace for Men & Women

Arctic Flex Vive Cold/Hot Gel Compression Brace for Men & Women

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Designed for both men and women, this is another versatile knee brace that provides customizable pain-relieving support. It features a special blend of four adjustable straps that form a strong fastener system. This soft knee brace can fit knees with a circumference of up to 21” but still has a flexible fit. Plus, this unit includes three removable Arctic Flex gel packs that are handy for both cold and hot therapy.

The breathable neoprene blend construction gives these braces a lightweight nature. Even more impressive is the fact that the latex-free, soft and breathable neoprene blend is used. Overall, if your major aim is to reduce inflammation, injury, fatigue or surgery, this soft brace provides the ultimate relief for pain, strains, and sprains.

Special Features

  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Has a flexible fit with the strong fastener system
  • Breathable neoprene blend
  • Includes cold knee brace

2. Exodus EX-701 Knee Brace Support Protector for Arthritis, Sport & Running

Exodus EX-701 Knee Brace Support Protector for Arthritis, Sport & Running

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Here is another fantastic knee brace that will offer unparalleled lateral and medial support. With the four-way compression “hug” system, this knee brace features two dedicated patella straps that boast a sense of stability for your legs. Another awesome aspect of this model is the special design that minimizes movement around the knee, eliminates the need for frequent adjustment and offers real-time functionality.

Whether you are the active sportsman or just an athlete, you will appreciate the way this knee brace stays put all times. The four-point strap system prevents frequent slipping as is the case with most cheap knee braces in the market. Kindly note that this knee brace has a maximum calf size of 16-18 inches and max upper thigh of 20 inches. Otherwise, for a dedicated knee support system, the EX-701 makes one the best.

Special Features

  • Double lateral and medical stabilizers
  • Four fully adjustable anchor points
  • Less bunching
  • Non-slip design

1. Physix Gear Knee Support Brace & Compression Sleeve for Meniscus Tear, ACL, MCL Running & Arthritis

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Probably one of the most popular knee braces, Physix is literally designed to offer all-day support. It has four-way stretch Lycra for the ultimate comfort. With the light design, this brace doesn’t feel heavy on you and yet it offers excellent support and keeps the joints warm. Get into the game with confidence knowing your knee sleeve isn’t stiff. It is designed to hug your knee and minimize friction and irritation all day long.

The four-way stretch fabric is a blend of Nylon and Lycra, a combination that is known to be very breathable. Another bonus feature is the anti-slip design that feels the satisfaction every time you slide in. Do not settle for pills when suffering from inflammation, swelling, ACL, MCL and Meniscus Tear, Physix provides excellent support for all your activities.

Special Features

  • Anti-slip design
  • Breathable Nylon and Lycra fabric
  • Lightweight design
  • Provides excellent stabilizer support

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